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15 Thing Friday

1. How did I not get this for Christmas??? WTF Santa!!!!

I feel so wronged. That’s a damn good deal for 31 discs of HP. DAMN GOOD!

2. Speaking of HP, thanks Courtney, this totally made my week.

3. 50 Most WTF Animal Pic of the Year

This cool horse bro

Kind of channeling Bieber right?

4. I miss my fat cat. I’m so glad that we shall be reunited for all eternity after my trip.

Cause that’s how you have to sleep when you got a big ol’ gut.

5. I can guarantee fatty up there doesn’t miss Bardot.

That is not the face of a happy lady.

6. Did you know that  in Japan that women get paid $75 for cuddling with men? I thought this was moderately doable until I read that it was for an ENTIRE HOUR.

I was thinking I would have trouble doing that for a few minutes, but an hour would be impossible. I can’t even sit still for an hour (unless I’m asleep of course). Maybe if I could read while cuddling?

7. 20 Pug New Year’s Resolutions

Stop Procrastinating

8. Also, how can we help people stop saying “happy new years!.” How many years are we talking about here? Can you get more than one at once?

9. 10 Most Important Television Dates for 2013

Nobody likes to be imp slapped.

10. Louis C.K.’s 20 Commandments to Live By

11. And this one

12. Oh, and this

13. And this. I’m done. I swear.


14. If you read yesterday’s post, then you know this is true.

(shaking multiple bottles)

15. Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win $100 from Cetaphil! You have to leave a comment in this post to be entered.  The sweepstakes ends Monday January 7th!


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