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So this weekend I saw Anna Karenina. Although I did enjoy it and it was beautiful, the fact that the majority of it takes place on a theater stage was disrupting and confusing at several points. Anna Karenina is one of the few novels that I can read year after year and never tire of it. I’m not going to compare the book the the movie because you just can’t, it’s impossible, especially with a book 900 pages long. But, if I had not read the book, I think that many of the plot points would have been entirely lost on me.

Conversely, I was really excited that they actually had so much of the Kitty/Levin story because I love his character so dearly. I don’t really remember any of the other film versions spending much (if any) time with that plot. Also, Keira Knightly is the shit. I think I’m in love with her. Honestly, this whole post should just be dedicated to her. She is so good at looking in love and then looking batshit crazy within seconds.

But, I’m here to talk about men. I was initially beyond thrilled when Jude Law was cast because I love love dangerously love that smarmy smirk of his. Thankfully, he is safely ensconced in my television. Unfortunately for ladies everywhere, they really made him look like good ol’ dutiful Karenin. So instead of this:


And that hairstyle is responsible for everything that happens for the entire rest of the movie.

So after finding out that Jude was to be the old, cold, and empty husband; I thought for sure there must be some kind of super hottie as Vronsky. Upon Googling I was left with two thoughts: “Who the hell is Aaron Taylor-Johnson?” and “What is that hair???”

Seriously, what is THAT! It looks like a nest for wild cats. I wasn’t excited at all. Not at all. But then, the movie started, and those blue eyes changed everything. Not bad, not too bad at all.

A haircut and a uniform can do wonders for a man. Also, he’s in Savages with that jerkface who stole Ryan and Tim Riggins. Riggins rarely wears a shirt. Actually, they both rarely wear shirts. Totally worth the rental fee.

Additionally, I spied a Weasley.

Yeah Levin, I love you!

And Oblonsky was adorable in that fantastically unapologetic and mischievous way. Fantastic ‘stache.

I’m off to curl up in my fur and diamonds with some snow.


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    Reading your blog makes me want to devour books on European history and all things Victorian. But I thought that learning how to turn a pallet into a coffee table on Pinterest was a better use of me time. I plan on using an old-timey finish. That counts, right?

  2. Well that was horrible. I usually agree with your MMM pic, but not today! You should have just suck with the first photo of Jude and called it a day.

    Not sure how I’m going to get through my Monday now. ;-)

  3. jbird

    Aaron was a fantastic choice! I’m glad you went that direction, Cely! He’s a fox! Kick Ass, Savages, Anna Karenina, Nowhere Boy!

  4. Alisa

    Have you seen Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Nowhere Boy? He plays John Lennon and looks great! He was also the bad boy in Albert Nobbs (an all-around awesome movie). Too bad he’s married to a much older lady :(

  5. Lauren

    “Ryan and Tim Riggins. Riggins rarely wears a shirt. Actually, they both rarely wear shits.”

    Favorite line, because who needs shirts? Also, the typo cracks me up- I hope they don’t wear shits!!

  6. Michelle

    Oh man Aaron Taylor Johnson is so hot. My roommate dragged me to Savages and he is amazing looking in that. He even made Tim Riggins look ugly.

  7. Michelle D

    I’m not sure if he’s hot or not…can’t get past the mustache.

  8. Justin

    Sometimes I have no clue why you’re attracted to me….your taste in men on here is completely opposite to what I am.

  9. Amy

    yeah, I’m not diggin’ the ‘staches either – nice looking men…unfortunate facial hair. ;-)

  10. That’s the guy from Kickass! Dude got fiiiiine.

  11. Have you seen these pickies of kate and will?? I thought you might enjoy — they are very pretty ;)

  12. Katie

    I’m with you on the use of the stage in the film. I sort of liked how it was a nod to the “act” being put on by Russian society at that time, especially regarding marriage, but if I hadn’t read the novel, I don’t think it would’ve been very easy to follow.
    Also, I LOVED Levin and Kitty in this version. Levin is by far my favorite character. Wish they’d have spent more time on his big spiritual revelation at the end, but hey, at least he was in there!

  13. Christie

    Watching Homeland last night all I could think was…. I hope Cely is inspired to do an MMoM of Rupert Friend…. he’s all hot and broody.
    I could still be delirious from watching him last night…. have you already featured him?

  14. I was disappointed with the movie filming as well but the actors made up for it. Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks Aaron Taylor-Johnson is delicious…yum

  15. Verlin

    “Takes place on a theatre stage” – me no understand – ?? I can’t wait to see it, but the hick town I live in isn’t playing it yet – argh! Need to mentally prepare for the theatre stage thing, but I don’t follow (maybe I DO belong in this hick town). I’ve read the novel twice, but have a horrific memory (what was I saying?), so hope I “get it”.

  16. Melissa

    So, I really want to read Anna Karenina but I was wondering if you can tell me which translation you read. It looks like there are several?

    • Reese's Runner

      I like the Penguin publication that uses the Pevear/Volokhonsky (those are probably misspelled) version. I haven’t read another translation of AK, but I much prefer their translation of War and Peace over others, so I have stuck with them. I honestly don’t know anything about the merits of the various translations.

  17. 3 quick things first, this aaron dude is like 21 and I totally love him. Check out the film “Nowhere Boy” he plays Lennon as a kid, its great. 2) I literally said the same thing outloud to my husband about Keira Knightly just this weekend! and 3) I watched the movie “Last NIght” on netflicks (cause Keira Knightlys in it) and I have a new love that you have to do a Monday post on. The frenchman Guillaume Canet is like a Rugby version of Patrick Dempsey. (rugby version means more manly fyi)

  18. I saw Anna Karenina last night (mere hours after reading this post of yours, btw) and I loved it so much.

    And I feel the exact same way about Vronsky. In photos I was like, “umm…nah,” but then as the movie progressed I soon became, “this man is relevant to my interests.”

    And was that makeout scene on the blanket in the grass not the hottest thing ever? efffffffff.

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