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WTF Is Wrong with Me

So as you may know, Monday night was New Year’s Eve. My friend Laura and I decided that we were going to spend it together come hell or high water. If we didn’t have someone to kiss, at least we would have each other (to hug and cry, not to kiss). So, we forced our friend to let us come over and party at her place. We got things rolling with a cheese plate:

And some wine in a to go cup (it also has a lid that snaps back on the top). Quite possibly the best thing ever. Apparently it was on some “shark show with Mark Cuban” according to Laura. I don’t know what she was talking about, but I am so glad this is a thing now.

My sister and her boyfriend stopped by just in time some queso in margarita glasses (because it’s fancier that way?).

We had big plans to go out to eat, but after a couple of hours of gorging on the buffet below, dinner wasn’t really necessary anymore.

We also received these spiffy plastic wine cups. Perfect for the lady on the go who is prone to spilling her red wine all over herself with embarrassing frequency.

It took a few tries to get a semi-normal picture.

Everyone wasn’t as entertained as we were unfortunately.

If that’s not a poster child for depression, I don’t know who is. After filling up on cheese coated carbs, we played some Catchphrase.


After much argument over the use of hands and gestures, Laura put her lipstick on and we headed out into the night.

Things are pretty fuzzy after that point. I don’t know if I roofied myself or what, but I have almost zero recollection of most of the night. About four hours worth. This is not a thing I’m proud of. It’s just so confusing because I only had one drink the rest of the  night. Oh well, I didn’t drive, I didn’t lose anything, I don’t think I embarrassed myself, and I made it home. I also have zero pictures that don’t look like this:

I’m super handy with a camera, that’s for sure. After ringing in the new year, we headed home and crashed into bed. I had a pretty uneventful night except for Laura waking up at 4 am because she heard “thunder that was really consistent.” Turns out there wasn’t a storm, just Bardot sawing logs like a burly lumberjack.  We managed to sleep for about six more hours, but it was a pretty slow-moving morning. We were all a bit lethargic.

Since she was so rudely woken up, Bardot felt like she needed to pay Laura back. So, she tried to crush her. So rude.

Too old to party. Laura and I eventually put real clothes on and headed home. We couldn’t part before spending about 45 minutes browsing in Buc-ee’s. Most magnificent gas station ever. I can never pass one without stopping.

Laura found herself an adorable Texas flag apron and I bought Texas-themed gifts to give the families I stay with in India.

I might have also bought some candy. It’s not like there are about 100 yards of it in that place.

After escaping the enless wall of candy, I stopped to get my all-time favorite hangover cure-all, the Turkey Tom. How do I live in a city without a Jimmy John’s?? This world is a cruel place.

And now it’s back to reality and suits and high heels and eating like I’m not training to take over Shamu’s job at Seaworld.


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