That’s a Big Ding Dong

On Friday I drove a few hours north to to teeny tiny Giddings, Texas to meet Jenifer and her family. Upon arrival, Jenifer and I decided we needed to get the corks popping. Unfortunately, the store I stopped at did not carry Franzia (WTF is that??) so  Jenifer and I busted open some gas station Schmitt Sohne and got to work.

We stayed at a newish Best Western that had the most comfortable beds ever. Ever. And they had fans in the rooms which makes that hotel the best one I’ve ever been in.

Well done BW. On Saturday we woke (late, of course) and drove about 30 minutes over to Round Top for a giant antique fair. I had pictured a fair like in a field with venders and stuff. But, this one had booths and tents for miles on both sides of the town. Just a little overwhelming. We went ahead and drove to the center of town and started shopping. It was already 90 degrees.

I don’t know if you can tell by that pose, but miss Jenifer hasn’t left her cheerleading days behind.

Five minutes later we were starving and were in need of fast carbs and booze. So Mexican food it was.


The margaritas helped us cool down since it was about 900 degrees. I am not ready for summer to be here so soon. Not at all. After our date, we met up with the rest of her family to start the hardcore shopping. I have never seen so much stuff in my entire life. We probably made it to about 1% of the vendors. It would be a great place to go if you need furniture or decoration for a house. But since I have a tiny apartment that is already full of shit, I didn’t really buy anything.  But, here was so so so much I wanted, like this seesaw built for four:

Perfect for double dates. Jenifer also finally found the hat rack  that I’ve been searching for over a year now.

If deer hooves aren’t class country chic, I don’t know what is. We also found Jake and Elwood to pose with.

I hate Illinois Nazis.  By this time it was mid-afternoon and we were starting to get shaky from three whole hours without food. Luckily, we happened by a stand that was selling beer, cupcakes, and giant ding dongs.

So naturally, I needed one of those mutant ding dongs.

And it was even better than the gas station variety. I could have died from happiness. So rich. And I did not share. It was like four inches tall and three inches wide. Out of control.

If you ever happen upon giant ding dongs, I highly recommend you try them out. But, be careful not to loudly exclaim to your friend “I had the BIGGEST ding dong EVER” as your boss walks in your office. You just can’t explain it without looking like a sex-crazed maniac. Post ding dongs, we continued shopping. We found that doll parts are one of the most popular sale items. Bins of arms, legs, torsos, and heads are everywhere. Just a little big creepy.

And I found the doors I’m going to put on the front of my English castle when I actually find one big enough. Nothing I hate more than a tiny castle.

Do you hate tiny castles too? How much?


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52 Responses to That’s a Big Ding Dong

  1. Texas looks so unique and awesome. Minus the “hotter than a whore in church” aspect. Margaritas and country chic decor. I’m jealous.

  2. The bins of doll parts is one of the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.

    I don’t understand how you can stand to live where it’s so hot already. I would die, especially this summer since I’m foolish enough to choose to procreate again.

  3. Beer & ding dongs sound like a winning combination to me. Oh and I love your dress! :)

  4. Jilly

    I love your dress! Sadly, I’m in Canada, and I don’t have any idea what’s involved in a Ding Dong. Off to Google…

  5. You spent the weekend in my version of hell. My in-laws used to drag us around to flea markets. Just kill me now. But the giant ding-dongs might make it worth it.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  6. Justin your "#9"

    Thanks for not posting your most awesome finds…..haha.

  7. Kat

    Your food pics always make me sad…mostly because I always end up reading them at 8 AM, which is not quite chiles rellenos time in the northeast. Now all I want is a poblano pepper stuffed with a ding dong, fried to perfection, downed with a beer.


  8. Is it weird that I have no idea what a ding dong is?

    • Reese's Runner

      It’s chocolate cake with a cream filling then a soft outer shell. I think like Hostess makes smaller ones that you can get at gas stations.

  9. I hate the shit out of tiny castles and I love big ding dongs.

  10. Ashleigh

    I don’t care how much you say the heat sucks…Texas sounds AWESOME.

  11. Hallie12409

    Tiny castles are really disappointing. It’s like you can’t complain because you technically have a castle, but then Duchess Kate comes around and points out her shoe closet is bigger than your castle. It’s such a Catch 22.

  12. I’m still laughing too hard at your big dig dong to think about tiny castles.

  13. Those doll heads remind me of Pretty Little Liars…am I the only 28 year old watching that show?

  14. There are people that have never experienced ding dongs… that hurts my soul :( Also, to about 32 sentences in this post (including the title): “That’s what she said.”

  15. I’ve always wanted to go to an antique fair!! They look like so much fun!

  16. Megan

    I’m someone who reads your blog all the time but never comments, but I just had to tell you that you look fantastic Cely! I’ve always thought you looked good (not to sound like a creeper?), but I don’t know if it’s the CrossFit or what but you just look so toned! Hope you take this as a compliment and not just some creepy comment haha

  17. The baskets of doll parts are totally not okay.

  18. Jo Anna

    My parents live in Round Top and I visit a couple of times a year. How have I missed the giant Ding-Dongs?!?!?!?!

  19. Krista

    beautiful pics today! makes me miss Texas. hopefully we’ll be moving back in a few years.

  20. so you post about really big ding-dongs right after posting about Jason Segal? Anybody else see the relationship there?

    That fair looks like a blast. more fun than a run through the woods like I had last weekend.

  21. How fun! And those doll parts are beyond creepy. I love the stripped dress you are wearing. Very cute.

  22. I am having serious door lust over those castle doors. I want them. Oh, and that is a really cute dress.

  23. Kristin

    Not to SWF you, but I love your outfit! Is it wrong to ask you where the dress and belt are from?

    • Reese's Runner

      Hahaha, love the SWF reference. The dress is a few years old from JCrew and the belt I’ve had since high school. No clue about it.

  24. That looks like the most awesome place to people watch!!

  25. Amy

    I don’t know if I like the looks of the margaritas or the see-saw more! But the doll parts look straight out of a bad horror movie.

  26. All I gotta say is those bins with the body parts in them are CREEPY ick!

  27. Jamie

    You are looking good Cely!

  28. I swear I can’t wait to move to Austin! I love all of the culture and FUN activities to do there. I could go without the killer heat in April/March though :(

  29. That doll bin is giving me big time creeps. Also, LOVE the blue & white striped dress. LOVE, love, love it.

  30. I laahoooveee your dress with the belt. Adorrable. That ding dong wouldn’t stand a chance in my face. I’d wolf it down faster than a saber tooth tigers running pace.

  31. You are just too precious in that blue and white striped dress. Love it!!!

  32. I want a big ding dong! Yes, that does sound a little kinky.
    umm…I would love to go to one of those fairs. There is one in the south, I think that spans over a couple States. It’s pretty crazy!!

  33. Why yes, don’t mind if I do, I’ll definitely have 3 ding dongs please. How much were those doors selling for?

    • Reese's Runner

      I have no idea. I didn’t even get near them for fear I could never leave them. I’m sure several thousand dollars based on the prices of regular wood doors.

  34. Leslie

    Whoa, those are some nasty storms ya’ll have had! Stay safe!!!

  35. janese

    Just wanted to say you are looking amazing!

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