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I spent my weekend unfriending people on Facebook for imbecilic comments about the tragedy in Sandy Hook. Around 200 of them. All ignorant assholes. All. It is unfathomable that grown people are so stupid.

Go forth and learn some critical thinking skills. Please, for the sake of humanity. Despite everything, I’m just so thankful that our schools are filled with so many incredible teachers and administrators. We are lucky to have people like that who love and care for our children so much.

Anyway, all of the unfriending wasn’t because people had opinions that differ from my own, it was just the need to go into a 400 comment war with others about it is just ridiculous. It’s just such an incredible waste of time. What is fighting on Facebook about gun control going to do for anyone? It’s just creating more anger and rage. I actually saw a guy call his OWN MOTHER “a stupid and hateful bitch” because she had the audacity to disagree with him.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I don’t think fighting and spewing vitriol at one another via social media is going to help anyone. More than anything, I wish there would be as much focus on our country’s mental healthcare system as there is on gun control. It’s shameful that there are not more resources and assistance for people dealing with mental illness and for their families. It’s disgusting that that we don’t have state-funded and federally-funded hospitals and treatment centers for people to go to.

This article written by a mother struggling with a child who has mental illness is one of the most poignant things I’ve read since this tragedy. She is absolutely right, “No one wants to send a 13-year old genius who loves Harry Potter and his snuggle animal collection to jail. But our society, with its stigma on mental illness and its broken healthcare system, does not provide us with other options.” For about the hundredth time in the past few days, I found my self uncontrollably sobbing.

This is the exact situation we face in our schools. We have students enrolled who we know are dangerous and who routinely scare their professors and frighten their classmates. We use all of our resources to try to get these students help, but you can’t force someone into counseling or treatment. Therefore, we have to be extremely cautious around a student that poses a serious threat until that student graduates, drops out on their own accord, or does something dangerous enough that we can refuse to re-enroll them. Until then, our hands our tied. Tragically, Virginia Tech and countless other schools have paid the price for this failed system.

One of my first thoughts about the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting was that the University of Colorado was incredibly lucky that they were not the target. School is extremely stressful for a thousand reasons and the office area I work in deals with the majority of students appealing decisions about enrollment, grades, academic misconduct, and academic suspension. No student is happy when they are in that situation and a student struggling with mental illness on top of disciplinary actions is a scary situation.

So, oops on the rant. Did not mean to go there. I was just going to talk about how stupid people are on Facebook (which by the way, if you have time for a 400 comment fight then you need to GET A JOB LOSER) and then gripe about that hideously ill-fitting thing Kristen Stewart wore. Anyway, that’s that and I don’t have the time or energy to write something else . I just hope that as a nation we can look at these tragedies outside of just the narrow scope of just gun control. Our mental healthcare system is a failure and it’s impossible to ignore any longer. We shouldn’t be afraid to work in our schools and we certainly shouldn’t have to be afraid to leave our children in them.


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  1. Sonja

    Well said, Seals. I also take issue with the post that went around on FB: Dear God, Where were you when this happened? Dear Concerned Student, I’m not allowed in schools. Ummm… that is just ridiculous. That insinuates that God can create a universe and human beings, but can’t get through a door to school… or that if you pray in your head, God won’t be there for you if you happen to do so in a public school. Or that people in private schools are exempt from anything like this because God IS allowed into those schools. I mean, really, people… That was the most senseless arguement on FB that I saw. Along with the idea to arm each and every school teacher… Or that mental illness can be solved simply with faith. Ummm… no. You are ridiculous. If that were true, a billion people would be “cured.” I should have defriended 400 people on Facebook… but I only have about 26 friends as it is ;)

    • Reese's Runner

      Those comments are so offensive on so many levels. It insinuates that children who believe in a different god or no god at all deserve to be shot at school. So much rage. Christians can be the worst people, it’s embarrassing and shameful.

      • Tess

        I’m a Christian and I can agree with that. It’s so bad, I keep my Christian faith on the down low because there is such a prejudice against Christians due to the ignorance that comes out of some of their mouths. God is everywhere with me. I pray at work, I pray in my car and my son has prayed at school. You KNOW he needed it for that calculus test. My peeve was my very devout Christian friend who posted if just ONE teacher (not every teacher) just ONE had a gun think of the lives *sob*. Um…it would have to be the right teacher…in the right place…could she get to it in time? Because you KNOW the regulations for even having the darn thing around ANY kids would have that sucker locked up TIGHT. She would have to be a fast thinker. That one teacher who was miraculously in the right place at the right time. Amazing. I hid her. She makes me tired. I hid her during the elections, too.

