15 Thing Friday

1. My little sister had a special request that you watch the following video and vote for one of her fellow students to win The Best Internship on Earth with the Sierra Club. Help a man out.

So go vote for Seth, you just click on the thumb’s up below his picture.

2. Jason Segal and Michelle Williams are dating. This makes me so happpppppy. It’s like if my super sweet guy friend finally found a nice girl and I can’t stop jumping up and down and clapping.

3.  Peeta memes!

4. Can someone please explain to me why The Real Housewives of Orange County did not come on this week? Someone? Please.


5. I watched the new Three Musketeers this weekend. It was awful. Just awful.

I don’t even understand what happened in that movie. Milla Jovovich is hot and there were flying boats. That’s all I remember, and I wasn’t even drunk.

6. A brilliant friend recently introduced me to Jim Gaffigan. I will never be the same. His take on cake really resonated with me.

7. Dear hotties of the world, quit growing beards. Please and thank you.

That would by my husband Tom Hardy and my weekend boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal just in case you couldn’t see through the scruff. Seriously, I’ve got to work on training them better.

8.  I finally found something I am competent at in Crossfit. Last night my coach said I had “beautiful” kettle bell swings.

I actually thought he was being sarcastic and he had to argue with me for about three minutes.  So, if you need me, I’ll be break dancing in a cloud of glitter .


9. We had the loveliest sunrise this week.

For a few seconds I felt like maybe I didn’t hate it here… and then a pelican almost took my head off. Never mind.

10. I’ve recently been introduced to, and have thusly fallen in love with, Top Gear UK. I’ve only managed to watch a few episodes (on Netflix FYI), but these guys make my day. I wish we could be best friends.


And I have a bit of a crush on that little nugget Hammond. He’s the cutest little thing ever. I wish I could live in a pocket with him.


11. Sloth photobomb.

12. Homeland and Dexter are coming back on September 30!!!! Even though that seems like 18 years from now, I’m so excited to finally see a premiere date.

Oh Claire, I miss that face girl.

13. Will Ferrel has announced an Anchorman sequel!! I’m sooooooooooooooooo excited. I so closely relate to that character. You know, because I’m a legend in my own mind.


Party over here.


14. This weekend I’m headed to the Austin area for a giant antique festival with my BFFE Jen and her awesome cousins. I can’t wait to drink and talk non-stop for about 48 hours straight.

15. Speaking of drinking, I need to head to the liquor store to stock up on a few boxes of Franzia and some gin. It’s going to be a fantastic weekend.

Every weekend is a holiday around here.


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  1. Wait….you aren’t up to date on all things Jim Gaffigan? I can’t walk past the Hot Pockets at the store without laughing. Oh, and his Christmas tree thing kills me too. He’s only second to Daniel Tosh for hilarity (please tell me you’ve seen Tosh stand up)

    Do pelicans really attack? That would be terrifying. Hitchcock was right.

    • Reese's Runner

      Yes, I’m slow. So slow. And the Christmas tree story is great. And I do like Daniel Tosh hahaha.

      They don’t attack so much as swoop at you.

  2. Hahahhaa “hawwwt pocket” I love Jim Gaffigan.

  3. The Peeta memes make my life worth living!

  4. I saw Jim Gaffigan live once and between talking about Hot Pockets and Cinnabon, I nearly peed my pants.

    My husband grows a beard every winter. Apparently it’s like a winter coat for his face. WTF? He keeps it manscaped well so it’s not scraggly and no birds have made a home in it yet (that I’m aware of) . When he shaves it off each spring I don’t even recognize him for several days after. Good times. lol

  5. Do not make the mistake of thinking the US Top Gear is anywhere as awesome as the UK version. It’s not. I saw Top Gear Live! once when they toured in Hong Kong and it was amazing. I don’t even get excited about shiny fast things and it was incredible.

  6. Yeah, I was all set for some OC crazies and then noticed my DVR wasn’t recording. Whaaaattt?! They can’t take breaks. I need my weekly fix of bitchy crazies.

    I heart Jim Gaffigan.

    Have a fun booze filled weekend! Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

  7. Michelle

    1. Do you get to drink at antiques festivals?! Clearly I’ve been doing it wrong.
    2. Tom Hardy that squirrel on your face is fug. Shave or you’re not my English husband anymore.
    3. I’m sad you didn’t like the Three Musketeers. I thought it was kinda cute and my other English husband Mr. Darcy 2.0 is in it!

    • Reese's Runner

      1. You can drink anywhere. It’s called a flask. I always BYOB in my purse. Just makes me more manageable.
      2. Yes.
      3. I did enjoy Mr. Darcy. Always and forever.

  8. HMC

    I am also a HUGE Top Gear fan–it’s how my dad and I bond. Hammond is the cutest, but sometimes the big tall guy pisses me off with his English pompousness. And I love the Stig.

  9. I was thinking this morning that I needed to sub my pre-run english muffin or bagel for something healthier. Now I know – muffins! Much better!

