15 Thing Friday

1. Woo hoo! We are all still alive. Do you know if the Aztecs had a specific in time in mind for the world to end?

2. OMFG HOMELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally had an hour to sit down to watch it without interruption last night. HOoooooooOOOOllyyyyyy shiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttballs. Poor Saul needs a hug ASAP. Please discuss.

3. I hated the Hobbit so much. Soooooo much. It was so incredibly slow, it was ridiculous. And here I thought the previous films were super slow. Do we need to spend two hours of our lives watching a hobbit try to throw a ring into a massive pit of fire? For God’s sake, just throw the damn thing already!! I mean nothing happened. NOTHING. For almost three hours.

The Hobbit: An Unexpectedly Languid Journey

4. 28 People Who Should Have Thought Twice

21. This girl who should have thought about standing next to this boy.

5. Top Ten 2013 Male Firefighter Calenders

Well played Vancouver.

6. My former roommate Caroline got engaged this past weekend. We were supposed to grow old in eternal spinsterhood together. So much for that dream.

Juuuuuuuuuuuuust kidding, I’m really happy for her and Greg. Those little weirdos can ride off into the sunset together and live happily (and oddly) ever after.

7. Jenny sent me this fantastic article about nine signs of introversion. This is the best explanation of introversion I’ve ever seen. It’s not shyness, “it’s a low drive to participate in social situations.” While I do tend to be very shy around strangers, I just have almost no desire to be social. And when I do want to be social, it’s only with people who are my very close friends or family. My favorite part was about answering the phone, which I am historically terrible at (sorry to every person who calls me, for the love of GOD just text or email me please):

“The telephone is intrusive, especially for introverts, whose brains don’t switch gears all that quickly. When we’re deep in thought, a ringing telephone is like a shrieking alarm clock in the morning.

And we often give bad phone—awkward, with pauses. We struggle without visual cues, and our tendency to ponder before we talk doesn’t play well on the telephone.”

Seriously, don’t call me. And, if it’s an emergency, call two times in a row or text me to call you ASAP. Otherwise, enjoy my auto-robot voicemail lady.

8. Aaaaaa-men.

I love you APA.

9. The fire sirens at my apartment complex have been going off at random for a week now. And they don’t stop for hours. It’s really fun at 4 am. The good news is that I will never ever sleep through a fire because they screech both in and outside my apartment and throughout the entire complex. Please enjoy this horrid noise and Bardot’s half-assed escape attempt. Fat little devil.

10. Tard the Grumpy Cat, because my love for him will never die.

That reminds me so much of my dad. He tries so hard every year.

11. More grumpy cat!

12. I’m SO EXCITED that Kliff Kingsbury is the new head coach for Texas Tech. SO EXCITED. Don’t worry Kelly, you can enjoy him from the sidelines of a Tech game anytime you want. I’ll even buy your ticket.

13. Our university library has the best Christmas tree ever!

14.  After six long seasons, I was SO PISSED when they finally revealed who Gossip Girl was. SO LAME. Grrrrr.

15. Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win $100 from Cetaphil! You have to leave a comment in this post to be entered.  The sweepstakes ends Monday January 7th!


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72 Responses to 15 Thing Friday

  1. Everything in this post reiterates why you’re my internet soul mate. Hope that doesn’t make you feel too awkward. (Just kidding, yes I do!)

  2. I have no interest in The Hobbit, but only because I hated – yes hated – all three Lord of the Rings. I’m sure there are people that want to cut me for saying that.

    Yes to the Oxford comma. In fact, when people don’t use it at work…I add it for them and don’t say anything. Secret editor ninja style.

    Oh and Homeland…interesting little twist that they’ll be spending all next season trying to prove Brody’s innocence.

    If you have not seen this skit on SNL before, please do. Homeland will never be the same again.

    • Reese's Runner

      I loved that skit! And the Lord of the Rings movies drove me nuts too. I only enjoy them now because I can fast forward at my own discretion. I also add the Oxford comma without permission in every single thing I publish, and boy do people get pissy when they notice. MUWHAHAHAHA.

  3. Jason

    Your smoke detectors are probably just getting confused because you’re smoking hot Cely. For the good of your apartment complex you’ll need to eat about 50 pounds of junk food this weekend and tone it down to being regular hot so everyone can start sleeping again.

