Magnificent Men of Monday

Hi. It’s Monday. Monday after a holiday. I don’t understand how time off actually makes me more exhausted. It’s not like I partied hard this weekend. Oh well. Anyway, Thanksgiving always makes me want to watch endless episodes of Friends. For a few glorious episodes of Friends, there is Richard. Oh Richard.

Oh Tom Selleck, you’ve been doing it right for so long. Even with that mustache, I’d still make out with you. Then, now, whenever you have some free time. Call me!


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  1. Justin

    I think I’m gonna be sick. The image of him face raping you makes me ill. You have serious issues. Serious. Ugh I’m gonna go get some pepto lil weevil.

  2. I love Tom…A great throwback for Magnificent Men of Monday.

    The cheese does crack me up. Are they an official sponsor?

  3. Michelle

    That image of him lying back on his elbows makes me feel funny. Like I was at a friend’s house and found an old picture of her dad and feel conflicted because he was kinda a fox back in the day.

    Unrelated side note: I saw Skyfall this weekend. Seriously awesome.

  4. I am conflicted :( I love him as Richard, but I don’t think I can condone you making out with him…

  5. Christie


    To each their own I guess….

    But the one with the hose? Yikes
    No, just no.

    • Reese's Runner

      It’s like someone secretly filmed me… Hahahah wow that is amazingly accurate!

      • Victoria

        I’m like that with a block of cheese. Cut off a slice. Put it away. Eat the slice. Open the cheese. Cut off a slice. Put it away. Eat the slice. Open the cheese. Cut off a slice… Where did all the cheese go? I had a whole wedge…

  6. Dave L

    You watch Blue Bloods?

  7. Omg. Dying over the pic of grandma stashed between the stache pics.

  8. LOVE, LOVE him!

    So handsome and yummy….

  9. Ahh, why??? Too much chest hair. Too much moustache. Too much Tom Selleck.

    • Jason L

      Don’t be picking on us fuzzy people. You have excellent taste in TV shows though so I guess I won’t complain too much.

        • Jason L

          You’re welcome. Plus we seem to be in the same state, so better to be friendly. That way if a zombie apocalypse breaks out and we run into each other you won’t trip me while I’m running away and let the zombies get me. Hey are you at UIC or UIUC? I went to UIUC.

          • Yeah, we better keep this not awkward for the sake of zombie apocalypse survival. I actually went to Loyola.

          • Kate


          • Jason L

            Well since you since you used all capital letters you’ve convinced me Kate. You’re in charge of getting Liz on board with the plan too though. I see no possible way where me just randomly asking out someone online that I don’t as the third thing I’ve said to them ends well for your plan. Plus if she’s single it’s probably because she’s too busy with law school. I mean otherwise who wouldn’t be into a smart girl who’s always making yummy food and watches Doctor Who.

  10. YYEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! It must be Christmas. Tom Selleck is a gift.

  11. You know that mustache smells of woodsmoke and leather-bound books.

    • Reese's Runner

      Well the smell of a leather-bound book is sexy, I don’t care who you are. I will follow you into the dark (of a library hopefully, and not a butcher’s shop).

  12. Oh, HELL yes. I love me some Tom Selleck. 80s version-now version, I would totally make out with that mustachioed face. Curse the haters above!

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