  10. Give the tv show My Boys a chance (it’s on Netflix on demand) – classic Jim Gaffigan. He’s hilarious, but it’s such a dry sense of humor that you never see him laugh at his own jokes. It’s just straight deadpan delivery the whole time. Classic.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Aww that’s cute about Jason and Michelle. I love them.

  12. I’ll never understand why beards come into fashion. It’s spring people not deep winter and you are high paid actors not squirrel trapping mountain men.

  13. Justin

    You’re life would be so dull and shitty without me.

  14. Seriously looks like you are holding a doobie in your hand in that picture! i was like a wha?what?

    • Reese's Runner

      Hahahah oh jeez. I never thought of that. They are actually little ballerina cake toppers because I was obsessed with Black Swan that year. So, infinitely more lame.

    • Erin

      Haha I was squinting at that picture so hard trying to figure it out!

  15. Laura

    Go find the Top Gear episode where they drive across the US south. I have no idea which season or episode it is, but it will be worth the time it takes to find it (it probably came out around 2006 or 07).
    That was my first exposure to the show, and I was hooked pretty much from the first moment.

  16. Lacey

    I’m hitting up round top this afternoon! Should be good times

  17. Top Gear is an awesome show! My boyfriend got me to start watching it and the chemistry between all 3 of them is hilarious. Also fun to watch cars that I could never afford :-P

  18. Lindsey

    I just posted a link on my facebook to this blog post. I hope everyone else finds you as hilairious as I do. Have fun getting your gin and franzia on this weekend.

  19. Top Gear cracks me up. Everything in a British accent is just better. Congrats on the kettle ball swings!

  20. Hallie12409

    Oh man I love Top Gear UK so much. I can’t even watch the American version without dying a little on the inside. Hammond is by far my favorite.

    The Bolivia Special…watch it ASAP if you haven’t seen it already. It is amazing. My husband and I can have an entire conversation with just quotes from that episode alone.

    • Reese's Runner

      That was I think the second episode I watched. Amazing. They are so ridiculously funny. And when Hammond’s truck rolled down that sand dune I almost died.

  21. allison

    thank you for that jim gaffigan video. The whole office was like what is so damn funny over there… and then we proceeded to talk about the hot pocket skit.

  22. My bf grows a beard every winter, as well. He doesn’t even wear a jacket during our Minnesota winters (although, for the first time in my life this year, we simply didn’t have winter… weird, but I liked it… 75 in March? Yes, please!), so I know he’s not growing it for warmth. And he doesn’t manscape it, so I know it’s not for style… He genuinely looks like a homeless man. I have expect Boyfriend Services to show up at my door and take him away from me, fearing I don’t take proper care of him! However, when he does finally shave, he actually looks like a bonafide teenager. A YOUNG teenager. So I fear that when he shaves, it will appear as if I am actually his… mother :( And if anyone thought that out loud, I’m confident it would result in a Charlie Sheen meltdown all my own…

    • Reese's Runner

      Hahahaha. That’s amazing. I lol’d at the boyfriend services comment. There is a super hot guy that works on campus here and I had no idea because he had a homeless man beard for the first two years I knew him. He recently shaved and I almost jumped him. Good luck with your son.

  23. Seetha

    I am new to your blog (like, discovered you two weeks ago). I live in Austin. What is this antique festival of which you speak? I would love to go too!

    I love TopGear. In my mind there is only one, the UK one. I will not speak of the american version. There is an episode where the three of them buy shitty cars and race across northern Africa. One of the funniest episodes.

  24. Jennifer S

    I LOVE Top Gear UK! Hammond is adorable with his short hair… long hair…not.so.much. Wait until you get to those episodes! You should also check out Being Human UK. SO GOOD! There are three seasons on Netflix. Season 4 is currently showing on BBC America.

  25. Kristin

    You have to watch the Top Gear episode where they drive across Vietnam on tiny motorcycles (or are they dirtbikes? not sure). Hysterical! They keep buying each other giant presents and then trying to transport them on the bikes… :-)

  26. Cake, glitter cloud and sloth? Best 15 Thing Friday ever!

  27. I love Top Gun UK! My husband used to always make us watch it and I’d pretend to be annoyed but I actually really loved it. LOL.

  28. Kelsey

    I LOVE Top Gear UK! My boyfriend and his guy friends have every season and it’s all we watch. They’re so ridiculous and crazy! My favorite episode is definitely the one where they make their cars into RVs/motorhomes, too funny!

    As for Dexter coming back…YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I want to pull that little sloth out of the photobomb picture and hug and squeese him! So cute. Also so cute is Jason and Michelle.

  30. Mika

    If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Top Gear episode where they have to build their own stretch limos to transport a celebrity to the Brit Awards (Series 9, Episode 6). I nearly peed myself I was laughing so hard. Enjoy!