    • Sonja

      To be clear, you are stating that one’s hotness is directly correlated to their weight (or lack thereof), yes?

      • Jason

        Nah. I didn’t say she wouldn’t still be hot just that eating 50 pounds in 2 days might help take the smoke out and get her past the detectors. I can’t really blankly state what factors into hotness since it’s subjective and opinions will vary from person to person. It’s unlikely anyone would feel the correlation is entirely direction though. I mean if she lost 50 pounds in 2 days that would also probably take the smoke out but recommending that she have her legs amputated seems like it would be awkward and not fun. I’m just saying she’s really nice the way she is now so most extreme alterations are more likely to be a downgrade rather than an upgrade.

        • Sonja

          Instead of purely physical guidelines to rate someone’s hotness, I think it makes more sense to factor in their personality traits and moral qualities. For example, I would find anyone less hot if they were to, say, kick puppies, spit on the homeless, or call their grandma names. I would even turn away the likes of Channing, Marshall, and my super-hot tattoo guy for such reasons. And likewise, I would find anyone that much more hotter if they rescued a baby bird, helped an old man across the street, or volunteered at a food shelf. But if Cely gained 50 pounds, I would not adore her any more or less than I do right this second. Same if she lost both legs. Or had 5 arms. Just sayin’…

        • Justin

          Okay wait, I just read this …. So Jason, you’re saying that my girlfriend would be hotter if she lost an additional 50 pounds? I mean I understand what you’re trying to say and believe me, I’ flattered that you find her attractive…but I don’t understand what the hell you are talking about. If she lost her legs that would be traumatic, considering she loves/hates to run. It wouldn’t make her less hot, probably more hot…she’d be stuck wherever I put her Muahahahaha. haha.

          • Sonja

            Not the worse place to be stuck… we have “pipes,” too, you know ;) Kinda. But I can’t think of a comprable object in keeping with this theme… valve? fitting?

        • Justin

          Wow….. insert foot into mouth moment there. I think beauty and hotness resonates from personality. I find Cely beautiful and hot because of the way she nick named me Kitty (and other reasons which are way too personal to mention, plus she’d kill me). Super masculine and sexy, I know…don’t be jealous. But to say my girl is only hot because she is fit is kind of an insult. Those freaking fire alarms are annoying as Fack. Anyway Sonja I miss you.

          • Sonja

            Perhaps I might miss you a teeny, tiny, itty, bitty little bit, too. Maybe. It wouldn’t be entirely false to say that I enjoyed conversing with you…when we weren’t fighting… and when I wasn’t panicking at the thought of you making slippers out of my skin…

  4. Dave L

    WTH happened to my reply?! Trying to type, out, crickets, chirping, somehow. Hope I put enough Oxford commas in that.

    • Sonja

      That was too many commas :(

    • Justin

      LOL is there a smiley for crickets plus the sound of my foot up an ass?

      • Sonja

        At the risk of inflating your dangerously large ego, I quite enjoy this comment :)

        • Justin

          I’ve been working on my “ego”. Then my assistant said she searched my history on my computer to see if there were any trends (she said she was getting ideas for Christmas)…anyway needless to say I search for the following: Runningoffthereeses, Myself, Porn, Espn

          So I guess I need to work on my ego still…..

          • Sonja

            I’m going to use that excuse. “I searched your history to find out what kind of gift you want…because I’m thoughtful. Duh.” Instead of, “To see if you were looking at porn, you sick bastard!!!” LOL ;)

          • Reese's Runner

            I too think that is brilliant. But I was just checking your search history so that I can buy you something amazing. It’s not at all because I’m a distrustful stalker.

          • Justin

            ALL GUYS look at porn. Get over it Sonja

          • Sonja

            That is categorically untrue, fellow. Some men just don’t like it, you know. And others respect their women’s wishes if porn bothers them. I quite enjoy sleeping with men, but since Chris is all, “Please stop sleeping with other men,” I stopped doing that when we started dating. Respect is a two-way street, you see :)

          • Justin

            That is the most ridiculous comparison EVER. Sleeping around vs watching porn is completely different.

