Not only can Kate run and play field hockey in heels while maintain fantastically bouncy hair, she does it while pregnant. Officially. Obviously, I’ve known for weeks because we are besties. I’m off to shine my tiara and get crackin’ on that baby shower!

I bet Jessica Simpson is SO PISSED. Muwhahahaha.



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  1. Karla O'Connell

    I just saw something posted on Facebook and thought to myself – it’s not official until Cely says it is…and came right your site – my official Kate newsource. A very exciting day indeed.

  2. Amy

    ADORE her!!! … Jess Simpson, notsomuch. But yay for her too.

  3. Woot woot! I wonder if she’ll even gain a pound (or stone, or whatever they call it “across the pond”!)?!?!

  4. I KNEW you wouldnt be able to wait til tomorrow to post! SO EXCITED!! I just LOVE them. Her being so sick though; girl needs to eat more NOT less!!

    • Amy

      Oh, yeah….I had already checked the site for my daily dose o’ Cely. Then I saw this news, and knew there would be new content. :)

  5. Melissa

    How crazy would it be to have so many people talking about your pregnancy??

    I experienced this on a slightly smaller scale when I had a “knocked up” situation while I was out drowning my sorrows the day I signed divorce papers…but my news definitely didn’t make any blogs (that I know of).

    • Justin

      I bet that wasn’t awkward at all? How’d that work out for you? Still married?

      • Melissa

        It wasn’t my (ex)husband who impregnated me. The papers had been signed, sealed, and approved by a judge (so I wasn’t a cheater).

        And trust me, there are few things more awkward than going through a pregnancy with a guy you just met at a bar after an adult kickball game. Luckily, his family is amazing!! (especially his sister-in-law who reads this blog and all the comments, xoxo cheri!)

  6. Heather

    It is weird how excited I am. I mean aside from the cute clothes we’ll see on Duchess Kate and baby — I’m just so happy for the two of them!

  7. Haley

    Hahahaha! When I saw the news on the interwebs, I *HAD* to come here to see what you wrote.

    You didn’t disappoint, even for a Tech person.

  8. Kelsey

    I was wondering how long the BIG news would take to hit my favourite blog… veryy happy for you and your bff :)

  9. Very exciting! Will you be knitting booties, bonnet, blanket or all three for the little one?

  10. Jason L

    Yeah same as everyone else I had to come see what you posted when I heard about this too. It was nice to get an extra Monday post out of you since otherwise Mondays are sort of the weak day of your posting schedule for me. Love you and your blog and all but your Mondays generally have less to offer for those of us who prefer women. Don’t forget to get some pictures of that baby shower to share .

  11. Yes, I hope she is doing okay with her mild morning sickness. You shouldn’t mess with that stuff – and should definitely be in the hospital for a few days. ;) Love the royals.

  12. Haha, LOVE it! I knew you would have something up and this was perfect! Please tell your bestie congrats for me :)

  13. How exciting. Did you hear she is super sick too? I think that means it’s a girl.

    • Reese's Runner

      I always thought that just meant it was a baby?

      • Jason L

        Let’s hope it’s a baby. If it turns out to be some sort of alien that could get awkward since it will be third in line for the thrown.

      • Melissa

        One of the funniest moments of my life, my very pregnant roommate says to me, In complete seriousness: “what if I give birth to a duck?”

        Happy ending: it was a girl, not a duck.

        • Jason

          That just raises so many questions. It’s hard to really even know where to start. Might have been okay if it was some sort of duck human hybrid like Webby from DuckTales.

  14. Girl looks better pregnant than I looked on my wedding day.

  15. Tess

    I also am delighted to find a bonus Cely post. Thank you. No offense to your awesomeness but Monday posts do lack a certain…excitement. Though the guys are fabulous and all. I can’t have them so…yeah. I don’t window shop either.

    • Reese's Runner

      Yeah, well, mainly they function as a way to enable my laziness. I don’t have to wake up early and think on a Monday most of the time.

  16. Michelle

    Oh man. I’m more excited for this baby then for some people I know in real life.

  17. Dana

    Ok, you might hate me, and I have just had to come to terms with that but if anyone would know the answer to my question it would be you.
    I’m going to London on Thursday, that’s right, tomorrow’s tomorrow, after planning this trip for two whole years, inspired by me crying myself through Alison Weir’s “Six Wives of Henry VIII” in September 2010. So my question is, tell me that there is some sort of Princess is Pregnant Jubilee where all the peasants come out and wish Kate a giant “God Bless you…..and…..we hope you have a son.” Or, maybe that second part is less important in the current century. So, is there like a pregnancy party/day of celebration to give “common” Englanders the chance to get drunk in pubs and celebrate this? If so, I would like it to happen sometime between Thursday….and December 16th. That’s all, no other time. And you, being Kate’s best friend would, of course, know.

  18. Make sure I get my invite. I’m sure she already has my address.
    Yeah, I bet Jessica is pissed for sure.

  19. I was weirdly excited when I read the news. A little mental “Hooray!” for someone I don’t know, but whom I think has awesome style in additionally to preternaturally perfect ($160,000/year?) hair. I’m glad I can confess my excitement here because if I told any of my real-life friends, they would be judgey and lame about the best December news I’ve heard yet!

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