Mascara Tears

I told myself on Friday that I was going to try to relax this weekend. I had my last group meeting for India, but other than that I was just going to take care of some stuff for work and do some reading. Or find someone with some Xanex and get some vodka. Either way, I was dedicated to trying to calm the hell down. Unsurprisingly, that didn’t happen.

I’m all packed! Hope I don’t need any of that stuff for the next seven days.

Now before you chastise me for packing about 4x more stuff than I could possibly need, just know that this is not my fault. I was all prepared to have a carry-on and a backpack only, I swear.

We have to take two bags (one gigantor and one carry on) because we are taking gifts (and I’m taking all the toilet paper) to our host families and to the people who provide our vocational visits. We were supposed to leave half of the big suitcase empty because we will be given a lot of stuff, but I decided to use it for TP storage. I mean, that should be a pretty balanced equation as giving and receiving occurs. Or it’s going to be a nightmare of too much stuff.

Also,  I received a rude ass email this weekend telling me to quit being such a priss about the bathroom situation. The facilities are not the problem, I will use whatever is available without complaint, but I do prefer to have toilet paper. If that makes me prissy, then so be it.

We were told to pack lightly (which has been very hard considering I have so much extra space just crying out to be filled), so I was thrilled when I managed to get all of my clothes into the carry-on. I would have even less, but we have to have two polos with the Rotary seal, a blazer, and dress pants (with appropriate shoes) to wear to events. So those outfits take up most of the space.  Even though packing light is not my preference and comes very unnaturally to me, I’m still pretty anxious about the semantics of hauling so much luggage around. I feel like I will need a large Bedouin caravan to assist me with all this stuff.

I just hope this isn’t our ride from the airport:

And if so, I hope that has a trailer hitch.

Poor Bardot became increasingly despondent the longer I packed.  I couldn’t even cheer her up with peanut butter. I mean, she ate it, but she wasn’t cheerful about it.

She doesn’t even know how much fun she will have while I’m gone. She gets to stay with one of my good friends who has both a yard and another small dog for her to play with. She will be so happy to have someone smaller than her to boss around again.

After packing and re-packing and folding then re-folding, I spent a large amount of time going through my DVR series list and cutting shows. It was like Sophie’s Choice for me.

Also distressing? That there were well over 80 hours worth of shows set to recover over a five week period. I feel so much shame.

Even though I had grand plans to not watch Downton until the long haul back from India, I totally gave in the second I saw the preview. Without a moment’s hesitation, I settled down for three hours of pure Anglophile adulation. It started off with an excellent special on Highclere Castle.

I was particularly excited that they featured a good portion on Lady Almina and Lord Carnarvon (he famously funded the discovery of King Tut’s tomb). I highly recommend this excellent read about Lady Almina (who opened her home to World War I veterans and nursed many herself) written by the current Lady Carnarvon (<- that name gave me hell with its spelling). Such a fascinating woman.

I also finally learned the purpose of these things:

Turns out they have no purpose outside of a very extravagant lawn decoration. During the course of many an English period piece, I frequently wondered what those structures were. It is so nice to finally know that they are called “follies” and they are not play houses or an astrological observatory (I don’t know how popular telescopes were, but it seems like something rich aristocrats would enjoy). Anyway, that great mystery has been solved.

Then Downton started. I’m so happy it is back! I have missed those bitches. I’m also quite confounded that I find petulant Edith and asshole O’Brien likeable now. That sneaky Julian Fellowes. I might have also gotten a little teary eyed about this bromance:

Oh Branson Tom, you are too cute. And was Shirley MacLaine just a one-episode guest star? For some reason  I was under the impression that she would be there longer. And that her character would be far more crass and outspoken. Anyway, I really enjoyed it, even though someone kept blocking it with her giant head.

Right in front of my face like I didn’t even exist. Such a jerk.


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  1. Justin

    That’s my girl! You failed to tell everyone about bardot eating your nail filer….which was packed in a zip lock bag….in your suitcase. Anyway you forgot to pack me.

    • Reese's Runner

      You’re too tall. I’d have to cut your legs off and that would be just awkward.

      • Justin

        Yeah…..because my legs are so attractive.. said no one ever. Cut em, i would rather be with you.

        • Reese's Runner

          Well I like them so too bad, they stay on. Plus, you don’t have the patience for wheelchair bball.

          • Justin

            True, true. Well atleast someone likes my legs.

          • Reese's Runner

            Yes. I shall create a Facebook fan page.

          • I’m going to a wheelchair rugby tournament on Friday to cheer for my friend. It’s as awesome as you think it is. Seeing those guys slam into each other and dump guys out of their chairs…it’s so wrong…so amazing…

          • Reese's Runner

            Those games are too stressful for me!! I had a friend who played on college and I court barely watch through my fingers. I was screaming the entire game. Way too hardcore.

