The Gun Show

Oh Thanksgiving, how good you were to me yet again. I’ve only had one sub-par Thanksgiving, but that was because I had my wisdom teeth removed the day before. God forbid I have to miss a single day of super important high school so that I could enjoy some ham and dinner rolls like the rest of America. Anyway, yesterday, I enjoyed my ham and rolls.

The day started early to finish the cooking.


I ate what macaroni wouldn’t fit in the bowl for breakfast. It was quite delicious. After breakfast, we packed up our dishes and headed out into the boonies to help prepare lunch.




Then at long last, after hours slaving over a hot stove, it was finally time to dig in.




I ate some of that pie. It’s true. I don’t even feel bad about it. It was so good. I also think this one below with the whip cream on a sugar cookie might be related to me. We definitely share some sugar-coated genetic code.


After lunch, my sister took a nap.


And I went outside to hang out with the kids and “explore.”


Someone turned five which apparently is the age at which you need to start exercising your Second Amendment rights.


I think he thought he had a rocket launcher or something. Thankfully, grandpa came out and helped the little fella out.


Mamaw supervised and nobody got their eye shot out. Myth busted.


He requested his weapon again when he discovered Mamaw’s all-season creepy passenger in her car. Someone was very relieved to realize that this was not a real pumpkin man and that he was stuffed with newspaper and not “scary killer guts.” I don’t know what those are, but they sound bad.


Sari finally woke up and my mom made us take pictures out by the tank. Yeehaw y’all. Sadly it was quite windy, so it took a few tries.



And then we played cards for endless hours while a small fry came in and terrorized us with plastic weaponry.


And now I’m still so full I could just lay here and never move again. I never want to eat again. I swear. I’m done forever. Unfortunately and tragically, I can’t lay here all day like slug. I have a big day of shopping at a giant craft show (please just slit my throat and leave me here to bleed out in peace) and a date to see the last Twilight movie (again, just let me die please) with this crazy teenager.


The excitement is palpable.


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18 Responses to The Gun Show

  1. I heard the Twilight movie was really good. I am tempted to see it, if only so that I can make fun of it (but probably secretly enjoy it). Oh who am I kidding I just want to go somewhere by myself for 2 hours…

  2. MaryAnne

    You know how Scarlett O’Hara said she’d “never be hungry again” ??? Yeah, obviously that was in a different context, but it’s pretty much how I feel. And somehow I don’t think the 5K “Turkey Trot” I ran yesterday morning made a DENT in the calories I consumed.

    And now I have to stuff myself in a car with a bunch of other people and drive for a few hours so I can hang out with Mike Leach (not that he will be aware of my specific presence of course) and watch my beloved Cougs get their you-know-whats kicked by the evil Huskies. Apple Cup, here I come!

  3. Justin

    That is some awesome photography. You should have drawn all over Sari. Teach her a lesson about napping after filling up on turkey on Thanksgiving.

  4. Christie

    Saw Twilight last night and was completely sucked in by the twist ending. You win, Twilight, you win.
    It was pretty good, though the whole theatre laughed through the serious parts.

  5. Hah, I had my wisdom teeth out the day before Thanksgiving too so I wouldn’t miss school! Karma came back to bite my Mom (at my expense though) because I got three dry sockets and missed a ton of school having to get them packed. She was also awesome and scheduled my tonsils to be removed the first day of Summer vacation one year as well.

  6. That looks like an amazingly perfect Thanksgiving! Your family does it right :)

    Your photos are really great too! Your blog photos are usually from the internet… It’s nice to see yours. Keep ‘em coming!

  7. Your photos are lovely! LOVE the creepy fake passenger.

  8. Melissa

    You are getting really good with that camera!

  9. Your pictures are gorgeous! Looks like a beautiful place.

  10. Your pictures are awesome. You totally capture “moments” in a way that I think is rare with photographers.

    Also I keep scrolling up to keep looking — no — STARING at the mac n’ cheese. Just FYI.

  11. That macaroni..ohhh that macaroni. I would take a bullet to the toe for that macaroni.

  12. Gina

    Love your pics, especially the one of Mamaw!

  13. CELY! You have been holding out on us! Your photos are beautiful! Mad skills. Especially the food photos. I am so jealous.

    I frickin’ love your Mamaw’s creepy passenger. Makes me laugh every time.

  14. dana

    Wow – your pictures look great!

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