            A. cheating
            B. cleaning the pipe
            And if someone was completely offended by it, then I wouldn’t watch it.

          • Sonja

            B. “Pipes” can be “cleaned” without watching porn, though. To a lot of women, porn IS cheating, as it involves achieving sexual gratification while being stimulated by someone other than your significant other. Just like having a purely electronic relationship with someone can be perceived as cheating when an emotional attachment forms, even if there isn’t any actual physical contact.

            I do appreciate, though, that you wouldn’t watch it if your significant other was offended by it.

          • Justin

            Sonja…. I laughed so hard when you wrote “pipes”. Please seek the above comments about Cely’s hotness problem.

          • Sonja

            You laughed ‘cuz I am hilarious. That’s what you’ve been missing. I entertain myself all the time with my own hilarity :)

    • Reese's Runner

      Oh Dave, failure is apparently an option for you today.

  5. Sarah W.

    holy shit on Homeland. I did NOT see that coming. But i’m already excited for next season and can’t wait to see how Saul & Carrie’s relationship plays out as a result.

    • Reese's Runner

      Me too!! I almost cried when he left her that voicemail. TOO MUCH. Also, it’s pretty convenient how that closed the Finn hit-and-run drama so neatly.

  6. While I consider myself mostly extroverted – that phone thing? Describes me to a tee. My friends ask if they can listen in when I have to make a call because I’m bound to say something ridiculous just to fill the silence. And then they laugh at me.

  7. Lindsay

    I still use the Oxford comma and it actually really irritates me when people don’t use it lol

  8. MaryAnne

    Man, I am with you on the phone thing – I must have been traumatized by a loud ringing noise as an infant or something. I have my work line set to just make this quiet clicking sound instead of an actual ring and my cell phone is all songs.

    Also, double amen for the Oxford comma – I’m a former journalist and I always hated leaving it out; definitely the coolest tree ever, I want it in my house (and actually, I have more than enough books to give it a shot); and YOWZA, that coach is smokin’ hot! (Also, everything you told me last year about Mike Leach was dead on – we had a rough season, but he cleaned house so next year should be much improved, PLUS the woeful Cougs pulled out a miracle (and I do not use that term loosely) win against our hated enemies in our final game (I lost my voice for 3 days) and so he is pretty much idolized around these parts now.)

    • Reese's Runner

      Awww yeah!!! We just fired the coach they hired to replace him THANK GOD. And now we have Leach’s former superstar quarterback at the helm. Here’s to good seasons for us both next year!!

  9. Sarah

    Since I have worked in the library for 4 months now, I’m gonna go ahead and take some of the credit for that tree (even though I had nothing do with it).

    Tard is me. And I guess when I get caught up on The Walking Dead I’ll have to start Homeland…

    And I’ve been putting it off but I’m totally gonna go for that Cetaphil…

    Have a happy non-apocolaypse day!

  10. Laura is Undeterrable

    I actually asked my husband what he thought Tard had in store for us in the new year. Apparently some people don’t spend all their time thinking about grumpy cat.

  11. Kelly

    I bought Homeland season 1 for everyone on my list this year and then I’m going to force them to watch season 2 over the holidays simply because I need more people to love this show. Holy season finale. I love your blog so much! I rarely comment, but I read it every week!

  12. I love that cat. I think that every cat is secretly like that. Except one of our cats, who is the HAPPIEST, FRIENDLIEST cat in the world.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  13. My life makes so much more sense now. I’m an introvert. Now I can explain to people why I’m so weird and batshit crazy and i’ll sound legit. Thanks. ;-)

  14. Next year, I am definitely making a book Christmas tree. I have enough books, so why not?

    Grumpy cat makes me giggle every time I see him. Love him!

    Thanks for letting me that I am actually an introvert, even though people never believe me.

    Lastly, I’m glad St. Paul, MN didn’t make the best-of firefighter calendars list. I got their 2013 calendar free with a race entry and it was a major disappointment. The guys were NOT attractive. And there were two women in there…and my fiance says they weren’t very impressive either.

  15. Boooooooooooooo

    Fine, you can have Ryan Gosling. We still have Johnny Football.

    Thanks & Gig ‘Em.

