Magnificent Men of Monday

So, y’all keep asking for Charlie Hunnam and I just didn’t want to do it. We had a bad experience.  But, luckily for you, I caught the Pacific Rim trailer on Friday and OMFG Charlie Hunnam.

I’m digging that short hair. Tim Riggins is really the only guy with long hair who I’ve ever been attracted to,  I typically prefer more clean-cut guys (or “guys that serial killers dress as” according to one of my friends). Like this Charlie:

It’s not my fault that so many serial killers are well dressed. Anyway,  I won’t be  selfish jerk, so here is some more Charlie. Greasy tendrils and all. At least everything below his scalp is fantastic.

And with that, I’ve totally changed my mind. Sons of Anarchy, I’m coming back.


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24 Responses to Magnificent Men of Monday

  1. Stormie

    With a beard, he kinda looks like Santa Claus. Except, you know, he isn’t fat or old. And he makes children cry.

  2. Michelle in Michigan

    OMG, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Monday is now complete…

    • Oh good grief….we have to wait a LONG time for the next SOA season but I’ll just save your post and refer to it whenever I’m feeling blue. Also, I’m in agreement that this might be the best MMOM post ever! And that hair, long or short doesn’t matter. Which ever one you don’t prefer take that time to look at his chest and abs. HOLY MOLY

  3. I have to say… I actually think he’s more attractive scruffy than clean cut. (The 12 pack abs don’t hurt either.)

  4. Lauren

    Oooh thank you for introducing me to him…although I agree he looks better clean cut, that goatee makes him look like Spencer Pratt

  5. Christie

    Now THAT is a good way to start the week. Thanks, Cely!

    (Also, WTF Homeland last night?!?!)

    • Reese's Runner

      I didn’t watch it because I cancelled my stupid Showtime. I hope to catch it on repeat in our workout room (which has ALL THE CHANNELS) or online sometime this week. I’m super depressed about it.

      • Christie

        My PVR taped all but the final scene… so I’m waiting for it to show up on OnDemand so I can watch the end (dammit!), then call my cable provider and do the responsible thing: cancel some channels.

  6. My Monday full of finals just got a littttle bit better

  7. I totally wouldn’t have given him a second look until you found pictures without the required biker gang hair. Awesome.

  8. Sandy

    I love Jax Teller!! I didn’t even recognize him in the first two pictures! Ahhh good day :)

  9. Brenda

    I love your blog, but rarely comment (this may be my first actually), but Charlie Hunnam is worth of a comment. LOVE him!

  10. Callie

    what was your bad experience with charlie hunnam??

    if you want your opinion of him to improve, i suggest watching “undeclared”. amazing.

    • Reese's Runner

      A guy I dated used to watch SoA obsessively and now every time I see it I am reminded of his stupid face.

      • Christie

        That is awful. He ruined such a great show for you!
        A group of us girls watch it every Tuesday night together – we call it our ’round table’ nights. Mostly I just watch and hope that I get to see Jax’s naked butt again. :)

  11. I recently been sucked into SOA and I’m an Opie fan. LOVE me some Opie. But, Jax with short hair is good. I don’t like the goatee though. It’s very Spencer Pratt.

    • Jessica

      OMG Sarah, me too! LOVE Opie! However, I prefer Opie with the shorter hair in the earlier seasons. But Jax isn’t too bad on the eyes either.

  12. I love SOA! I am not the kind of person who has favorite hot celebrity “crushes” but Jax/Jacks (Charlie) is so damn hot. Great choice for this week!

  13. He is so not my type but I love him so hard. Also, I heard that he’s British which blows my mind because his American accent is perfect.
    Fabian just started watching Sons of Anarchy and it took us exactly 2 months to watch all 5 seasons. Like, we would not go to sleep because it was so important to watch the 5th episode of the night.
    So, so good. And now I can finally have my life back.

  14. the B

    I despise that show. It is so disturbing.

    However, once he cut his hair I found it immensely more tolerable. Jax is hot. I have no idea how to spell his name, but that’s how I picture it. With an “x” bc it screams douchey. ;)

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