It’s Gonna Be May

In the immortal words of J Timberlake:

(Thank you Laura for sending me this)

And if you don’t get it, please watch this classic music video and seriously reconsider what you are doing with your life. Anyway, it’s May bitchessssssss. The best month of the year. School ends, you can wear flip flops everywhere you go, it’s okay to be permanently pink from the sun, and it’s my birthday month. In anticipation of this most wonderful and important month, we took it easy this weekend. Mainly, we did a lot of this:

Because we are wild and crazy girls. She is so sweet when she isn’t conscious. On Saturday night Caroline decided we were going to watch a baseball game. So Caroline, Greg (her boyfriend), and I loaded up and headed to the baseball field. Unfortunately, we learned that Caroline can’t read as we trolled the empty and silent parking lots. The game was out of town. So we did the next best thing, headed to a bar. We hit up The Executive Surf Club which is pretty much the only place I will drink in public in Corpus Christi. I’m high-maintenance about where I’ll get my drank on.


Even though we had just eaten dinner, we walked in the door and were hit in the face by the pleasantly savory scent of fried carbs. So naturally, we had to get some immediately.

I love queso so hard. We actually ended up with two orders of it because one bowl of melted cheese just wasn’t enough. And then we drank.

It was a good time. Just the three of us. We can make it if we tryyyyyyyyyyyyyy, just the three of us, you and you and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Eventually some of Caroline’s weird little engineer guy friends (<— my kind of people) joined us and we had a rousing debate on whether it awesome or awful that this shriveled little 70 year old man was hitting on every female he passed. And he was working hard at it. Little creeper. Finally, in perhaps one of the best things that has happened to me in a long time, I discovered that Alaskan Brewery beer is FINALLY in Texas. I was clapping and hopping and so very excited.

It has been about 10 months since my lips last tasted the Alaskan Amber. It was a beautiful reunion. After a quick stop at Walmart for food and candy we made it home around midnight. I was supposed to wake up at 5 to go fishing with Caroline and Greg, but I warned them Saturday night that if they even breathed near my door on Sunday morning, their mothers would never find their bodies. While I slept, Caroline caught us some dinner.

Such a little beast. Other than my jaunt out into the world on Saturday night, I pretty much spent the entire weekend either laying on the couch or laying by the pool reading. I couldn’t even be bothered to put pants on to go see a movie. I’m going to try again to make it to the theater this weekend, but we will see.  All I did was eat and eat and eat and nap and eat some more. So many Oreos are MIA. It was impressive, until I had to roll into work Monday morning. I felt like a tumescent blueberry.

Salt and sugar are so very very delicious. Oh well, it was worth every scrumptious bite, even if walking leaves me breathless. And I FINALLY got caught up on Game of Thrones.  So much WTF-ery going on. Amazing.

Seriously. That kid needs to die. Let’s make it happen Sansa, do itttttttttttt.


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  1. May is my birthday month, too! But sadly, I’m in school still until June :(

    I want to try Alaskan brewing co. I’ll have to search around here for it!

  2. Karli

    Did you read the game of thrones books? Should I just watch the show?

    • The books are a little dense… the author goes into too much detail at times but they are still a pretty good read! If you have a lot of patience, I’d say read the books but definitely read before you watch. If you watch first, it makes the books pretty boring since you know everything that is going to happen.

      • Reese's Runner

        Yeah, I tried to read the books but I felt the same way. I got bogged down in the characters and emails and was frustrated. I do love the show though. Although I had to watch the first season twice to really grasp what the hell was happening. I’m a little slow. And I made a chart of who people are, so that helps.

  3. Alisa

    Ok, so your “it’s gonna be May” opener just made my day. Dare I say my month?

  4. We live in such different worlds. I love the idea of just telling people not to wake me up in the morning and having them actually listen. Stupid toddlers and their lack of obedience.

    Joffrey is proof why incest is frowned upon.

  5. That queso looks delishhhhh and JT’s it’s gonna be MAY- just made me relive my 12-year-old self dancing around my room looking at my ‘NSYNC poster…gahhh…

  6. I’ve never had Alaskan beer but that looks good!! Must put it on my list of beers to try :)

    Joffery HAS to die I can’t take it, he’s such a little weirdo. I really hope Sansa does it too in some cool, badass way.

  7. Thanks Cely, now that song is stuck in my head. I have to work extra hard NOT to have N’Sync in my head since my 7 year old decides he likes them. Don’t judge – it’s better than the profanity laced music on the radio. And now I sound like like an old lady. Get off my lawn!

    I envy your carb/alcohol infused weekends. I wish I lived near you so we could drink together until we are no longer socially awkward.

