WTF Wednesday

I used to loooooooooooove when someone thought I was a student work because I thought it must mean I look so young and 21 still. Then my friend said maybe it’s because I dress like a student who doesn’t know how to look professional yet. WTF. That is so damn rude. It’s because I look 21. CLEARLY.

I took Bardot to have her nails trimmed. A few hours later I noticed her manically licking her paws, so I went to check on her. When I picked her up there was blood everywhere. Her dewclaw was too short and she was bleeding out. Naturally I lost it and and totally freaked out. So I made her sit in my lap like my baby while I applied pressure to the injury. It was touch and go for a while.

We were both traumatized. WTF groomers!!!

These chocolate bunnies. There are not words. I don’t know WTF they were thinking.

I don’t know WTF theĀ  deal is, but I like heavier Betty. She’s much more human. I can identify with this Betty.

Lauren Conrad, WTF did you do with your top? Seriously. Where did it go?

Lovely and beautiful Minka Kelly is dating Wilmer Valderrama. Why. WTF is wrong with you woman?? He makes me itchy.

Sorry, not a lot going on this week.


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  1. Those chocolate bunnies represent everything that is wrong with out society.

  2. I just wrote a rambling and pointless blog post about Betty too:

    At least your posts are helpful to society! Society being me, eating breakfast at work.

    • Reese's Runner

      So freaking true. I’m eating breakfast too right now. I just liked it because I thought exactly what you did, we can all gain weight!

  3. I don’t know where you got here groomed, but PetSmart has a grooming satisfaction guarantee, so you could definitely get your money back because of that if that’s where you got it done. (At least the ones up here do). Poor puppy, I bet that hurt!

    Those bunnies are not only ridiculous but also overpriced. $8 for a hollow bunny?

  4. Since I used to be in charge of doing the nail trims at a vet (ah, high school careers), I can tell you that black toe nails are hard and also, the owners expect to see a drastic difference…even if they haven’t been good about trimming the nails and the quicks are too long. If you trim and get the quick, at least that pushes it back. I used to cauterize the nail ends if it was bleeding with sodium nitrate sticks (you can get these at the store) but if the dog bumps it or licks it later, it can bleed again.

    The best solution is to do nail trims every 6 weeks so the quicks stay really short. Or just kick the dog outside if they are bleeding/vomiting/being annoying. That’s my dog ownership motto.

    • Reese's Runner

      Yeah, it wasn’t bleeding when I picked her up, so I’m sure she just licked it or knocked it. I just hadn’t had that happen before and I’m a crazy woman.

    • Shady

      Corn starch helps form a clot. I’ve used it before on cats (especially a litter of kittens that I was fostering that had the longest quicks in the world!) and it stops the bleeding MUCH faster than applying pressure does.

  5. Michelle

    Oh don’t mind me! I’m just sitting on the edge of this pier in mesh shorts and no shirt. HO hum! Wtf indeed Lauren Conrad!

    Also, I hope your poor pup is okay! I wouldn’t go back to that groomers again!

  6. I cut my bunny’s nails (and my guinea pigs when I had them) and they say to put wax on the nail to stop the bleeding. Who the hell has time to put wax on your poor bleeding pet’s nails? That never made sense to me.
    Well, I guess it would if I was a candle maker. But I’m not. So I’ll continue to be angry.

  7. Misty

    I don’t really get why people are so confused by the Minka dating Wilmer thing. It seems like she has a thing for slimy DBs. He does sort of resemble Derek Jeter, another notorious DB, who she almost married. (BTW if you google Derek Jeter the 3rd thing that pops up is “Derek Jeter herpes.”)

    • Reese's Runner

      Excellent point. I just think she’s soooooo pretty and I just don’t get it. Why Minka whyyyyyyyy? Of course, if she looked like the bottom of a shoe I still wouldn’t get it. Oh well.

  8. ugh. there was a link i wanted to send to you (tmz i think it was) that had an article on Jennifer Lawrence with some untouched photos of her in swimsuits. she looks amazing in them even if you can see a roll here and some moles there. but people are saying shes FAT? WTF?? i have to go find the link…hold please…

    • Reese's Runner

      Her body is incredible. Holy crap. If that’s fat, I’ll take two servings of it.

      • I’m pissed that now the images have been removed! I went back to copy them so that I could compare them to when they actually publish them (all photoshopped to hell and back!), but now I cant! waaaahh!!

  9. Samantha

    Totally traumatized by Bardot’s trauma!! That is my worst nightmare (yes I lead a fluffy life). My pup has never bled and generally doesn’t mind getting her nails did, but one time I decided to try a new place that used clippers instead of a dremel and the sounds my poor pup made had me jumping out of my skin. NEVER AGAIN.

  10. Haha, Dude Bunny. Why are they almost eight dollars, though?! There cannot be enough chocolate/candy in those to justify that ridiculous price.

  11. Kate

    The same thing happened to my cat when they cut his nails this weekend! I lost it. It made me so ragey. Like, you’re a groomer! Knowing when to stop cutting is your job! Poor Bardot. She must have been pissed!

  12. When I had my Boston the groomers always used drummel drills to trim them. Know the kind you get at the nail place for fake nails? It didn’t really bother them and less chance of them cutting it to short.

    :( Poor Bardot

  13. I used to hate that when I coached at a gymnastics center all the parents just assumed I was in school and asked what I was majoring in. Bitches, I graduated 5 years ago! That made me realize I should reconsider ‘gymnastics coach’ as a professional career.

  14. Funny, I get the same thing at work. So I started dressing like an adult and my husband called me frumpy.

    I *try* to cut my dogs nails. The laid back one lets me, the other one sees the clippers, summons Satan, and goes into a crazy rage. Its awful.

