15 Thing Friday

1. I’m on spring break today!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! We got a day off and I’m headed north to see my parents as soon as I get this crap published.


2. I cannot wait until the season finale of Walking Dead this weekend. Obviously, I allow myself to be completely consumed by television. I’m thinking about trying to talk AMC into giving me an audition to play Daryl’s love interest in the show. He’s the best kind of man, one who is good and important but has no idea. And sexy when sweaty and grimy.


Unlike that annoying ass Andrea who thinks she super important and special and almost killed Daryl trying to show everyone. Ughhhhh that would have been the end of me!

It’s also interesting how differently her sister became a zombie versus Shane. She was slow-moving and almost lethargic. Shane just popped up ready for a Rick snack.  They are getting quicker. And damn, I am going to miss Shane’s body. Not his face, or attitude, or rage, just that torso.


This means we need more shirtless Daryl ASAP.

3. Animals? Can/will they become zombies? Can you imagine a zombie kitten chasing you? Or a cow. Ugh, that is as terrifying as a shark with legs.

(this stranger’s baby)

That fat little shark looks hungry. And I’m done with Walking Dead. I’m sorry. I get fixated.

4.  For those of you who are as miffed as I am that Timberlake won’t make more music, here are some more girls who are even more upset. Watch, laugh, and feel vindicated in your feelings.

Let’s capture him and keep him in a basement until he starts singing new tunes. Who has a basement we can use?

5. Jeremy Renner’s miniature Frenchie died after overheating. I’m so sad for him and that poor puppy. This is my worst fear, especially living in the gates of hell. They get so hot so fast and can’t cool themselves properly because of their short snouts and breathing problems. Ugh, I want to cry.

6. My calves were really sore yesterday and I could not figure out what was wrong for the life of me. I was walking gingerly (like a giant baby) in Crossfit and our coach finally asked me if I was injured. I said no and explained the calf problem. He couldn’t figure out what I did because we hadn’t done any lifting or mobility exercises that should have caused soreness there. Eventually it dawned on him that it was probably because I ran for the first time in my new shoes.  I would never have put that together, but it clearly makes sense. We did 4x400s and although I felt fine at the time, running in those shoes does push me to run on the balls of my feet as opposed to trying to find China by slamming my heels into the earth.

They also held up really well against the rocks, sticks, and gravel in the alley we ran in. I thought I would feel more of the ground and the rocks would hurt in these. I didn’t realize we would be running or I wouldn’t have worn them, but they felt great and I’m excited to break them in for shorter runs.

7.  One more week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my shirt ordered and I’m ready for battle!! My roommate and I discussed going all out costume style, but then I realized some of my co-workers and students are going and I don’t want them to think I am any more strange than they already do. So discreet t-shirt it is.

If  only I could find a Peeta with a body/face like Gale.

8.  Bear Grylls got FIRED from Man vs. Wild. WTF is this?????? No point in watching that anymore.

9.  The use of “OK” in the English language turns 173 today!!

10. Kate’s cousin is a stripper apparently. Second cousin, once removed. They have never even met and the stripper didn’t know of her famous cousin until the engagement. I don’t understand why this is news.


11. Speaking of KDuch, she looked fab playing field hockey with Britain’s Olympic team.

God I can’t wait for the Olympics.  I hope she goes to the games so I can stare at her all the way from America on my giant TV. 50+ inches of royal glory.

12. Finally found the answer to that question of “what to wear when you feel beefy?”:


I didn’t eat 165 donuts this week. I have no idea what you are talking about. Try and prove it.



14. I was tasked with rewriting our grade appeal policy. I plan to delete it all and have only two lines:

A. Try harder next time

B. Go away

And I know people have legitimate reasons to appeal grades, it’s just that 90% of them are ridiculous. It’s not our problem that your test was the day after Halloween and you didn’t show up.


15. Tom Hardy’s lips. AKA, where I hope to die.


*Emotional frenzy ensues* I’m in no shape to drive now. Mustbecalmandreasonable.


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38 Responses to 15 Thing Friday

  1. good grief how SKINNY is Kate? ugh.
    and I cannot WAIT for Hunger Games! got my ticket already altho SO not going at midnight like you! please please please dont write anything until after 3pm on friday mmmk? :)
    I want a Hunger Games shirt! Where did you find one?

  2. The Gaston reference just made me LOL at my desk.

    Enjoy vacay.

  3. That is really sad about Jeremy Renner’s pup =( Bad things shouldn’t happen to cute animals… or sexy men like him.

    Maybe you can craft up some kind of ice cube vest for Bardot to wear in the hot weather with a tiny oxygen tank built in. Patent that shit.

  4. Candice

    After my first run in minimal running shoes, I hobbled for four days. So painful! I am slowly building up my milage, I can now run 3 miles before my calves cramp up. One tip I found is when running on your fore-foot allow your heel to “kiss” the ground. That has helped me. Hopefully in a few months I will be back at my regular miles in my minimal shoes. My knees feel tons better in these shoes. Love your blog! NY far it is the funniest one I read!

  5. Nicole G

    yes — details on the Hunger Games shirt! the only one(s) I’ve seen is at Hot Topic, and it’s okay, but eh, maybe you found something better?

    I too already have my tickets — but for Saturday afternoon like a normal human. This is probably only the second time in my life I’ve ever bought advanced tickets for any movie — and I can’t even remember what the first one was.

    1000x yes on the JT-come-back-to-music-video.

    Also, love your grade appeal policy. Win.