          • Justin

            I will be searching for said fan page…. however I’m sure there are a lot of amazing fan pages. A lot. Like reesesrunner supposed serial killer weird boyfriend who leaves awkward messages on her blog. That’s my personal favorite. I am a killer though , cereal killer.. muahahahahaha god I love captain crunch.

          • Reese's Runner

            You’re ridiculous. Man I wish I had some cereal right now.

          • Sonja

            I was a fan of a famous person’s FB page. Then I found out they basically have nothing to do with it whatsoever, and their “people” just deal with it. That made me sad. So I unsubscribed. And I can’t even assume it’s because they are too busy being famous and buying unicorns or trips to the moon because I suspect famous people have a lot more free time than they let on, what with all their “people.” If I were rich, I’d have a chef, a maid, a massuese, a driver (‘cuz I can’t spell the other word for it), a personal assistant, a make-up artist, a hairstylist, a waxer, a manicurist, and a facialist. And I would just text all day long ;)

          • Sonja

            Correction: “text all day long/raise my children.” Also… add homework specialist to my wish list :) ‘Cuz at this point, even 2nd grade math is too hard for me :(

          • Reese's Runner

            I gave up on math in kindergarten. If my future kids get past addition, I will be of no help. Exactly, what do you do all day when someone else does it for you? Like after work and you don’t have to cook, clean up, do laundry, run errands, or clean your house. What does one do with all that time?? Maybe that is why they are in shape, nothing else to do but exercise?

          • Justin

            Cool story Sonja? I wish I was super famous and could snowboard all day .

          • Sonja

            New correction: I must also add personal trainer, nutritionalist, liposuctionis, comestic surgeon, and bodyguard to my list. The bodyguard isn’t to guard me from other people, though… it’s to guard all the food from ME. Rest assured if I had even more time on my hands, my hands would find food to occupy them…

          • Reese's Runner

            Oh I could totally use a body guard for that. One to stand to keep me out of the kitchen and two to wrangle me at the grocery store. Or gas station. Or pharmacy. Or anywhere that sells any kind of food, not matter how low quality and shitty it is.

  2. Dude, bathroom situations are THE most important. Whoever sent you that email can bite me. At my old place of employment (also a University), they changed the toilet paper campus wise to something one ply and super thin. There was practically an uprising. I mean, there were meetings and everything. The people prevailed and we won our good TP back. It was like Les Miserables if the rich students had won.

    • Reese's Runner

      Only at an university would there be a TP uprising of that magnitude. Constantly hovering on the edge of a revolution.

  3. Michelle

    Uhhh if being concerned about bathrooms makes me prissy then I’m happy to be called prissy. You are totally legit. When do you actually leave? I need to know when to stop checking in for a daily does of snark over breakfast. What will I read now?

    • Reese's Runner

      Well, hopefully I’ll still be blogging most days! So don’t worry, the whining and bitching will continue from the other side of the world. And I leave on Monday!

  4. Loved Downton! I forced my husband to watch it then he made fun of me when I cried. Carson’s face when Lady Mary walked down the stairs set me right over the edge. What was with that a hole drugging Tom? I was livid. I still don’t like Edith.

  5. Diane

    Take care of yourself, be safe, if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it and ‘lemme see…what else would a mother say…wear clean underwear everyday!
    Are you going to keep in touch via your site? I hope so. My friends and I love your page. And remember, you can take the girl out of Texas but not the Texas out of the girl. Godspeed.

    • Reese's Runner

      I will be updating hopefully every day or at least every other day! And thanks for the advice hahahah, I have all my underwear (except what I require through Monday of course) packed and ready to go!

  6. Tess

    My mother always said take your snowboots. I moved to Florida. She said, “take your snowboots.”. I fought that one for sure. It snowed in Florida the day I got there. Learned my lesson there, didn’t I.

    • Reese's Runner

      Hahaha that sucks. My mom told me to keep a tiny sewing kit in my purse. I told her she was crazy. The next week I caught my pants on a railing and they ripped along the crotch seam. Guess who never leaves home without a needle and thread?

  7. Daisy

    I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures, toilet facilities and all!! I have a feeling things will be extra witty and sarcastic abroad!

  8. who is this terrible person who doesn’t place a high value on tp?!

    layers, wear lots of layers on the plane. Last Thanksgiving, my parents seriously over -purchased crap on our holiday, send the suitcase weight soring. Dad ended up having to wear 2 hats, and multiple shirts onto the plane as he refused to pay the overweight bag fee or check another bag.

    best of luck and safe travels!

  9. Gabrielle

    Whoever reamed you over the bathroom situation needs to travel more. Seriously. They can be awful and taking extra tp is always a good idea .

    One note with your packing – if you really need it and you dont have it you can buy it once your there, and lugging around excess stuff is just annoying.

    Anywho, have a great trip, Im very jealous.