    • I agree 100%. If God was anywhere that day, I believe it was with the children, teachers and administrators at that school.

      • Dave L

        Well said, Kate. Mike Huckabee has a video out there where he essentially explains that’s what he meant. Doesn’t answer the mail completely, but is a good start…

    • Melissa

      In my town the school shooting happened at a private school with a religious affiliation…but people tend to forget nonexamples…

  2. jess @ runaroundphilly

    i couldn’t agree with you more. these are my exact feelings but put into better words! thanks for being so smart…and a mind reader.

  3. Michelle

    Slow clapping at my desk right now. I appreciate your willingness to unapologetically put your opinion out there. That sounds trite but I feel like its a rare thing these days. Maybe I just appreciate because I agree. :)

    I too went on a friend dropping spree this weekend. It’s cool if you love your guns but the time to post pro-gun/ pro-don’t take my gun away rants is not as the nation mourns 6 and 7 year olds who were killed by gun violence…

  4. Justin

    I think the solution is on violent video games and movies and tv shows. I travel to various countries, and they do not have as violent of shows as we do. They just show more nudity. I feel like as a society we’ve gotten to a place where it’s okay to let our kids play call of duty vs go ride their damn bikes.

    • Reese's Runner

      You play violent video games. I don’t agree with letting children play violent games and watch violent shows (but I’m not a parent so what do I know), but many kids play them and don’t have psychotic episodes where they plan to or actually go out and kill people.

    • Sonja

      Violence existed before video games did. But instead of video games to glorify it, it was glorified by word-of-mouth and by the various media outlets. You might not think of the media as “glorifying” violence, but the people that cause it revel in that attention. And the people that kill themselves in the process WANT their name and actions to become their legacy. And they do :( But news must be reported, so there’s not really a way around the media’s involvement, and for the most part, I don’t think they are to blame.

      Along with addressing mental health, I think going forward one suggestion might be to regulate the sales of ammunition. I can’t think of a valid reason for anyone other than a SWAT team to need 100 rounds for an assault rifle. Maybe sell ammo only during hunting season, maybe don’t allow sport shooters to leave the range with unused ammo, maybe do what some states have done and do a buy-back. Obviously that will only produce mostly legally-purchased weapons from law-abiding citizens, but if they are unwanted and unused (thinking of gun owners that pass away and no one knows what to do with their guns), at least they can’t become a temptation for a curious kid or someone plotting to do harm.

      I don’t think we should limit the right to bear arms, but I think it could be beneficial to consider some minor adjustments to the system that don’t terribly affect our rights, but that might also deter the people that CAN be deterred from these actions. Obviously, if someone is determined to do something like this, they will find a way to do it. But there are some that only commit crimes of opportunity.

      Also, I think people should lock their guns up responsibly (home-owner protection is a reasonable exception). The gun owners that I know do that. And then you see on the news that a 4 year-old shot and killed his 2 year-old baby sister because a gun was left loaded, unlocked, and unattended in the presence of unsupervised toddlers. There are a million causes for these tragedies and a lot of them are accidental and a result of irresponsibility and poor judgement. Maybe it would be helpful if gun owners had to pass some sort of competency test. I think that could weed out a lot of law-abiding idiots, as well as the intelligent criminals that gain access to the guns of those idiots.

      I couldn’t agree more that guns don’t kill people; people kill people. And I’m an extremist on either end, I don’t think. But just like all things, I think some laws and regulations need to evolve with our society, which seems to be trending towards these sorts of travesties :(

      The End.
      Sorry that was so long.

      • Justin

        You can’t limit the amount of ammo people buy, cig’s kill more people than guns do. Should we regulate how many cig’s people smoke and all the second hand smoke that kill? Doesn’t make sense. People have murdered and mass murdered people for thousands of years. No matter what laws we have in place, no matter what regulations we can come up with…someone will always be evil enough to murder. History repeats itself. I just hope that as a society we can start to see patterns of illness and not be candy ass about getting that person help.

