Know Thy Enemy

So if you saw this yesterday I’m sorry. I meant to post it today, but I can’t read a calendar and I’m too tired and lazy to write about something else. So here you go, again.

As I mentioned on Friday, my little roommate Caroline graduated and officially became a nurse on Saturday.

Afterwards, we celebrated the momentous event with our usual plan: eating and drinking ourselves into a coma. There was seafood, more seafood, fresh rolls, hot biscuits, pasta, wine, fried shrimp, oysters, pizza, ice cream, and beer. And that was just Saturday. I’m pretty sure my stomach will never forgive me.

I don’t think I ever got hungry the entire weekend. One night we played poker and Bardot assisted in the winning.

And then I started losing. She is not a fan of losing.

And that was that. We left the table poor and I’m pretty sure she is still second-hand embarrassed for me. On Sunday, I actually managed to reign it in and eat normal sized meals, so that is a miracle in itself. We had grand plans for the pool on Sunday afternoon, but the actual effort required to change and put on flip flops was just too much and we ended up just passing out in the living room.

I eventually regained consciousness and enjoyed some pre-Shark Week reruns while continuing the never ending saga of putting all of my things in boxes. It just never ends. Oh well, at least I’m not a seal living off the coast of South Africa. It truly could be worse.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Those sharks won’t get me because I know their secrets. Well, and I try to avoid the ocean. That is always a helpful key to the victory over the sharks.


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16 Responses to Know Thy Enemy

  1. Live every week like it’s Shark Week. :-)

    I officially don’t know how you’re not 300 lbs living in TX. I ate myself into a frenzy this weekend. Cake shakes exist in Austin. They are magical. I had a big fatty brunch, then a cake shake, and then 2 cake balls at noon. Didn’t eat again until 9:30pm. Pretty sure the only other way that could happen is if I was tied up and gagged.

  2. I saw this yesterday… it’s like Groundhog Day :)

  3. I did see this yesterday. But again, you girls are shiny and beautiful, and I love Bardot. And congrats to Caroline!

    And Shark Weeeeeeeeeek, yessssssssss. Just another thing to prolong my True Blood, Big Brother and Breaking Bad watching now that the Olympics are over…

  4. Justin

    You are so beautiful. Congrats caroline!

  5. Angie

    LOVE the red dress you’re wearing in the one picture with Caroline!!

  6. Marcy

    love how bardot is perfecting her gangsta stare in the first picture.

  7. Chels

    Omg Caroline will be such a fun nurse. Here’s your meds, & a little clever witty something to make you giggle.
    Looks like a perfect wknd!

  8. given that i’m sitting at my desk at work and eating lunch, these pictures just make me feel so betrayed by my ravioli and salad. they are inadequate compared to this wonderfulness in those photos. i waaaaant pizzaaaaa!

  9. Jen

    those pics of Bardot are hysterical! : )

  10. thank god now that the olympics are over i have something to watch! shark week dun dun dunnnn!

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