    • Reese's Runner

      That’s a good point, I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not going to be dropped off on the moon. India has stores. People in India use products, wear shoes, and buy clothes. I’m just such a persnickety bitch about beauty products (especially hair products because my hair is SHIT without the proper conditioner). God forbid I try something new.

      • Gabrielle

        Dont worry bout being a persnickety bitch about beauty products I carried a hairdyer and round brush with me for my 9 months backpacking and for a while i even had a hair straightener. It was totally worth it. Plus, if your gonna be wearing the same clothes for 5 weeks you may as well have nice hair, plus this is totally vain but i like having photos from my travels where I looked nice and not like a ragggmuffin.

        • Reese's Runner

          Exactly!! I am taking a hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, two brushes, and multiple products. If I’m going to have to meet people in an official capacity and have a billion pictures taken, I am gonna try to look decent. After all, I have manners, unlike that damn Justin Bieber.

  10. I loved Downton. ‘Twill be a more exciting January…since TWD and Dexter are off my Sunday night t.v. schedule.
    My husband felt bad for O’Brien and, him having never watched the previous seasons, I had to explain to him that she’s more or less a horrible person and deserves what she gets.
    (Thomas was also oddly likable in that episode. Weird.)
    I hate packing. Good luck. Traveling in general stresses me out.

    • Reese's Runner

      I thought that too about Thomas, well at least until he gave the poor giraffe valet the wrong stuff and it burned the jacket. I feel like O’Brien has been getting nicer ever since she put that soap on the floor. I like to see her care about someone so much, even if it’s her own family.

  11. Caroline

    My good friend spent the better part of two years living in India as part of a work assignment. We spent a weekend in NYC after her return and we stopped at a Macy’s to use their bathroom. Being a public restroom in NYC there was a ridiculously long line. I said that I hated waiting in lines for a bathroom because you were obligated to use the next available stall regardless of the stall’s situation. My friend responded “Ohhhh, after living in India I would NEVER complain about a U.S. bathroom!” When it was her turn she took one look at the toilet and refused to use it. So long story short, those India bathrooms might just be better!

    About Downton. I didn’t have the patience to wait until January and watched each episode through a British feed and the season ended in such a different place that I’d already forgetten about the money woes from episode 1. I think that Shirley McLaine’s role was totally hyped – I was looking forward to more of a showdown between her and Dame Maggie.

    • Reese's Runner

      Well I’m willing to go anywhere, as long as there is a TP option. Otherwise, I am going to die from sepsis. That doesn’t sound like a good forecast for Downton. I accidentally saw a spoiler (damn you international Facebook friends!!!) involving a death and a baby, I’m already all kinds of sad about that.

  12. Bathroom preparation is not silly! I was in Azerbaijan for a couple weeks and forgot to bring tp and lots of the bathrooms were these big holes in the ground with a platform on top…ugh. I seriously almost slipped once because the tile were slippery (must not think about why it was slippery) and I’m pretty sure that would have traumatized me for life. Plus, husband is Indian and his family tells me that it’s guaranteed us white folk will get sick in India…so perhaps overestimate on the tp situation? Have a great trip!

  13. The big day will be here before you know it! can’t wait to see how the big trip goes. Remember the only thing you should touch in India is yourself.

  14. You should pack baby wipes instead of TP. Packs flatter and leaves you feeling springtime fresh.

  15. Carrie

    You should pack camping toilet paper if you haven’t done that already. Much more compact w/o that center cardboard roll. And you should 1000% keep a couple in your day bag, along with a bottle of antibacterial gel. Wipes of any kind will require a place to throw them away, which there may not be. Also, bring a bunch of ziploc bags just in case of said scenario.
    On a happy note, did you know that you can go to the Facebook page for Downton Season 3 and watch all of them online that were posted by someone in the UK in real time? So go have yourself a little marathon of joy and relax!

  16. When I read your blog title I was hoping there would be some Jason Aldean in it. (One of his songs on his latest album Night Train is called Black Tears.) But anyways…

    Holy crap on the packing…so you’re telling me you had to pack so that you can be prepared to bring stuff back?! I can’t imagine packing light or having to leave room for stuff that you don’t even have yet!

  17. Hwasun

    I absolutely don’t think you are being prissy about the bathroom situation in India because it will be horrible, probably more than you ever imagined. They might have changed it now but 4 years ago a bathroom on a train was just a hole with a door. So basically when you are sitting down to do what you need to do you can see the rail underneath through the said hole.

    About TP, it is really not that hard to buy it in India. Almost every little local store that you can find will carry toilet paper – although it will be very thin it does its job and super cheap. So if you need extra room for something else in your bag you can just carry a few rolls of toilet paper and buy them later. What I did was to remove the center cardboard roll, put it in a zip lock bag, and carry it with me all the time. Have an amazing trip! Although it might be scary/annoying/strange and all that India is a quite amazing country in many ways!

    • Reese's Runner

      Thank you for the advice!! It’s good to know I can buy it there. And that train situation seems a little scary.

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