        • Sonja

          Smoking cigarettes is a choice that people make; being gunned down usually isn’t. And with all of the ‘No Smoking’ areas that we currently have, and with not being able to smoke in most workplaces, restaurants, etc, it’s not that difficult to avoid second-hand smoke. I’m not saying to ban guns because people are killed by them. It would be best to ban killers from existing, but obviously we cannot do that. And a lot of people are one-time-only killers (and often kill themselves in the process). So I’m just suggesting that if there were stricter regulations on some items, it could make a difference for the population of people that might be deterred by any extra hoops they’d have to jump through. For example, if hunting ammo was only sold during hunting season, who would that hurt? If you’re only using it to legally hunt, where is the harm? You don’t stock minnows up in your basement year-round to use during fishing season, right? So if the hunters just buy what they think they’ll use, and lock up or return any unused ammo, haven’t we relatively secured at least one avenue that people have for getting ahold of weapons and ammunition? I mean, you can’t use one without the other, so instead of banning anything altogether, maybe we should just consider some other alternatives. Obviously I don’t have the resources and knowledge available to know if that would work. But it’s just an example of one idea that’s somewhere between “Arm everyone” and “Ban guns.” You are correct; if someone wants to hurt people, they will find a way to do it. But there are some people who don’t consider doing it until they see they have the resources to carry it out. I think that’s a small price to pay for even just a little bit of extra security.

          A number of things that you mentioned are choices that people make for themselves. I know I will never die on a roller coaster if I never go on one. But the same can’t be said for guns because I can only control my own actions and reactions. Probably mosquitoes are good for something, just like guns are. And it’s impossible to just outlaw their existence. But some cities still spray for mosquitos where they pose a big risk, so I’m just suggesting we find some common ground and influence change in the areas where it could be effective.

      • Justin

        Mosquito’s kill 3 million a year
        Horses and Bulls kill 20 people a year
        Bees/wasps 53 people a year
        Car accident deaths per year 32,000
        alcohol abuse kills about 73,000 a year
        second hand smoke deaths 50,000 a year
        Cigarette smoking kills roughly 443,000 a year
        Guns kill 87 people a day (gang related etc) 87(365) = 31,755.
        I’m not a Doctor or a scientist, just a concerned citizen. But the root of our problem is us. The city that has the most STRICT gun laws, also has the worst GUN CRIME. I love those pictures that are floating around, “lets make meth’ll keep it off the street”. Haha AH! How about as a society we stop befriending our kids, we take the time to say hi to our neighbors, we get back to what matters, we take care of our sick, we put better support out for those who have mental illness. Banning guns will not solve a problem. If we ban guns, then damn it ban cig’s, alcohol,cars, horses, bee’s mosquitoes, bears, mountain lions, roller coasters, plastic bags..etc

        • Reese's Runner

          In terms of smoking, people choose to begin smoking. It’s not like someone typically has a choice as to whether or not they are about to get shot. It’s so awful because someone is intentionally going out and shooting as many people as possible. It’s not comparable. And yes, thousands and thousands of people die each year in car accidents. But there seems to be an ongoing effort to make our cars safer, revise speed limits, increase law enforcement presence on the roads, and stop drunk drivers. It’s not like we sit back and just let it be. It would be like if in the 1960s everyone thought seatbelt laws were ridiculous because we had never had to wear them. Changes have to be made as we change as a society. Unlike 200 years ago when people used guns primarily for hunting and protection, we now live in a world where people want to kill as many total strangers as possible for no apparent reason.

          And yes, bad people will most likely find a way to get a weapon, just like people got alcohol during prohibition. But, someone like Adam Landa probably would have had a more difficult time obtaining a semi-automatic weapon if one was not sitting in his house. We do need to support people better, take better care of our sick, and be better to each other. But, there is a reason that you can’t just go out and buy grenades and certain explosives. People will still get them if they really want them, but it will be harder and expensive.

          • Justin

            1. I agree there should be more regulations placed on guns, but let’s not get crazy here. I’m still a good ol boy who likes going to the range and taking out paper targets.
            2. Don’t ever speak that bastards name, he doesn’t deserve it
            3. Could you imagine smoking, being drunk driving your car while shooting stop signs out the winda..a bee flys in, stings become allergic and at the same time you roll the car and hit a moose which kills you on impact. Too much? I was just thinking about how odd those facts were listed, and what if all those things happened at once.

