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15 Thing Friday

1. Woo hoo! We are all still alive. Do you know if the Aztecs had a specific in time in mind for the world to end?

2. OMFG HOMELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally had an hour to sit down to watch it without interruption last night. HOoooooooOOOOllyyyyyy shiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttballs. Poor Saul needs a hug ASAP. Please discuss.

3. I hated the Hobbit so much. Soooooo much. It was so incredibly slow, it was ridiculous. And here I thought the previous films were super slow. Do we need to spend two hours of our lives watching a hobbit try to throw a ring into a massive pit of fire? For God’s sake, just throw the damn thing already!! I mean nothing happened. NOTHING. For almost three hours.

The Hobbit: An Unexpectedly Languid Journey

4. 28 People Who Should Have Thought Twice

21. This girl who should have thought about standing next to this boy.

5. Top Ten 2013 Male Firefighter Calenders

Well played Vancouver.

6. My former roommate Caroline got engaged this past weekend. We were supposed to grow old in eternal spinsterhood together. So much for that dream.

Juuuuuuuuuuuuust kidding, I’m really happy for her and Greg. Those little weirdos can ride off into the sunset together and live happily (and oddly) ever after.

7. Jenny sent me this fantastic article about nine signs of introversion. This is the best explanation of introversion I’ve ever seen. It’s not shyness, “it’s a low drive to participate in social situations.” While I do tend to be very shy around strangers, I just have almost no desire to be social. And when I do want to be social, it’s only with people who are my very close friends or family. My favorite part was about answering the phone, which I am historically terrible at (sorry to every person who calls me, for the love of GOD just text or email me please):

“The telephone is intrusive, especially for introverts, whose brains don’t switch gears all that quickly. When we’re deep in thought, a ringing telephone is like a shrieking alarm clock in the morning.

And we often give bad phone—awkward, with pauses. We struggle without visual cues, and our tendency to ponder before we talk doesn’t play well on the telephone.”

Seriously, don’t call me. And, if it’s an emergency, call two times in a row or text me to call you ASAP. Otherwise, enjoy my auto-robot voicemail lady.

8. Aaaaaa-men.

I love you APA.

9. The fire sirens at my apartment complex have been going off at random for a week now. And they don’t stop for hours. It’s really fun at 4 am. The good news is that I will never ever sleep through a fire because they screech both in and outside my apartment and throughout the entire complex. Please enjoy this horrid noise and Bardot’s half-assed escape attempt. Fat little devil.

10. Tard the Grumpy Cat, because my love for him will never die.

That reminds me so much of my dad. He tries so hard every year.

11. More grumpy cat!

12. I’m SO EXCITED that Kliff Kingsbury is the new head coach for Texas Tech. SO EXCITED. Don’t worry Kelly, you can enjoy him from the sidelines of a Tech game anytime you want. I’ll even buy your ticket.

13. Our university library has the best Christmas tree ever!

14.  After six long seasons, I was SO PISSED when they finally revealed who Gossip Girl was. SO LAME. Grrrrr.

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