15 Thing Friday

1. On Wednesday night I picked up Lisa @ A Day for a friendly lady date. She’s in town for a conference, so naturally I made her hang out with me. We hit up Surf Club and had a fantastically nerdy evening. I failed to take a single picture because I was too busy eating fries and talking about bears, looters of historical artifacts, and running. So here is a picture of Lisa being a weirdo from her blog:

2. How to tie your shoes. Apparently, those extra holes aren’t just superfluous decor.Thanks Christine for sharing that, I had no idea.

3. A few weeks ago I watched Long Island Medium. And then I didn’t sleep for the entire night and I swear to God something touched my back. I don’t normally watch shows like that because I’m actually afraid of ghosts (as opposed to KE$HA who has sex with them. So if you’re in a relationship and have paranormal ghost sex, is that cheating? I mean, they can’t prove it…). I’m scared of a lot of things, but ghosts and aliens rank really highly on the list. So, when I saw this I laughed and then I shuddered because what if it’s true…


4. This week has been the best weather in the history of this city. It hasn’t been hella windy and the mornings have been in the 60s. I almost thought I needed a jacket on Wednesday morning. I’m not even joking.The humidity has also been super low despite the temperatures being in the high 80s each day. I’ve been in such a good mood about it that I think my co-workers are starting to worry that I’m plotting something evil because they keep telling me that I’m in a “suspiciously and frighteningly good mood.” Jeez people, I’m just really excited to not be sweaty, just enjoy it while it lasts.


5. Thank you Victoria for this, it’s so very true.

That is exactly how I feel every time. Why is no one else upset today???

6. A nice little article on how to fail gracefully as an academic administrator.

7. 25 Crazy Mama June GIFs.

That reminds of the worms on Tremors. Terrifying.

8. People keep bringing me bags of Reese’s Pumpkins. At first I was really happy because who doesn’t want pounds and pounds of Reese’s Pumpkins at their disposal? But, now I’m realizing that I can’t handle them. They scream at me all day. I’ll admit that this is a pretty great problem to have, but I kind of need my pants to keep fitting. I guess I could try that “moderation” thing, but I don’t understand why you would only want to eat one or two pumpkins a day? What is this insanity? I’ve obviously chosen not the make this choice yet.

That’s a hipster vampire Reese’s in case you were wondering. He’s keeping it hip with the ‘stache and nerd glasses. I don’t know. Forget you ever saw that. I’m sorry.

9. What Your Worst Fear Says About You. I had a hard time deciding which was actually my worst fear, it was a three-way tie between bears, public speaking, and an armed man in my room. After careful consideration and several imaginary scenarios, definitely the man in my room evokes the greatest feeling of doom. Humans are far more terrifying than animals. Unless we are talking about sharks, sharks win every time.

Armed man in your apartment

10. I finally got around to watching to season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy last night. WTF was that???? I mean, seriously??

11. I’m so jealous that I wasn’t invited to Stanley Tucci’s wedding. He seems so fun.

12. A Yoga Sequence to Help with Tight Quads.

13. 23 Moments From You Childhood That Always Make You Cry. Actually, don’t click on that. I got choked up on several of them. I still can’t watch The Fox and the Hound, once was too much for me.

They forgot that scene from Robin Hood with all of the sad little jailed rabbits and Otto. That was heart wrenching.

14. I’m looking forward to a low-key weekend with nothing but the two things that make me truly happy.


15. Welp, I’ve got some cereal calling my name that I need to attend to. Have a fantastic weekend!


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  1. I don’t think something as simple as tying my running shoe laces properly. Maybe this will prevent the toe nail pain I normally suffer from. I also like how the end of her video turned into an ad for Brooks. Free shoes please. I also like her shiny pants.

  2. 15 things and no running talk. I’m deeply disappointed. Has Mama June’s chin been moving more than your sneaker clad feet?

  3. Stefanie

    God, you are such a wealth of interesting information today! So having sex with a ghost would basically be masturbation, right? Because..um…ghosts don’t have a body. So really, anyone could have sex with a ghost. But if you told people about your ghostly sexy time, they’d think you’re fucking crazy. Best to keep that shit to yourself.

    You would probably like this: http://jezebel.com/5940397/i-entered-my-baby-in-a-beauty-pageant-and-lost-my-mind

    It made me laugh a lot.

  4. just as an fyi this morning i woke up to it snowing. snowing i say! how is this my life now????

  5. Spiders isn’t on that list! WTF?!

    And ohhh man that moment in Fox and the Hound. So, so sad.

  6. Kelsey

    Out of everything you talked about in this post, the thing that sticks out to me the most is your use of the word “hella”. Very 1997 chic! I love it. Happy Friday.

  7. 100% with you on #5. That made my day! Also, that shoelace video just prompted a 5 minute conversation with my friend about our horrendous toenail experiences haha

  8. Lindsay

    omg 13 was sad LOL

  9. I had no idea what to do with those extra shoelace holes. Thanks for the info!

    And thank you for explaining what the vampire was. I thought it was a potato. Oops!