          • Caroline

            The car argument is wearing on me. The purpose of a car is transportation – that’s why it was invented. Guns on the other hand are for killing. Yes, many people today now have guns for “sport” and enjoy target shooting, but guns were created to bring physical harm to people and animals.

            It takes time to get a driver’s license. The process obviously varies by state but it involves proving that you are capable of safely operating a motor vehicle. Licenses expire every few years, requiring you to go to the DMV and showing that you are still a competent driver that hasn’t gone blind. Additionally, in order to own a car you have to update the vehicle registration and insure it/you in the case of an accident. Cars, even though they are built for transportation, are very heavily regulated. I guess the difference is that driving can be seen as “privilege” instead of a “right”, as is the case in gun ownership.

        • Reese's Runner

          Also, mosquitoes don’t kill people.

          • Sonja

            I feel like West Nile virus can… I think mosquitoes transmit that, don’t they?

          • Sonja

            Additionally, I work for a life insurance company. It would be interesting to try and figure out how we were to pay out on a claim such as scenario # 3… Like, is that considered an accident, an act of God, recreation risk-taking, death while engaged in a criminal act, etc :)

  5. Katie

    One of the most offensive posts I saw was one that said that this violence is due to the fact that parents coddle their children and that kids just need some old fashioned ‘ass whooping’, more or less. Yes, let’s solve violence (and mental illness) with violence. UGH!

    Also, we seem to have lost the ability to have discussions where people listen to each other, and where there is any room for meeting in the middle. It’s awful.

  6. Emelda

    I hid quite a few FB “friends” from my news feed during the elections, and have added more since last Friday’s events. I’m saving my FB cleanse for the new year. Yes, you may have your opinion and spew it forth on FB, but I don’t have to be a witness. Logic rules my world.
    I hope Michelle knew when to slow clap, too soon and you look like a fool, too late and you’re just not cool. It’s all about the timing. ;)

  7. OMG I agree with you so much. And my kids- The poor things didn’t know what hit them this weekend, they were smothered with so much Mommy love. Rowan kept wiping off his face.

    But yeah, I’m getting tired of everyone proclaiming their answer to the “problem”. There is no one answer.

    And the whole “God in schools” thing is really pissing me off.

    This is why I’m channeling Tard even more right now. I mean, I read Facebook and just want to shout “STFU” with my Grumpy Tard Face.

    • I just realized that was just not the happiest post ever, so I just wanted to add that you were totally right about the Walking Dead and I’m hooked. And I want to punch Lori in the face. Repeatedly.

  8. Aunt Kel

    Well said, Cely. You are wise beyond your years.

  9. Thank you for expressing yourself and doing it in a very intelligent and articulate manner. I was considering yesterday adding a new feature to my blog: stupid things posted to social media. But god forbid we offend anyone. Yesterdays gem was something around Germany’s gun control law of 1938 and then 13 million people then dying because they couldn’t defend themselves. WHAT??

    Anyway, thank you.
    The Kidless Kronicles

    • Reese's Runner

      Oh my lawd. Pretty sure it would have taken more than civilians with guns to stop the most powerful army in the world. Nice try though.

  10. Not to mention that of the 9-ish million that really died (I have seen #’s up to 12 million), only about 160,000 of them (Holocaust and Roma) were actually German’s, in Germany.

  11. Personally I love the posts about how the Founding Fathers WANTED us all to have guns and by golly, we can’t go against that.

    Let’s go back to only let white land owning men vote! It’s what the Founding Fathers wanted!

  12. Naomi

    Long time reader, relier on your book recommendations, respecter of your opinions, and de-friender of many after Friday’s tragedy. I wholeheartedly agree that more money needs to be spent on our country’s mental healthcare system. I grew up in a family of mental health professionals and I work in family law where I deal with mental health issues daily, sometimes on incidents involving guns. You will not find a bigger supporter of more comprehensive national attention to and funding for mental health resources and assistance. I do, however, fear that the mental health piece may be overshadowing the need for better gun control. I found this article compelling after the “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother” post came out: It appears that for many the mental health aspect is distracting from tackling the age-old problem we have with gun control and access in this country. I understand that this is a matter that can be easily politicized, and that is not my intention. I just think that in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy there is a lot of discussion about mental healthcare and it is distracting us from the fact that guns are too easy for people, with or without mental illness, to obtain. Perhaps this is easy for me to say, I have whittled my real life and FB friends down to people (of every political affiliation) who either agree with me or who can have a thoughtful respectful debate on the issues without resorting to blaming Obama or God or parents for causing tragedies. I don’t say any of this to continue the vitriol spewing we have all seen lately, quite the opposite. I commend you for posting a thoughtful discussion on this serious issue and I thank you for not posting pictures of your oatmeal in general. You are adding to the dialogue and I think that’s great given the forum you have. Just thought I’d add my two cents in what I believe is a comfortable forum, even if the only other time I posted here it was about Frye boots.