  8. Justin

    You might have been hurt Cely, that ain’t no lie. Seen men come and go, oh woah. I remember you told me, that it made you believe… no man, no cry.
    Maybe that’s why..every little thing i do, never seems enough for you. You don’t wanna lose it again, but I’m not like them. Baby when you finally get to love somebody… guess what? It’s gonna be mmmeeeee

    • I would pay one dollar (I am basically made of money) to have a boy sing a song with my very own name in it. Cely, you are one lucky girl :)

      • Justin

        haha Sonja…

        when I’m not with Cely , wherever she is. I’m counting the moments til I’m in her arms. All I want is to have her here in Los Angeles with me. Every night and every day. When she talks I cling on every word she says, when she moves its like a breeze on a summer day. When she smiles the sky turns from grey to blue…She’s the kinda girl I think of, she’s the kinda girl I dream about. My heart is telling me I need her in my world. Cause you’re my kinda lady, my kinda girl.

  9. “She is so sweet when she isn’t conscious.” I am glad to know I am not the only one about whom that is said ;)

  10. Corie

    It’s my birthday month too! In celebration of turning 26 (my first time closer to 30 rather than 20 – i just died a little inside) on the 7th, I have taken a week off of work. I have big plans to get stuff done around the house and whatnot but I think I see some heavy drinking in my future. And by heavy drinking I mean one night out and wake up the next morning half dead trying to figure out how the hell I did this four nights a week in college.

    • Reese's Runner

      I totally feel that. I need a week off to recover from that one night I drank. Sad times. Happy early birthday!

  11. truth: I put the “it’s gonna be may” JT pic on all my coworkers’ calendars. they still have no idea who the sneaky sneakster is.

  12. That does sound like a great weekend. i usually dread May as it’s already hot and it’s only the start of more heat. It’s like standing on the edge of hell knowing you’re about to jump in.

    but that was before I knew it contained your birthday. Now I have your 30′s to look forward to.

  13. I saw a lot of those “It’s gonna be May”s on Tumblr. Too freaking funny.

  14. Nay

    Mmm… Queso. My mouth is watering.

  15. I just had the pleasure of trying Alaskan Amber last week…so delicious.

  16. Gabe

    Game of Thrones is srsly awesome but your post makes me think of this nagging question: When is JT’s new album coming out?

  17. Allison

    how much time do i have on my hands? a shitload.
    i just caught up on your blog and stalked your comments, because you like it like that. thanks for making me smile and laugh and get in trouble with “Alex” who sounds like his name should be something far more foreign. our secret stays at the pool…in the water.

    <3 (awkward enough for ya?)

  18. Allison

    I do, however, need to get something off my chest. Freshman year when I was the tubbiest groover on the JV dance team, we did a dance to that song. And I’m going to perform it. For both of you. On your special day.

    • Reese's Runner

      Can I get a sneak peak tomorrow? I’m pretty sure I have that CD somewhere.

      • Justin

        I pay big bucks to see Cely perform any musical number.

        • Justin

          I would pay* ..f-ing thumbs. Smart phones are not made for men with big hands. I need to just use my ipad for everything and glue my blackberry to it.

          • Reese's Runner

            Luckily for you, Allison’s performance will be free. She’s generous like that.

          • Justin

            Oh how nice of her. However I said I would pay big bucks to see YOU dance… since allison is offering us a dance recital I’m assuming shes talented.

  19. Allison

    Blackberry? Oh noooo. That’s embarrassing. It’s ok, I still dig you. I’m going to start working with her during lunch to prepare for her performance. Are you into booty shaking or shimmying?

    • Reese's Runner

      You know I love a good shimmy.

    • Justin

      1. I use a droid and a blackberry bold touch . My blackberry is for work only. Emails, etc. My droid is for personal use.
      2. I like booty shaking.
      3. Please don’t get fired for teaching her how to dance in the break room or her office.

      • Reese's Runner

        We are always on the verge of getting fired. Always. Wild and crazy.

      • Allison

        oh, honey. if we was gonna get fired, it woulda already happened. people walk in on our conversations and re-enactments at the most inopportune times. did i spell inopportune right, Cely?

        • Reese's Runner

          Yes you did. Gold star for you today.

        • Justin

          Hahaha. Thank you allison. You’re making me laugh, i was on the verge of having a melt down. Stressful day today. Thank god for cely, allison and starbucks and cookies.

          • Allison

            that’s the tatoo i have on my ass!!! how did you know my favorite things? you’ve been good for her, too. we’ll add you to the list.

          • Reese's Runner

            I have that same tattoo too. Except mine is spelled correctly.

          • Justin

            So confused ….what’s the tattoo?

          • Allison

            I haven’t been flexing my spelling muscles lately. Alex keeps yelling at me! I have to focus!!! *see photo of my panic face*

          • I believe their tattoos express your sentiment/their favorite things: Thank god for cely, allison and starbucks and cookies, but not Sonja.
            Ladies, am I correct?
            Cely, it’s a BIT weird that your own name is in there… but if I were you, I suppose I’d tattoo my own name on myself, as well ;)

          • Reese's Runner

            Well, when you are as awesome as we are, it’s just natural to want to permanently mark your body with it.

