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Oh Dallas, you are so delicious

I am so happy right now. So happy even though I have raging heartburn and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t fit into pants if I was covered in Crisco, but so happy nonetheless. All I’ve been doing is eating and hanging out with thousands of higher education nerds. Best time ever. On Friday I flew to Dallas and got to stay with my best friend Maggie. We had the most amazing tiny little tacos from El Pueblito in Plano.


Seriously, if you live anywhere near there, go order beef fajita tacos with grilled onions and cilantro. They were so incredibly good. Besides the tacos, I also go to spend some time with her new baby, Miss Grumpy McGrumperpants.


She was so incredibly unimpressed (like this guy). Thankfully, her big sister was in a better mood and very happy to see me. I’m sure that had nothing to do with bringing her ponies because you can’t buy a child’s love. Impossible. For lunch on Saturday we ditched the midgets with her husband and snuck off for some bitching with a side of sushi.


After lunch I had to scurry downtown to actually deal the reason I am in town: a conference on academic assessment and accreditation! Woooooooooooooooo. Actually I just had to pick up my people at the airport and check into the hotel. Tough times. We are staying downtown at the recently remodeled Omni and I am in love. They will have to pull me out of here kicking and screaming, it’s so nice. I mean, there’s a damn TV built into the bathroom mirror. If that’s not fancy, I sure don’t know what is.


There’s even a light that illuminates the floor if you get up at night. It’s perfect for keeping those hateful under the bed monsters away. I also have a super soft bed and a fantastic view:

After getting everything situated with the rest of the rich people, I headed back out to meet Maggie and her husband for dinner and drinks. They told me to meet them at Louie’s on Henderson. I was advised to look for a building that appeared to be an auto repair shop, they were not joking.



It looks a little iffy, but oh my GOD the pizza was amazing. The crust is unbelievably thin, it’s so crispy and perfect. We got half with meatballs and mushrooms and half with pepperoni and sausage. There was not a crumb to be found when we were done.

Then we got pie, because a giant ass pizza just wasn’t enough.

Maggie and I are still talking about that pie. It was incredible. We wanted another piece, but her husband rolled us out of there against our will. Jerk. We then slowly lumbered down the street to Barcadia. Barcadia is a bar filled with arcade games. Fantastic right?



It was a pretty painful experience for us because we sucked so badly. Every game was complete and total failure. We wasted so many quarters. This is what happens when you let your children read when they are young. They grow up and have no thumb-eye coordination. Don’t let you kids read! They won’t be cool and they’ll probably have decent jobs.


Oh well. After spending all of our cash, we cruised next door to the Gin Mill.


The outside part was nice, but inside there was this dark back room with the creepiest DJ I’ve ever seen. So uncomfortable. Anyway, we stuck to the patio.


It was such a fun area and it dispelled some of my snobby Dallas bitterness. The big D is slowly growing on me. Although they’ll never let me in long-term because I don’t have a expensive purse and a Mercedes. Whatever, nice things are so overrated. Anyway, I have to go see a man about some waffles. I’ll continue part two of this very exciting gastronomical memoir tomorrow.


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