    • Reese's Runner

      I feel that. It’s not that I wear anything inappropriate, it’s just not really put together well. And it reminds me of when I had to dress for student teaching and I was covered from head to toe out of fear of getting in trouble.

  15. I too had a hard time transitioning from college chic to work wear. The only reason I step it up from time to time is because I have to interact with humans outside my office, particularly “powerful” ones like state legislators who all wear suits every day. Otherwise, my office is “business casual” and most people here tend to lean toward the “casual” end of the spectrum. It almost feels weirder when I do dress up. Plus, nice clothes are crazy expensive!! Who has money for that?!

    • Reese's Runner

      Exactly! I would love to buy nicer work clothes, but the cheaper ones are hard enough. So everything is plain so it can match and not be noticed as much when I wear it all the damn time :/

  16. And is Lauren Conrad wearing a diaper?! What’s new with her these days?

  17. It should go without saying that I also love Wilmer… :)

  18. Cheryl

    As if gangsta bunnies aren’t bad enough, they’re made by Palmer. Icky fake chocolate should be illegal.

    I love that the fat mother-in-law gives Betty diet advice. Those diet pills were basically the meth of the ’60s, so I’m looking forward to seeing what that does to already a nut job Betty.

    Lauren, even the models on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover are wearing swimsuit tops. Kinda.

  19. Hallie12409

    Homegirl needs to look at Wilmer V’s exes. Almost all of them developed a nasty addiction or had psychological issues. Dating him is the first sign your life is about to take a swan dive.

    This has nothing to do with your post but yesterday I discovered there was such a thing as Biscoff cookie spread. Cookie butter…it’s a real thing and available at Walmart. My life will never be the same.

  20. Oh man the bunnies are fantastic. Who knew that a candy necklace was all it takes to make you a diva. Sorry to hear about Bardot. Poor thing. It is always traumatizing when your pet (or overly pampered dog children in my case) gets hurt.

  21. My husband once cut our pup’s nails too short… he felt horrible, especially after I yelled at him like a crazy and told him he’s no longer allowed to do it and that I’ll be in charge of that part. What a good wifey I am….

  22. Those bunnies are hilarious! Minka Kelly started annoying me when she dated Derek Jeter (stay off my man!) then once I started watching Friday Night Lights (best show ever) the high pitched voice killed me. grrr.

  23. Miriam

    I wanted to add something silly but really got nothing to say, blank. I will keep myself quiet now…

  24. Aubree

    Crap. My husband LOOOOOOVEs him some Minka Kelly. I’m pretty sure when he finds out she is dating Wilmer V. he will think he stands a fighting chance.

  25. Fat Betty is slightly more relateable, but I still hate her. I mean, that pouty face she makes when she’s sad? B*tch, please.

  26. i hope bardot is feeling better now! that’s not right.
    and i totally agree about fat betty. this is the first episode in a long time that i wasn’t angry at her. i wanted to give her a hug.

  27. Justin

    I told you my lil girl (bardot) was a toughy. But atleast you admitted on here you were the one freaking out…not bardot. Which was the picture you painted for me when it happened. Dork.

  28. Katie

    Have you seen the other bunny in the series, Texter? The bunny has a freakin’ cell phone and is sold with the tag line “Your texting bunny BFF!” It also has slogans on the box like “Wanna come 2 my egg hnt?” which sounds vaguely sexual if you ask me.

  29. Minka must be blind and only hearing the Spanish accent. All I can think about when I see Wilmar is 1) he dated Lindsey Lohan 2) That 70′s show 3) the voice of Handy Manny, which used to be one of my kids favorite cartoons.
    I am unable to offer any fashion advice since I still occasionally wear a maternity top and my baby is 18 months old!

  30. That Handy Manny reminder might have ruined this for me :( I have that dumb tool bench in my dining room as we speak :) “Say goodbye, tools! … Goodbyyyyyeeee! Hahahahaha.”

    Also… maybe you will tell me who this “Justin” is… He comments often and must know you in real life… so curiosity has overcome me…

  31. Yes, I was much more sympathetic to heavier betty than skinny betty…still…we’ll see where it goes.

  32. I seriously don’t get the Wilmer Valderama (or however you spell it) thing. Why in the world has he dated so many beautiful women? Blech.

  33. Did anyone mention cornstarch yet? Totally stops the bleeding. I had a cocker spaniel who would be fine when picked her up and inevitably, bleeding five minutes after we get home. The groomer gave me that little tip.

    And people at work are always think I’m younger than I am and I can’t decide if it’s because I look younger than I am or because I’m so immature. Probably a bit of both. Either way, I’m okay with that.

  34. Pretty sure they sell those chocolate bunnies in Atl. Role models, for sure.

    I totally disagree about Betty! If you’re gonna be a cold-hearted, frigid (yet awesome) lady, at least be skinny so you can use “I’m starving” as the excuse, right?

  35. WTF are they thinking trying to charge me $7.68 for one of those brain-cell killing chocolate bunnies?? By the way, you think those bunnies would be friends with the BRATZ dolls {the skanky ones that teach 6-year-old girls how to aspire to one day be 16 and pregnant…} Horrifying.

  36. Everytime I see Wilder I think of 7th Heaven. Wasn’t he on that show like, wayyyy back in the day? Weird!! Also. I feel really old for thinking that.

  37. I would go NUTS if a the groomer did that to my dog. I would report that, they need to be gentle and take their time, it’s their freaking JOB…

    Where is Lauren’s top? I don’t know if I like that.

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