          • Justin

            Sonja….you have my email address …. allison doesn’t. Feel lucky. Lol besides we’re packer buddies!

          • I am, in fact, getting a tattoo touched up this very evening. I will now most definitely be adding “Thank god for cely, allison and starbucks and cookies and Justin” (even though I don’t know Allison or like Starbucks). That will give me at least an extra hour with my super-hot tattoo guy ;)

          • Reese's Runner

            I like the way your mind works. A lot.

          • Awww… you heart me! We are Packer buddies… what with all of the sacks and the touch-backs and such ;)

            Oh, it occurs to me that I can make any football term (nay, ANY term) sound very naughty. It’s a gift :) Be jealous.

          • Allison

            i would like your email address for some preliminary “spending time with cely” questions i need you to answer. also, no one really likes professional football. college is where it’s at. ya heard?

          • Reese's Runner

            You are out of your damn mind. No email exchanging.

          • Justin

            You’ll have to get that from Cely. I obviously won’t post it here. So ask her. Also good job Sonja on being a perve. Proud of you.

          • Thanks! Even if it was sarcastic. That almost makes it mean more :)

          • If I throw a party (cue Golden Girls theme song), and invite all of you, will you come? To my house. In Minnesota. It’s only, like, 3 inches away on a map… seems like it would take just an hour to get here probably… I think it would make for a good time :)

          • Reese's Runner

            I loooooooooooooooove parties. And I had fun the last time I was in Minnesota. I’ll be there. Although it will take like a day, so pencil that in when you plan.

          • Justin

            Sure Sonja … its only 2,000 miles from ca to mn. And 1500 from tx to mn. I’ll fire up the c-37a.

          • I will do it. And I will send you guys an invite. I don’t really have enough chairs, though… I’ve been known to ask my friends to bring their own (that is a true story). Seems like a lot to ask you to travel with, though. I guess I will need to go shopping first… I can do that :)

          • Reese's Runner

            I can hit up a Walmart when I get there. My parents require that people bring chairs, so I think that is pretty normal. See you with my padded fold-up.

          • Oh, good – ‘cuz I was going to volunteer MY c-37a. THAT would’ve been awkward. Like showing up at a party in the same dress as someone else. Em-barrass-ing!

          • Cely, you make me smile :) I know you like boxed wine, my BF (can he be there? otherwise I will send him far away) likes the beer with the mountains that disappear when it’s warm, and I like flavored vodka and rum. Justin, any requests?

            (P.S. you guys are gonna feel SO bad when I send pics of me at our party by myself. You know I’ll do it, too.)

          • Reese's Runner

            You’re going to feel bad when I actually show up and you don’t have booze.

          • Justin

            I drink bud, 901, and JD…. also do you have a laundry room with a door?

          • Reese's Runner

            I have some socks that need to be washed.

          • Cely. I always have booze. And when I don’t, I have a liquor store two blocks away. Requirements of home-ownership: Be within 3 miles of a Target, but within 2 blocks of a liquor store ;)

          • Justin

            I’m really good at laundry babe.

          • Justin, Kind of… but it’s in the icky basement. I would let my guests use my room to do their laundry, though… It’s more condusive to sock-washing, I think.
            “Babe.” That’s adorable.
            I don’t know what 901 is… but I will find out poste haste and buy it by the gallon :)
            Email me dates that work for you guys and I will set it up ;)

          • Justin

            Sonja..I have no words lol

  20. That sounds like an awesome weekend!!! Reminds me of when they started to sell my hometown’s (Vancouver) beer Granville Island Brewing Company beers here in Winnipeg.

    I’m going to start watching Game of Thrones. From the beginning. You didn’t steer me wrong with Downton Abbey so I can’t wait!

    • Reese's Runner

      Be patient with it! It took me a few episodes to get into it and I didn’t really fall in love until I was watching it the second time around. It just takes a while to sort out the characters and story lines because there are so many. It is a great way to spend an entire Saturday on the couch if you can…

  21. Holy crap. This is the first time I’ve ever visited your blog (and to be honest, I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon it) and I just seriously LOL’d at the title of this post. Before I even read the first line about J.T. I knew exactly what you meant by the post title and even said it in J. Timberlake voice. I had no idea this whole “It’s gonna be May” thing was a thing but I am so glad I know about it now!! :)

  22. Rachael

    Not sure if you ever watched Little House on the Prairie, but Joffery has a long lost twin…

  23. Um how did this diet of queso, candy and beer make you so damn thin? Tell me your secretsssss!

  24. Hey! I I would love to know where you found that Alaskan Amber ’round here! I’ve had it shipped to us for special occassions!

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