15 Thing Friday

1. I wore a light pink shirt to work yesterday. Seven people told me I looked tan. I’m never wearing any other color again.

2. It’s Easter weekenddddddddddd. Which means I need to stock up on Reese’s Eggs so I can survive the year.

I was going to make a picture of Jesus holding a Reese’s, but I thought that might be too far. So here you go instead:

3. 13 Simple Steps To Get You Through A Rough Day. Trust me, check it out. It made my day yesterday. Especially the “Be Happy You Aren’t One of These People” segment:


Or this one:

4. That picture makes me so thankful that I was not famous and Facebook did not exist when I was a teenager. Thank the Lord. But it does remind me of how incredibly angry it makes me when people scan photos from elementary, middle, and high school and tag me in them on Facebook. WTF is wrong with you! Get a job. Why do you have time for that?!?! Last week this girl tagged me in a photo from fourth grade where I had a chili-bowl cut and looked like Devon Sawa. I swear, if I see her at our 10 year high school reunion this summer I’m going to punch her in the boob.


I got the notification during a meeting and I loudly gasped and ran to my computer to get that damn thing deleted. Bitch.

5. I’m going to be out of high school for 10 years this summer. WTF happened. Crap. I need to do some cool stuff so I can seem really fun and impressive and not like my usual boring self.

6. This is the story of my life. I am so sick of men sending me free drinks, champagne, jewelry, and buying me stuff because I’m so pretty. And don’t get me started on all those women who hate me for my hotness, I know it has nothing to do with my strange and off-putting personality.


7. Guess who watched Mean Girls at 4 am? Yes me, who the hell else would I be talking about? I have been randomly waking up all week. No bueno.


8. My friend sent me this last night:

And it reminded me of when my roommates now boyfriend would drive down all the time to see her and she wasn’t sure if he liked her. He drove four hours. In a truck. It probably cost him $700. He wants to keep your forever.

9. Holy hot and spicy beefcakes Mr. Wahlberg.

10. Titanic 3D opens this weekend!! I cannot wait. It will be like all this shit since 8th grade never happened. I don’t have wrinkles, I don’t have a job, I don’t have debt, my thighs aren’t touching, and I still think getting married after high school is so romantic (<- didn’t do that by the way).

11. And if you are a Titanic spaz like me, here are 33 things you didn’t know about the movie.

12. Ryan Gosling apparently saved a woman from getting hit by a taxi. Ryan, I don’t even know where we go from here. I mean really?

I mean he’s got to be some sort of foreign intergalactic sexy space alien right?

13. Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard has opened up about her struggle with Bulimia as she tried to live up to the image of a perfect body. I wish more famous women would come forward about these issues.

14. Like 14 of you have sent me this card. I don’t appreciate it. I’m not passive aggressive at all… I don’t know what you are talking about you jerks.

15. Allegedly, Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, and Jason Sudekis are leaving SNL. Dear God. What are they going to do? This is devastating. Oh well, I don’t care, I can find something else to watch and drink to on Saturday nights. Not that I’m ever at home alone on a Saturday night drinking. Nope, not this super outgoing and exciting girl.


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  1. Sarah


    I thought this video might make your Friday! Harry potter and laughing gas!

  2. If Kristin Wigg is really leaving SNL, that is the best news I’ve heard in a while. She ruins almost every skit with her awkward acting (uh, remember Gilly?).

    Titanic 3D came out here on Wednesday (on the 100th anniversary of the ship sinking, how festive!) but my husband is refusing to see it with me, go figure.

    Did you read this yet?


    • Reese's Runner

      Hahahah that is so damn true. My sister and I used to turn it off before the sinking too hahahah. As usual, spot on Kara.

    • I just read that article and although I laughed through the entire thing, I will still see the movie and I will still cry forever. In fact, that corny ending makes me cry HARD. My issue is that I think about the actual people and the actual situation and I think it is just the saddest thing. I’ve watched it and cried in the beginning when they show the people waving. It makes me sad that they think they’re on this fantastic journey and don’t even know that most of them will die. And I cry because Leo dies..let’s just be honest about that. I don’t care that it’s clearly written for the hearts of the 15 year old girl in all of us. It’s the love story of my generation!

    • I was just going to post that Jezebel piece. Hysterical!

  3. total girl crush on Kristen Wiig. my heart cannot handle the idea of SNL/life without her in it. to a lesser extent also Sudeikis, but he seems to randomly pop up in every movie I watch ever so that will at lease appease me for a while
    if Hadar leaves anytime soon, my world will probably collapse in on itself

  4. What I want to know after seeing that N’Sync picture is… how in the world did people NOT know that Lance Bass was gay?

    • Hallie12409

      That was my first thought as well. How were we so blind to the signs?!

    • LOL but that picture is so 90s. It’s like..you can’t judge. Backstreet Boys had so many awful pictures too…that covered every wallspace in my bedroom. I wasn’t surprised when Lance came out because…at least ONE of them from all the boybands had to be. That’s just statistics lol

  5. Another classic 15 Things Friday. Someone posted a group photo from the 2nd grade on Facebook, and tagged the entire world except for me. At first I was put off, but then I remembered what I looked like the pic, and that’s not something a future employer needs to see if they Google me.

  6. Titanic is perfect as is. So glad they didn’t go with any other actors.

    • Can you even IMAGINE Matt McCona-blah blah? I can’t. I mean…I saw that movie because I was in love with Leo. I’m not sure if I would have seen it if not for Leo because I was 12 and saw movies based on heartthrobs.

