Magnificent Men of Monday

I would be lying if I said that The Walking Dead didn’t leave me silent screaming in rage and terror at my TV last night. I mean that is the worst case scenario in my opinion. Now to fret for long and cold (or less warm if you live in Texas) winter. At least two months now without Daryl Dixon. These are dark times ladies. Dark times indeed.

Oh well, at least he’s in a ton of movies. Frankly, he has always been really confusing for me. Like, is he hot? But he’s kinda scary. But, kind of cute? But, terrifyingly silent? But, I think he might be hot? I just never really knew, until Daryl came along. It’s been over two years now and I am definitely sure I love him.


And if you have a couple of minutes and want to laugh, you can watch this chick who does not find Mr. Reedus as appealing as I do.


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  1. Michelle

    Well, it’s settled. I’ll be using the time between “winter finales” (winter finales are BS btw.) and Jan to catch up on watching this man’s arms. Hopefully the zombie provide him with ample opportunity to be shirtless and holding puppies and kittens.

  2. Melissa

    I am super thankful that my treadmill is in my bedroom and not at a gym while running and watching this morning. My gasping, cringing, and talking to the characters made me feel like a crazy lady, but man, do they know how to build suspense during a fighting scene.

    I think I could fall asleep tucked tightly in to the bags under Daryl’s eyes. But he’s hot. So it is confusing.

  3. I will love him forever for one thing alone…
    Boondock Saints!
    That solidifies his spot as a dreamboat… even though his face doesn’t necessarily agree sometimes!

  4. Hallie12409

    I have to second SweatyGirl and say I have loved him ever since Boondock Saints. His accent slays me every time.

  5. Cammie

    He is yummy! In other news, has Seasons 1 & 2 of Downton Abbey Limited Edition box sets on sale today for 60% off!

  6. I will help you decide: not hot.

  7. Did you see the BIG news????? Kate is expecting!!!!

    The Kidless Kronicles

  8. Cindy

    I know this has nothing to do with the today’s man, but …. KATE IS PREGNANT!!!!

  9. Christie

    And obviously, the 8th picture has been taken at your house. Because that dog reminds me of Bardot, you and Norman must be BFFs.

  10. Kat

    Completely unrelated (I have no opinion on this guy, but you’ll be excited about this story):

    That said, seriously who the hell announces a pregnancy just shy of 12 weeks???

  11. Best magnificent men of monday EVER.

  12. I’m honestly just glad they didn’t end the episode with a quick death just to shock us…now I can keep my hopes alive.

  13. HOT, definitely! Bad boy, dirty hot, which is conflicting because you know you shouldn’t like boys like that, but definitely sexy.

  14. Jess

    To each her own, but I’m going to have to agree with the video girl. He looks like he would love you like Kathy Bates loved James Caan in Misery, broken legs and all.

  15. Lauren

    So hot. Hands down.

  16. Yesssss Daryl. That man is a sex MACHINE.

  17. Ana

    That video was hilarious!!! And I kind of have to agree with her about him looking shady but that’s why he’s so hot!!!

  18. Laressa

    O.M.G!, that video commentary is hilarious!

    Also, I did not know his real name until today, so that’s two thank-yous to you.

    More importantly, I need to know why he is sitting on a bed in the above pic with….Bardot?

  19. Rachael

    Krissy (girl in the video) may not agree on Norman Reedus but she does agree on Ryan Gosling.

    Also, this is why I believe Krissy and I could be friends

  20. Can’t say I’ve ever watched the show, but I have to agree, based on pictures, that he is pretty hot. In that sweaty, dirty way. But… what is it about hot men that makes smoking look attractive? And why do so many professional photo shoot pictures of hot actors involve smoking?

    At this point in time I’m pretty sure we’ve all been told that smoking is a big fat no, and I know this (yucky smells, yellow teeth etc), yet seeing these HOT guys’ pictures with cigarettes hanging out of their luscious lips makes smoking/cigarettes look super sexy.

    So yeah, that’s my inconclusive rant. And my brother is obsessed with this show, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be forced to watch it over my Christmas break.

    • Reese's Runner

      Consider yourself lucky then. And that smoking thing is quite perplexing. Because in person it’s disgusting. In a photo spread with a hot guy it’s sexy. Completely confounding.

  21. Christine

    I’m just going to leave these words here… Do with them what you will.

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