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More Dallas-ing

On Sunday morning I woke up and put on my running clothes. Unfortunately, when I looked out the window to check the weather, I noticed that there was the little ol’ White Rock Marathon happening right out front.


I didn’t want to get tangled up in that mess, so I put my robe back on and got some breakfast. If you run it in the future, stay at the Omni because it begins and ends right in front of the hotel.  I felt so smug and self-satisfied that I wasn’t running it. It was really enjoyable to watch that while eating muffins. I may never race again.

The rest of Sunday was spent at the conference learning about all the billions of ways we could lose our accreditation. Not scary at all. I did attend a great session on teaching evaluations by Virginia Tech and another one on undergraduate program review that was pretty fantastic. I was pretty excited that there was only one session that made me want to slit my wrists and that my name was spelled properly this year.


Please do your future children a favor and name them something normal that is easy to spell. It will save them a lot of frustration and time spent loudly enunciating and repeating letters.

Anyway, after a long day of conferencing, we we all went out to dinner together as a big happy academic family to the super fancy SER Steak + Spirits at the top of the Hilton Anatole.


You know it’s fancy when the menu is without prices and your tab for a single beer is $24. My co-worker peeled me off the floor and I drank that damn beer. Every last drop. I don’t really enjoy eating at really fancy places. It always takes like four hours and the servings are tiny and you have to be kind of quiet. I am not quiet. But when the (university) president tells you that you are going to dinner, you go to dinner and try very hard not laugh like a choking donkey.

Ordering was nerve-racking because, like I said, NO PRICES.  I am constantly freaked out about forgetting a receipt or buying booze with the wrong card and spending the rest of my life blogging on my imaginary computer about the gross macaroni in prison because I misused state funds. Thankfully, I survived and had some incredible macaroni and a steak so tender that I didn’t even need my teeth for it. We even had a piece of chocolate cake infused with green tea. I’m sure that cost about $900. Thankfully, our president and provost very generously picked up the tab. It’s a good thing too because my check was surely about three times what I’m allotted for my daily meal allowance and I don’t have a credit card with that high of a limit.

After dinner, I passed out in my hotel room and tried not to die from pure joy. When I woke up from my fatty slumber, I was thrilled to find that it had SNOWED overnight. For real. Real live snow. See:


I didn’t say it was a lot of snow, but I haven’t woken up in Texas with snow in years and years. It was also legitimately cold.


Feels like 20. Amazing. There was only one thing to do, hop in my fluffy robe and get room service like a proper rich person.


The little miniature ketchup and jellies just about killed me with their tiny cuteness. I took them home with me. Gonna have a little tiny breakfast party one day. I’m pretty sure room service is the most fantastically indulgent thing I’ve ever experienced. A man brought me food, set it up for me, then came back, and took it away when I was finished. I didn’t have to do dishes. Best thing ever.

After breakfast I headed back to the conference for day two. Listened to a hundred more ways to ruin our accreditation and took a lunch break at the Omni.


According to our waiter, they get 95% of their ingredients from farms and ranches within 200 miles. This is supposed to be impressive. Anyway, we wanted something low-cal, so we ordered a pizza.


So delicious. Post-pizza we learned and feared for our lives (maintaining university accreditation can be fraught with terrifying situations) through the rest of the afternoon and then took some pictures in front of the giant holiday balls.



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