WTF Wednesday

I really have almost nothing to complain about because tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, I don’t have to go to work. And I also don’t have to go the day after that. Or the two days after that day. I also get to eat my weight in buttery rolls, cheesy macaroni, and fluffy cornbread dressing tomorrow. I’m struggling to find things to complain about right now. Prepare for rambling.

I’m getting my travel shots today. I told the lady I wanted everything they have because if anyone is going to pick up some dread disease when abroad, history points to that person being me. So load me up.

That probably won’t feel great, but it will  hurt much less than Polio.

Nilakshi sent me this link about why People Magazine is “Blind, Ignorant, and Dumb.”

Honestly, I have to agree. The Gosling always looks good. Mr. Tatum? No, not always.  Only sometimes, when his mouth is closed and his shirt is off.

If any man ever showed up outside of my home in these pants, I wouldn’t let him in either.  Especially if his name rhymed with Dustin Lieber.

Seriously, he looks like a toddler who had an accident in his pants. Come on now. Rich people buy the ugliest stuff sometimes.

Walking Dead. Andrea. Ugh. Again. Ugh. Your self-awareness and intuition are crap. You serve no function or purpose in life. Go get eaten by a zombie. Please.

And when Daryl found Carol’s knife I almost died. Not for Carol, because I don’t care, but for my sweet Daryl.

Thankfully, this can cheer us all right back up:

If I ever have a baby, Daryl better come hold it.

Regarding Homeland, WTF kind of hair products does Roya use? I mean she is in swampy D.C. and Virgina, yet her hair always looks glorious?? What kind of dark magic is that??? My hair would be about 10 times that size and massively frizzy. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS WOMAN!


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  1. wtf is justin beiber wearing?! holy moly that’s ugly, also he is like a skinny hipster infant. ick.

  2. Melissa

    So I started watching Walking Dead on Netflix (because I like to know what you are talking about in all of your posts…gah, i’m such a sheep), and then had to get the season pass on itunes to watch this season BECAUSE I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! My goodness, it is creepy and scary and totally the best show ever. So thanks! And you owe me $28.

  3. I thought I was the only sane person left in the world who thought that Channing Tatum was NOT worthy of the title. But I swear… if this Ryan also marries someone named Blake, I will have to hurt someone.

  4. Ugh. Don’t even get me started on Channing Tatum. So undeserving. Agreed on the mouth closed and shirt off though.

    And what the hell Justin Bieber?! He dresses worse than I do, and that is saying something. He looks like an idiot. No way I would let him in my house either. I doubt my cat would even want to be friends with him.

    Ahh the Walking Dead, I haven’t seen it yet!!! It’s okay, I didn’t read. Hopefully I’ll get all caught up tonight. I’m pumped.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I’m so jealous of all the eating and leisuring you’ll be doing over the next several days! Eat some turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy and pie for me!!!

  5. Michelle D

    The folks at People have lost all credibility this year. WTF? Tatum would have to have a bag over his head and shirt off for me to vote for that. So upsetting.

  6. I was watching Walking Dead with a few friends of mine. Two of them (male) are gay and when Daryl picked Carol up and walked out with her, I thought they were going to make out with the screen. It was a series of “awwwwww’s” until the scene ended. So it looks like you have competition for Daryl on both sides of the road.

  7. I heard the reason Ryan keeps getting snubbed by People is because he won’t play ball. He doesn’t give them an all access pass and won’t sit for the interviews. So they find someone who will.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  8. Caroline

    I really don’t understand Roya’s perfect hair. The show is filmed in Charlotte and the humidity is worse in NC than VA. I just don’t get it!

  9. Justin Bieber looks like a three year old girl who dressed herself. Out of the Goodwill bag.

  10. Coach Courtney

    1. Have fun with those shots, hopefully they don’t bruise too badly. Atleast when you get your shots, you won’t have to do PT! (basic training was the best)
    2. It looks like Justin Bieber is using Kesha’s stylist.
    3. HA Randall made your blog, hahaha.
    4. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! For every 300 calories you consume, do 50 body squats and 20 burpees, 15 push ups. What’s hilarious is you know I’m not kidding.

  11. Justin

    God that Justin Timberlake is so handsome in that gif. Shocked your computer didn’t over heat…….

  12. Libby

    I live in Newnan, where Walking Dead is filmed. My niece works at Chickfila and guess who came walking in??? Daryl!

  13. Your assessment of JB’s pants is strangely accurate, kids these days.

  14. I fee like the more I see Justin Beiber the more I hate him. And those pants are hideous.

  15. I’d like to know how Andrea and her horrible intuition are still around.
    Oh Daryl. That scene made me want a baby. We’d probably be better off without Carol.

  16. Have a great holiday! 4 days off from work, totally jealous.

  17. “Seriously, he looks like a toddler who had an accident in his pants.” Yep, I was saying the same thing during the AMAs the other night.

  18. Stefanie

    Bahaha. The biebs really does look like he took a massive shit in his diaper.

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