    • Reese's Runner

      You have a completely valid point. I completely agree that our policies on gun control definitely need to be changed. I read the same article from Jezebel and agree with many of those points as well. Because I live in a state that has such a strong pro-gun culture, I often feel that it is the only thing people are talking about. I have also witnessed a massive amount of ignorance from people about what mental illness means and how difficult it can be for families to deal with. That article stood out to me because she talked about an issue that many people seem very unaware of (at least those I see interviews on the news, those posting opinions on Facebook and other social media platforms). I think there is a massive social failure in empathy for people who deal with mental illness. We do need to make major changes in the type of weapons that are made available and how easy they are to buy, but we also need to help people before it gets to this point. Anyway, I’m rambling, but thank you for your comment!

      • Dave L

        Can’t we talk stick our heads in the sand and talk about something funny? Quick, Cely – hurt yourself in some entertaining way!
        I had not read either article, but my dad tossed a copy of the Mom article on my desk this morning, so I just took a look, and went over to read Jezebel. All good discussion points…

        • Naomi

          Didn’t mean to hijack the comments and get all Debbie Downer on everyone! Just nice to see these issues dealt with thoughtfully. I agree that we should return to normal broadcasting of cat GIFs, pix of Ryan Gosling, and entertaining accident stories.

  13. Emily

    I couldn’t agree more and did quite a bit of unfriending also.

    As a nation, we need a multifaceted approach to violence. Gun control alone will not cut it, a better mental healthcare system (and healthcare system in general) probably will not be enough either. We need BOTH of those things; and (in my opinion) to rectify our culture of violence.

  14. Laressa

    Well said, Cely! Thank you for putting my thoughts to page so eloquently. There’s a lot of stupid out there. I’m off to clean up my Facebook!

  15. LC

    Thanks for posting this! My younger brother has Asperger’s, which is what Adam Lanza supposedly had as well, so this hit home for me. I don’t know what the answer is, but with extensive counseling over the past year he has done a lot better, so we’re hopeful. It’s still hard though and I think that there aren’t nearly enough resources for kids like him. I just more people would be willing to go into the field of child psychology because as challenging it can be, it’s badly needed.

  16. Yea other people suck. in general. Being in the holiday spirit doesn’t make them any less irritating. However, Kristen Stewart can certainly be less irritating if she would leave that horrible granny underwear alone.

  17. I could not agree more.. Arguing on Facebook is not going to do anything and I’m sick of looking at it.. Get off of Facebook and do something productive with your time! Love that you did a massive de-friending.. I have a feeling I will be too

  18. Miriam

    It’s incredible how most people are ignorant and believe that they know it all. It’s ok to write about an opinion, but it shouldn’t be ok to perpetuate and generate anger and violence, no matter what is the subject. I found that facebook is more and more a platform for manipulative, heinous, intolerant and racism propos in disguise (sometimes not even in disguise, totally raw). Therefore, people shouldn’t believe everything that they read on the internet… I’m starting to believe that facebook and internet has come to alienate people. So much that they lost their critical thinking. Or perhaps most people just do not have a bit of critical thinking and are generally dumb to start with… WTF indeed.

  19. Amen. I’ve also had to hide some people on FB– I work in a school, and the posts that declare that the solution is MORE guns, and in fact, armed teachers and school staff are the ones that I just shake my head at the most. Really? I should go to school fully armed every day? Am I going to strap a semi automatic rifle to my back during parent meetings? What kind of shit world is it when you have to go to school armed??

  20. I agree with you to a certain extent. I totally understand unfriending people who get nasty, but I think people also get a high and mighty complex about these things. They look at their Facebook friends and decide THEY don’t get to talk about these big issues because they know less, care less, whatever. I think any conversation aside from shouting and insults is good. For change to happen people need to keep talking, one way or the other.