  31. That Jason Segal Michelle Williams thing just made my morning! I’m oddly happy for two people I don’t know.

  32. That sloth is so so funny!!!! Jason and Michelle are such a cute couple!!

  33. Helga

    Ooh, I love that you love Top Gear! I used to have a big crush on James May. Yes, I’m strange!

  34. OMG I had to watch the new Muskateer movie on a flight recently and it was unbearable. So bad. Ick. And Rachel McAdams from Mean Girls will never get old. Ha.

  35. I’m happy you found Top Gear UK. My fiance and I fell in love with that show and have watched every episode that is available on Netflix. Love those guys and I’m not even a car nut! They just make me giggle.

  36. You must watch Jim Gaffigan speak of Hot Pockets and Bacon. Hi-sterical. And is that a recreational substance in your hand in the picture with your friend? Or do you just want us to think that you are cool…?

  37. Amy

    Yay for Top Gear UK! I normally couldn’t care less about cars but I’m completely addicted to that show. I love all of the episodes where they have some sort of race or outrageous challenge. Best race episodes that come to mind are when they raced (Jeremy in a car, May & Hammond in a plane – piloted by May) from Italy to London with white truffles, or when they raced across London at rush hour (by car, bike, boat & Underground). Also be sure to check out the ones where they make car art, car commercials, turn a car into a space shuttle, build an electric car or any episode where they go camping. :)
    Not sure if it’s come up yet in any episodes you’ve watched, but Richard Hammond had a bad accident while filming a few years ago. He had pretty severe head trauma, but obviously he’s doing well now (has his own show about to start airing on BBC America actually!). They showed the crash on the show when he first came back. Pretty scary!

  38. I think I love you a little bit more today. So many good things in this post. I love Jim Gaffigan and I love the Jason Segal/Michelle Williams hookup. Homeland cannot come back soon enough. I need some crazy Carrie in my life again. Will Ferrell announcing Anchorman 2 made my week.

  39. Break dancing in a cloud of glitter is pretty much my favorite thing to do. And I feel like they’ve been talking about anchorman 2 for FOREVER. So I guess it’s good they finally made it official? Kind of like that arrested development movie.

  40. That is so sweet about Michelle Williams and Jason Segal! I’ve loved her since Dawson’s Creek, and she just keeps getting better, unlike just about everyone else from that show. Jason Segal is of course wonderful, and he seems like he’d be such a great dad. I wouldn’t have thought to put them together, but I love it.
    Anchorman 2 makes me nervous. The first was brilliant, but sequels are kind of terrible, especially years and years after the fact.

  41. You’re my favorite because you drink gin too. It’s the drink of champions.

  42. Michelle M

    My dad introduced me to Top Gear (UK version) and I have to say, it’s the best. I love it. I really like watching the celebrities trying to race the “reasonably priced car.” The US version makes me vomit a little when I see it though.

  43. Ahhh..you made my day with #2! Jumping up and down with you. AND I couldn’t be more excited about the Anchorman sequel either!!
    Stay Classy!

  44. Madly in love with Top Gear (UK obviously, we had to go do our American version and make it non-funny and immature). The best thing in the world is a late night plate of cheese and crackers, a bottle of wine, and old Top Gear episodes.

  45. Caitlin

    I love that you love Top Gear UK. Made my day :)

  46. I have the deepest appreciation for you using “nugget” to describe someone… I do all the time and no one gets it. I need new friends.

  47. Another Top Gear UK fan here! I couldn’t care less about cars but that show is endlessly entertaining. Hammond is my favorite too.
    Also, I loved the gifs in this post.

  48. Annie

    Top Gear UK >>>>>> Top Gear US. End of story. Jeremy can be a bit much, but I love me some Richard and James; one of my nicknames for my guy is Captain Slow after James. Richard could come live in my pocket anytime.

  49. I love Jim Gaffigan! And I am so excited that there will be another Anchorman.

    Love your videos and pictures! Looks like you’re loving a lot of great things. :-)

  50. I thought my DVR went crazy and forgot to record my weekly fix of OC drama…it’s coming back on this Tuesday. Right?

  51. I have been in love with Hammond for years now, so you’re just going to have to back off.

    I absolutely adore Top Gear. <3

  52. Jen

    #6 DOES bring people together…BRILLIANT observation.

    And hooray for Anchorman 2….i need to come down and see this w/y’all!

    ~ lady w/the blue collar knock

  53. Love me some Jim Gaffigan. May I also suggest Mitch Hedberg standup?

  54. ahhh, I LOVE roundtop!!! I went for the first time last year, but can’t go this year. I’m sending my friend with a list of shit to buy for me. did you love it?! also of importance, my bff doesn’t read blogs (i.e. she has more of a life than I do), but she has an erratic french bulldog, so I send her posts of yours featuring bardot. they’ve changed her life.

  55. Leslie

    I got to see Jim Gaffigan live in Chicago last winter and he is truly hilarious, now you have to go watch “Hot Pocket” 15x in a row and insert your newfound quotes in everyday conversation. :)

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