    Glad to hear it’s cooling off for you. I just moved back to the Midwest from the West Coast. It was only in the 40′s this morning. I think I’m half frozen already. It’s going to be a very long winter…

  10. MaryAnne

    Snakes. Snakes win worst fear every time. And as someone who, in high school, experienced (separately, not at the same time) waking up in the middle of the night to someone breaking into our house through my bedroom window, and a snake on the floor in my bathroom, I am in a position to compare.

    • Reese's Runner

      Oh wow. I have no more words for that little story.

      • MaryAnne

        Hee … I had lots of words! I basically ordered the intruder out and then hyperventilated my way up the stairs to my parents’ room.

        Since I was more afraid of the snake and they don’t follow orders anyway, I opted for bolting up the stairs screaming at the top of my lungs to crouch on a chair in the kitchen.

  11. Frieda

    “Kitty has to go”‘is on the list. Now I do not feel so stupid anymore about being 15 and crying during that scene in the cinema :D

  12. Dave L

    Funny that you mentioned chatting about looted antiquities. If you haven’t already, you should subscribe to Kimberly Alderman’s blog about that…quite dorkily interesting…

  13. I loved Fox and the Hound when I was little! And it did always make me cry! That scene played that slow sad song too. I think this movie heavily influenced my life; I only adopt hound and hunting dogs. Lol.

    I was just talking about the Robin Hood jail scene to my husband this week! I sang the little Not in Nottingham song that was playing during that scene. The rain, the poor jailed woodland animals – thank goodness for Robin Hood. I think I had a crush on him when I was 6. Lol.

  14. Honestly, if your blog ONLY had Honey Boo Boo quips on it, I would still read it. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Happy weekend, hope it’s as relaxing as you anticipate!

  15. My face is awkward… but that’s just how I roll.

  16. have a great weekend! I’m still shocked at that Gray’s Anatomy as well. could be so good, and could be jumping the shark.

  17. I am terrified of ghosts (real life fear) and zombies/the undead/spiritual scariness in movies like the Exorcist. I cannot handle that crap AT ALL.

    If ghosts exist and are reading over my shoulder, please leave me alone and I’ll do the same. Thanks.

  18. Also, I can’t wait to fix my running shoes with the new lacing technique.


    (okay, you warned me. But I’m still upset.)

  19. Cely, you are just plain mean. I’m choked up just looking at your picture of that scene from Fox n’ the Hound. My favorite Disney movie, but not cool man. Not cool.

  20. Laura WL

    #2: I actually knew that! The person in the running store tied them like that the first time I bought my first pair. I know something! Hurrah!
    #3: That Keisha HuffPost headline was epic “arouses suspicions…” hahahaha
    #11: Stanley Tucci checked me out in a restaurant in May in Vancouver, BC. Therefore I MUST be at least as pretty as his new wife, right? Right?! Also, the NYTimes has a video of them cooking with his family. It is adorable. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/03/dining/stanley-tucci-actor-writer-family-cook.html

  21. Sarah

    I have 3 things for you:
    1. I listened to “The Kingmaker’s Daughter” in the car on the way to San Marcos today, and I got so into it that I actually resented arriving at my conference. And it’s a 15 hour book, so I may need to do more driving than just here and back.
    2. I watched the second episode of Greys and it’s just as bad as the first with the trauma and crying.
    3. I love Honey Boo Boo’s mom because she makes me feel like the best parent ever. There have been several moments this week when I think, “I’m the worst mother in the world.” But then I remember June and feel better about myself…

  22. Justin

    Hey beautiful, sorry it’s taking me this long to comment. It was crazy today at work. First and fore most…You should of told everyone I had weird shit happen to me that SAME NIGHT after I made you watch long island medium. My bad. Never again. Anyway I’ll leave you with this…


  23. Rachael

    I read the childhood memories list last night and teared up when they got to Homeward Bound. Oh god! That horrendous moment when they make you think Shadow died for like 5 minutes? Horrifying.

  24. Ohh, nice video about those extra shoe lace holes, I wonder what those are for every single time I lace up.

    Did you know there was even more to this shoe tying thing? That we’ve all been taught the wrong way to tie our shoes? That even she is tying her shoes “wrong”?

    I had seen this article from runners world a while ago
    but it didn’t really stick until this one run where my shoes tried to kill me about 4 times.

    So I went back trying to find the article and saw this http://youtu.be/zAFcV7zuUDA
    This appeals to both my desire to not fall flat on my face AND my OCD desires for non-sideways shoe lace bows.

  25. Far out. I clicked on the ’23 Moments From You Childhood That Always Make You Cry’ and i am totally in tears right now. The scenes where a parent dies KILLS ME EVERY TIME!!! The Lion King, The Land Before Time, Bambi and Dumbo! And A Little Princess. I sobbed through the whole end of that movie.

  26. #13 is missing the scene in All Dogs Go to Heaven where the dog gets hit by the car and dies. That was truly disturbing.

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