  7. The picture of Jesus would’ve been awesome!

  8. 1. If they all leave SNL, then there will officially be NOTHING good about SNL…until Justin Timberlake saves it by guest starring and probably brings back Andy Samberg for some more dick in a box or whatever. Justin Timberlake, a guest, will then become the only good thing about SNL. He’s so damn hilarious.
    2. I LOVED that article. I saw it last week and was enthrawled. IF THEY SHOWED THE ANIMALS DYING IT WOULD HAVE BEEN 2000 TIMES SADDER. I already can cry for the entire 3 hours (so I never EVER watch it). I don’t know how it could get worse, but it would. Titanic coming back is so nostalgic. I’m seeing it in 2D because I boycott 3d.
    3. Ryan come ON, stop being perfect! It just sets up every other guy in the world for failure.

  9. Don’t hate me for saying this, but I think Ryan’s dog TOTALLY makes that picture perfect. He kind of steals the spotlight from Ryan.

  10. marci

    I agree with your line about wishing more stars would come forward it would be nice to here there stories this is somehitng I have been struggling with now for 5 years and it tears everything up in my world.
    But I do have to say I love you blog and think of you as a pretty confident women and you make me laugh at your posts all the time.

  11. Oh the school pictures on facebook. Bitches. I have untagged myself in a couple and issued a stern warning. To the others, I have untagged, unfriended, and blocked. Didn’t like them much then anyway.

    I ate that Reese egg last night and I’m pretty sure I was about 10g of chocolatey peanut butter goodness away from a sugar coma. I am incapable of cutting things in half and “saving them for later”.

  12. I don’t know if I should feel ashamed or proud that I knew all of those Titanic facts…

  13. I went to a sneak preview of Titanic on Tuesday night and it was just as amazeballs as when I saw it in the theatres 82 times in 1997 (& 98). They even gave away super creepy looking special fan posters. Neat.

  14. Justin

    :) missses you

  15. Laura WL

    Thank you for the Buzz Feed article about 13 steps…!! I am leaving for vacation tomorrow but have SO.MUCH.WORK.TO.DO and am stressed out. Gah! Ok. I need to stop procrastinating and go do it.

  16. Oh my lord. Devon Sawa. Remember when he was in the movie Casper? Hello, blast from the past.

    • Reese's Runner

      That moment when he walks down the stairs still makes me knees weak. I’m pretty sure he was my first love. Mmmmmm. He’s still pretty hot and the only reason I watch that show Nikita.

      • Ashley

        Oh I’m so glad there is someone else who mentioned this! I was starting to feel like a weirdo. I had such a crush after Now and Then. But are you saying he is still acting now? You’ve made my week.

  17. Sarah

    I’m headed to my 10 year reunion this summer too. In some unbelievable twist of fate, a large project I helped design is being built in my small home town (that happens to be across the state from where I live/work now). I seriously couldn’t think of a better way to go back to my reunion. It’s hardly fair. I assume this has sucked up my lifetime of good luck and it’s all downhill from here.

  18. Lisa M.

    Me around 4pm on Easter = hit all the Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and other stores still open to get discounted Reeses Eggs and freeze and leftovers (rarely are there leftovers) until next major candy holiday (which seems to be Halloween). Why is there such a distance between holidays supporting my Reeses addiction? They should make Memorial Day Reeses, 4th of July Reeses, Labor Day Reeses! Halloween I’m lucky that no one in my family likes Reeses but me (because they are all crazy nuts) and I secretly only purchase Reeses to pass out (keep for myself after Halloween is over).

  19. Ugh, people who tag you in old school pictures on FB are the worst. I mean, have some common sense!

    This girl I went to grade school with tagged me in a picture from 8th grade where I have an abnormal amount of bangs and I’m wearing my White Sox jersey. I had just started dating my boyfriend and ran to my computer to untag so he wouldn’t see it somehow. He still saw it and said it was cute. I was mortified.

  20. Why is Mark Wahlberg on steroids? And Kristen and Andy CAN’T leave SNL!!!!! Why would they do that to me?? WWWWHHHHYYYYY??????

  21. me the tuesday after easter – lined up to get all the reduced to clear easter eggs in the shops. I can totally justify that, they are a bargain. I’ll save if I put them away for next year right? Doesn’t matter if I have a taste or ten right?
    That Samantha lady is deluded. I’ve had heaps of men send me free stuff. they didn’t think I was hot, even squinting I am NOT hot… They were hoping i was easy. Wasn’t for sale – their loss.
    As for the heating issue.. they could try getting a cat.
    Why is the tagger always hot both in grade school and now?
    Happy Easter :)

  22. MaryAnne

    How did I not know that Mr. Spock was one of the original members of NSYNC?

  23. ADR

    Hey girl, look out for that cab.

    And how am I not getting in on this “free drink” shiz? I don’t find myself to be that unattractive, must be the bitch vibe I give off.

  24. I spent the last 8 hours in multiple airports, so after reading your post this morning pre-flights, I downloaded Amanda’s book onto my Kindle. It’s pretty interesting! As a swimmer (though absolutely no where near her level), I find it fascinating. And surprisingly, very relatable.

    Also, Kristen Wiig as a lush Cinderella is one of the greatest things ever.

  25. I totally do not get the story about the super hot woman who makes women hate her. I understand the premise, but the woman in question is just kind of cute, not smoking hot. They sure have low standards across the pond.

    • Reese's Runner

      Perhaps we should move over and become international supermodels? I thought the same thing then felt like an asshole about it. But really lady, you aren’t Selma Hayek.

  26. Da'Neese Wells

    You’ve probably seen this by now, but if not……OMG! It’s hilarious! The Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” one totally made me think of you!

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