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Dallas is Done

On Tuesday I woke up to another bright and cold morning in Dallas. I sure will miss living high up in the sky.

I enjoyed a massive plate of French toast, but I forgot to take a picture because I was too busy shoving it into my mouth. Coming home has been quite the adjustment. Eating oatmeal that hasn’t been served to you by a smiling face at 7 am is borderline devastating. Anyway, post-toast I rolled myself off out the door for the last day of the conference. I spent a lot of time totally distracted by the beautiful holiday decorations. My favorite was this massive bedazzled menorah, but I forgot to take a picture because I suck at life. I did get a blurry picture of their huge Christmas tree:

Just in case you are at the Hilton Anatole during the holidays, you cannot sit in that chair, despite it’s lack of signage prohibiting that activity. That chair is just for Santa. Learned that the hard way. I also found more shiny Christmas balls.

And I got to enjoy 700 versions of myself reflected back at me. That’s not the least bit horrifying. There was a super creepy massive nutcracker. That ballet really scared me as a child. Between the terrifying nutcrackers and the giant rats, I was a hysterical mess.

I really enjoyed this festive little shop:

And I almost spilled an entire bag of M&Ms when these damn reindeer decided to randomly start singing:

Those bastards scared the shit out of me.

After the conference concluded, we snuck downtown to the Sixth Floor Museum. Photographic evidence:

The Museum is located in the old Texas School Book Depository building which is from where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shot and killed John F. Kennedy as he made his way through Dallas on November 22, 1963.



Pictures weren’t allowed in the actual museum portion, but I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in Dallas. They have a fantastic audio tour and really extensive amount of information about his presidency, assassination, the subsequent investigations, and the countless conspiracy theories. These are some pictures from the areas that photography was allowed (obviously).

This picture of Jackie Kennedy is comprised of thousands of tiny pictures of Jack Kennedy. His picture on the opposite wall is made up of tiny Jackies. You will not be surprised to know that I was incredibly amazed by this.

On a side note, I really enjoy reading about her, she was such a fascinating woman. I wish more women my age appreciated her for more than just her style. These are some of my favorite books I’ve read about her in case you love her too: America’s Queen, Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on life with John F. Kennedy, The Eloquent Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Mrs. Kennedy and Me. Start with America’s Queen as it is a more exhaustive biography of her life.

We stopped by the gift shop and decided that selling shot glasses was a pretty ironic decision.

After finishing at the museum, we headed across the street to Dealey Plaza. Since I have only associated the plaza with the death of JFK, I was surprised to learn this about it:

I would never have guessed that. Now you can retain that info for future use on Jeopardy. You’re welcome and I’m entitled to 30% of your winnings. It’s impossible to not sound trite, but it was so bizarre to just be walking around on such a beautiful day right where one of the most famous murders in American history occurred. I don’t know what I expect, but it always seems so surreal to stand somewhere with such a tragic history on a regular ol’ day. Like it should maybe always be cloudy and rainy right there.

The infamous “grassy knoll”

Elm Street

We were pretty depressed afterward, so ate our feelings in the form of gelato. It worked.

And after an uneventful (Thank you God) flight, I’m safely back in Corpus Christi.


And I have my little grumpy friend back by my side. Well, she will come near me when she gets over being forced to take a bath.

That one is so dramatic. Now I’m off to survive another day of work. I feel like I’m dying. Eating that much is such a terrible idea. When will I learn? The answer is probably never.


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