    • Reese's Runner

      I completely agree. I did not unfriend people for talking about the issues, I don’t care at all. It was just how they belligerently and offensively made comments to and about people. Just a complete lack of respect for any one else. Telling someone that they hope someone breaks into their home and kills them because they are pro-gun control is just beyond ludicrous in my opinion. But yes, you are totally correct, conversation is necessary for change to actually happen.

  21. Well then! Totally justified!! Guess my liberal, hippy blue state arguments pale in comparison to Texas gun debates. Wow! (not being sarcastic, though somehow this all reads like it)

  22. Sarah

    I have been avoiding Facebook for the same reason. People talking about gun control are missing the point.

    I made the mistake of commenting on someone’s status about the 22 children that were stabbed on Friday in China, a country with very strict gun control laws. My point was that you can’t eliminate crazy with gun control laws. I told him that I think we need to focus on helping people with their mental health. That is common thread. Simple logic, no?

    The idiot with the original post comes back to say that the kids in China didn’t die, they were just injured so his point still stands. Moron. Missing.the.point.

  23. Kristyn

    Bravo, Cely. As always, so well articulated.

  24. Caroline

    Thank you for (yet another) well educated post. I really admire the space you have created that allows for differing opinions without things getting out of hand!

    The situation is complex and therefore so is the solution. Mental health does play a part and it can be improved. My brother has several issues – lucky for us depression and bi-polar disorder run in the family. While he is not a danger to himself or others, he is caught in a cycle where he struggles to maintain employment. The closest he’s come to health benefits are with employers that usually require 90 days before adding an employee and he doesn’t last places more than 3-4 months. If he could get assistance with therapy and medication it would allow him to break the cycle, stay employed and become more self sufficient. The state just doesn’t have programs to help people like my brother. They have no problem though with providing him unemployment benefits when the situation warrants or regularly enrolling him on food stamps. The out of pocket expenses to assist him with medication and therapy are just too much for our family. My brother would cost the state a lot less if they would just pony up for short-term assistance with mental health care.

    • Taylor

      I don’t know what part of the country you live in, but the fact that many states have cut spending on mental health not only makes it harder for people like your brother to cover costs, but it also amplifies the stigma attached to these illnesses. Honestly I think that is one of the biggest problems-we can add all these resources, but as long as people suffering think there is something “wrong” with them, or that they are not as worthy of the same medical care as someone with a physical illness, they are not going to feel comfortable seeking help (obviously this last part doesn’t apply to your brother who has sought help).

    • Reese's Runner

      I have a close friend with a sister in the exact situation. She is extremely intelligent, but keeping a job while off her medication is just impossible. It’s frustrating and humiliating for her. And just like your brother, the medication and treatment is impossibly expensive, so she is mostly off it. It’s such a waste of so many bright and capable people.

  25. Sarah

    Such a good post. It’s so interesting to me to see all the passionate discussions on facebook regarding this and the election (myself included on the election posts – Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do with my lady parts!). I think is remarkable how we don’t talk politics in real life off-line discussions – we have moved the conversation online where we can easily choose to forget our manners and everyone’s right to their own opinion.

    I have to remind myself to stop reading about it and watching news video about it. During September 11th I was glued to the TV and as kid in High School it terrified me afterwards. I see the same thing happening to me and some other friends who work in education. I keep getting nightmares that it is going to happen at the College I work at. Don’t let your kids watch too much about it!

    I do hope that gun control stays in our national debate. I watched a documentary called “Living for 32″ where a Virginia Tech Survivor went to various states for gun shows. He acted as if he forgot his proper ID and it was amazing to see how dealers would just sell him semi-automatic weapons with no questions asked. I do believe that people should have the right to bear arms but you don’t need an automatic rifle.

    The whole situation is sad. Children hurt in a place they are supposed to be safe. Horrible.

  26. Melissa

    When this tragedy is boiled down to too many guns/not enough guns, guns, guns, guns, all I can think about is the book “we need to talk about Kevin.” I realize it is fiction, but, to me, it spotlights the actual issue when it comes to mass violence.

  27. Sam

    We had a mass shooting in Australia in 1996. Gun reform happened and we haven’t had one since. Guns are HARD together here, and mental health checks are part of our regulations.

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