  16. Sasha

    After lurking on your blog for eternity (a month or so) because it is amazing and you watch homeland and downton abbey which is enough for me to keep reading. Anyway, I had to post because WTF HOMELAND? I think Brody was totally in on the plan and played Carrie! And she will go into bipolar wine frenzy when she finds out next year and will be totally awesome. Also please no Dana next year, or ever. Also please more Quinn. In fact I can watch him grocery shop and that will be ok by me. Sorry for this long rant but none of my friends watch Homeland and I.MUST.DISCUSS :))
    p.s. Dan as Gossip Girl makes zero sense but oh well. I think they shouldn’t have revealed who it was at all.
    Have a good day!

    • Reese's Runner

      1. Totally agreed on Gossip Girl and you are now the only other person I know who watches it. Such an exclusive club we have.
      2. More Quinn in 2013!!! I totally agree. So, I don’t think it was Brody because I can’t understand what the point would be. He already killed the guy he hated and the point of that video was to be shown after he died.But he left and didn’t die, so now he’s like super screwed. He also seemed to have zero plan in place for after the fact, unless he knew Carrie would have one because that’s how she rolls. Or maybe it was so he could escape and be thought dead by his extremely annoying family. I just feel so bad for Carrie because he’s a slippery little bastard. I’m a dumbass though, so I probably would have believed him too. But why did he stand in front of the window?? That seems super dangerous and risky. So, in conclusion, I have no idea what is going on, but I’m super glad that Estes is no more.

      • Idk, I thought Dan was a little obvious. His whole “I’ve had a plan this whole time” thing sealed it. I don’t necessarily approve, but finales are hard. I was pretty annoyed by the stupid Kristin Bell cameo though, because I hate when shows are all self-aware, and the fast forward everyone marries their high school sweetheart, and Chuck and Blair have a kid thing. Bleh.

    • Rachael

      Dan as Gossip Girl makes no sense and the Internet agrees with me. http://www.buzzfeed.com/lyapalater/introducing-the-dan-was-gossip-girl-meme

      • Reese's Runner

        So right!! Also, for some reason I thought at some point we were led to believe it was Georgina? Am I crazy? And it so should have been Dorota!!

        • Sasha

          Since we are on the subject of gossip girl, I don’t know if you guys read it already but you need to check out vulture.com for their weekly recaps of gossip girl. They had a reality index each week for realistic/unrealistic plot points. Awesome stuff, and comments are hilarious. I feel like Dorota was too loyal to Blair so be GG, but also made more sense than Dan. Rewatching the episodes knowing it is Dan will be great.

  17. I totally agree with the phone, I’m a huge introvert (off the scale on MBTI) and I hate, hate, hate the phone. People think I’m so weird but the phone is evil, please just send me an email.

    • Rachael

      Yes, me too! I even get nervous when someone calls me back when I’m expecting the phone call.

      Today at work my boss called from home for an update about my day. I knew he would call and I knew what he would ask, but I still mumbled random nonsense and felt like there were long moments of silence due to my lack of talking. An email would have been lovely.

  18. Ananda B.

    That tree is AWESOME! I secretly wish my tree at home was just like it, even though that would make no sense.
    Oh, and I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought The Hobbit was awful. I liked LOTR but there’s only so much I can tolerate.

  19. Congratulations to Caroline! How cool. and I can’t seem to get enough of the Grumpy Cat. Bring it on.

  20. Laressa

    Thank God I’m not the only one who hates the sound of a phone ringing! Great post today. :)

  21. Kristi in LV

    My hubs, 9 f0r 9 on the introvert thing. Especially the phone. I don’t think he’s answered the phone once in nearly 15 years of marrige.

  22. That Xmas tree is the best. I am a Grinch but it makes me want a tree. It makes me want to sign up to Pintrest just so I can pin it. Me love lots. The end.

  23. Jenny

    Funny, because the phone thing is the only one that doesn’t fit me. Now if someone unexpectedly comes to my door – like the FedEx guy or a kid selling candy – I want to hide. In my own house. And I sometimes do. Phones are no problem though. My parents ran a business out of our house when I was a kid and I guess I was forced to deal – and deal well – early on. I wound up with a rather perky phone voice – very misleading (I’m more like Tard in person), but also very useful (you cannot resist my telephonic charms.)

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