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Not only can Kate run and play field hockey in heels while maintain fantastically bouncy hair, she does it while pregnant. Officially. Obviously, I’ve known for weeks because we are besties. I’m off to shine my tiara and get crackin’ on that baby shower!

I bet Jessica Simpson is SO PISSED. Muwhahahaha.



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Magnificent Men of Monday

I would be lying if I said that The Walking Dead didn’t leave me silent screaming in rage and terror at my TV last night. I mean that is the worst case scenario in my opinion. Now to fret for long and cold (or less warm if you live in Texas) winter. At least two months now without Daryl Dixon. These are dark times ladies. Dark times indeed.

Oh well, at least he’s in a ton of movies. Frankly, he has always been really confusing for me. Like, is he hot? But he’s kinda scary. But, kind of cute? But, terrifyingly silent? But, I think he might be hot? I just never really knew, until Daryl came along. It’s been over two years now and I am definitely sure I love him.


And if you have a couple of minutes and want to laugh, you can watch this chick who does not find Mr. Reedus as appealing as I do.


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