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It’s Not That Bad

So even though I am grumpy, I have actually had a week full of awesomeness.

I had an amazing sandwich for lunch yesterday. While I was drooling over the grocery store bakery selections, the baker asked me if I was serious about my bread. Yes sir, I am in a long-term committed relationship with bread. So he let me try the most amazingly chewy and light foccacia bread.  I could have melted into a buttery little puddle. Then he told me about his favorite sandwich that I could make with said bread. So, I grabbed a loaf, and went forth to do as instructed. Seriously smooth salesman that one. Anyway, the foccacia sandwich included a sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella (the kind that floats in murky water), arugula, and basil pesto. Lord have mercy it was amazing. The afternoon was spent in a post-foccacia haze. Can’t wait for round two at lunch today.

Even though it eventually turned into a nasty lightning storm that drove me back to my house in a panic, I enjoyed running several miles while looking at this:

It also brought some slightly cooler air! That picture is straight from my iPhone, no filters or editing.  Kind of reminds of when the aliens show up in Independence Day. Creepers.

I have engaged in some sort of exercise every day since I returned from Thanksgiving. My goal has been to burn 2500 calories a day.

This number is mostly arbitrary as I haven’t really modified my diet much to try and create some sort of specific deficit. The point is that it requires me to do something every day for 30-60 minutes to meet the goal. I normally use 2000-2200 calories during a normal work day. So, to reach 2500, I have to run, swim, jump rope, walk, lift weights, or just stand while I eat for at least half an hour every day. And, 2500 is a multiple of five which is always nice. I can’t wait to see if there is a difference when I go to India and am not sitting for 14 hours a day.

Because I’ve been exercising consistently, I’ve been sleeping better. It’s magic. Actual dark Mickey Mouse magic.

Fantasia is a scary movie, I don’t care what you say. As it turns out, I am a much less hateful human when I get seven hours of sleep versus four. Almost the equivalent of a lobotomy.

Also, because several (at least 3, so that is technically several) people have emailed me, I am still using my BodyMedia FIT armband (which is 20% off right now) and I still love it. I plug it in every morning and create spreadsheets every month. It’s quite satisfying. I’ve been pretty lax about entering what I’ve been eating, so I need to do a better job of that. I would really like to make it through the holiday season without gaining 10 pounds from gingerbread and beer. So, if I start actually entering what I’m eating, I will be able to keep a better eye on things.  I’ve also lost about five-ish (some days it’s 3 and some days it’s 7) pounds since I started using it. It has really kept me motivated to be active every day which seems to have made a decent difference even without a significant overhaul of my diet.

Lord knows I won’t be giving up bread anytime soon anyway.


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