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WTF Wednesday

Downton Abbey AND the Golden Globes are on at the same time this Sunday. I only have time to watch one before I leave. I don’t know WTF to do. I’m so stressed out about this. How do I choose!! Tina or the Dowager Duchess? It’s all too much! I need a nap.

When I went home over Christmas, my cat was really mean to me. She wouldn’t even let me hold her for almost an entire week. Additionally, when I tried to pet her she would just slowly scoot away. Hold a grudge much? I’m not going to forget that when that fat jerk comes back my apartment in February.

Speaking of rude animals, I have been working at home at night more than usual in an effort to get things done before next Monday. Bardot has not been happy. I don’t know how people with toddlers get anything done because I can barely keep this away:


WTF is the difference between apple juice and cider? The ingredients both say 100% apple juice. My sister and I are completely confounded by this. Is just aged? WTF is the deal here?

I realize I could just Google this, but I’m sure someone else out there is also confused by this as well, so share your knowledge with us.

I’m having a massive first-world crisis. My longest flight is 14 hours, but there are an additional 12 ish hours of shorter flights and layovers. I am taking my iPad, but I also really want to bring my Kindle. Reading on the iPad just isn’t nearly as great and it consumes much more battery. What if I run out of juice mid-air?? What will  I do!!!!!!  I feel really silly taking both an iPad and the Kindle, but I really want to be able to read in comfort.

Kindle it is!

People keep telling me bye. I’m only going to be gone for five weeks, but I’m all kinds of emo all of sudden. I actually cried on New Year’s Eve when my sister hugged me. I tried to act like I wasn’t, but I failed.

One nice thing about leaving (besides all the sad hugs) is that some people seem genuinely concerned about how they will operate without me. Feels so good inside. What does not feel good is that someone’s only concern about my absence is who will fix the printer for them. Thanks, that doctorate was clearly a great investment for me.  Oh well, I guess it’s good to know I’m needed, regardless of the capacity.

Or maybe they’re just lying for my benefit. Either way, works for me.

Finally, one woman very excitedly told me about how she lost 40 pounds in India because she got malaria and Giardia at the same time. The she excitedly squeezed my shoulders and said in an overly hopeful voice (and I am not even joking or exaggerating) “Maybe the same will happen for you too!” WTF!!!!

I was so offended and horrified that she thought I would want to be get two very horrible illnesses just to lose weight. People die from that stuff, how insensitive and shallow can you be? I mean, would I be sad if I dropped a few pounds over the next five weeks, certainly not. Do I want to spend my vacation lying on bathroom floor and trying not to die? Hell no. Crazy woman.


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