  6. If you’re trying to be calm and reasonable you probably shouldn’t have posted a picture of Tom Hardy’s lips. lol

    Enjoy your Spiring Break!

  7. Those pink, fuzzy slip covers remind me, in a very creepy way, of that pink slime that’s in the news lately. *shivers* In other news, when I heard that Bear had been fired, I thought of you.

  8. Justin

    Must be nice …. to get a friday off to go see your parents. Wish I had that luxury.

  9. Pattie

    I love your blog it always makes me laugh at loud at my desk. Thanks.

  10. Kate makes me sad. Far too skinny.
    Bear Gryllis fired is no shock to me. When he came to Oz, we found that he’s just a bit precious! Terrified of our crocs, won’t do his own stunts…

  11. Thank you for 13. I will print it out and keep it with me always.

  12. The shark baby costume is too cute. And I was hoping you’d say something about Kate playing field hockey. She was fab. Enjoy the long weekend!

  13. I love your Friday posts. Crack me up every time. Totally make my morning!

  14. I die re #14. I used to be an academic advisor and assisted with the appeal process and saw the most ridiculous excuses. and oh the entitlement kids brought with them. ridic.

  15. Miriam

    You know what… the only image that stuck in my head after reading your post is the sequin dress the Hunger game actress is wearing… I want this dress (for free)… and well… a body like that. (a fantasy is a fantasy)

    I’ve been shopping for a dress for a wedding for the past 2 weeks… Because I’ve been completely sedentary for the last 2 months (due to a knee injury) it seems like nothing fit. However, according to my scale, I apparently did not gain weight… Remember what you said about weight distribution, that when you gain and loose weight it’s never exactly distributed where you want it to be… well, that’s it. It’s seems like I lost muscles and gained fat. Annoying.

  16. Jessica

    Bhaha…fat little shark with legs. That brightened my day!

  17. Jessica

    Oh, I also wanted to add… The crazy, light pink ‘dress’ on the left would be such a good halloween costume if you wanted to go as a sexy caterpillar, you just might need to hem it some.

    Ps. I don’t get the costume phenomenon of ‘sexy’ + _____. Pisses me off.

  18. My husband has been talking about those shoes for WEEKS and finally went to try them on yesterday. Good to hear a positive review. Grade appeal policy? I think you have it covered with your two points. College is about responsibility, learn it, use it, and earn your keep.

  19. Kim

    This post was the best random post ever. I am cracking up. And sharing that JT video with the world.

    And wtf – why don’t I look that hot in skinny jeans and a sweater, WITH GYM SHOES. Unbelievable…

  20. The guy playing Peeta is so teeny! And for a second I didn’t realize the sides were cut out of Jennifer Lawrence’s dress and thought she had a Barbie doll waist. I’m super pumped for the movie, my sister is coming home for break today, and we’re going to brainstorm about costumes because we have no shame. :)

  21. Joanney

    I cannot WAIT for the Walking Dead finale. I dont have cable so I might have to wait to watch it the day after or go and “visit” my family and watch it! Daryl is so hot esp in Boondock Saints (excuse me while I swoon). I hope he is the lone survivor on the show. Speaking of which when can Lori get axed? I’m so tired of her.

  22. Peeta is sooo short! aww, look how cute.

    Also, I like that appeal policy. Very direct.

  23. katie

    That JT video was hilarious!

  24. LOVE The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, I’ve just now caught onto this greatness, so I just finished season 1. I’m DVRing all of season 2 before I start watching so I’ll not be catching the finale this Sunday.
    I’m pretty sure that people only watch Man vs. Wild to see Bear Grylls. Good luck Discovery.
    Have a great weekend!

  25. suze

    If only I could find a Peeta with a body/face like Gale.
    THIS. Now let this man please be a twin so we can both have one.

  26. I HATE grading issues. I genuinely enjoy the teaching that comes along with my doctorate and I don’t mind grading but I can’t stand all the excuses. I try to be nice but come on!
    And last semester I witnessed a pharmacy student obviously cheating during the final exam and denied it to my face. So annoying.

  27. Do you get the whole week off? I’m staff so I still have to work like a loser while the faculty go cavorting around. It was pure silence in my building today. I CAN’T WAIT FOE THE OLYMPICS EITHER!!! Happy weekend.

  28. Laura WL

    #1: Thanks for noting that about the shoes. I still thinking I’m going to buy them and try them out but not until after my marathon training is over. I will probably run too much the first time & pay for it too.
    #2: I just don’t see the whole Daryl think on WD. We watched the first season but I was so freaked out that we decided to not watch this season. I am NOT a scary movie person but the story was so GOOD my bff and I decided to watch it with our husbands. However I literally almost peed myself each episode and was catatonic and sweaty by the end of every.damn.one. That show is freaking scary! But Awesome! But Terrifying! You’re posting has made me want to read spoilers (but NOT watch the actual show). :-)

  29. Michelle M

    I just signed up for Amazon Prime and Downton Abbey is available on instant streaming. Based on your glowing reviews, I thought I’d give it a whirl. I just finished the first episode and now I have to find a way to fit that show in amongst the other 500 shows I can’t live without. It’s fantastic already!

  30. That is the most horrifying unicorn ever!

  31. dee

    Hey, re: those sore calves. When i first got those same shoes for some reason i decided to do a 10k on the road. I couldn’t run for a week afterwards my calves were so tight and sore. (I only run trails usually.) I’ve never had a problem with them when i run on trails though.

  32. I love love love Walking Dead.

  33. You are ridiculous in the best ways possible and never fail to make me laugh hysterically out loud. I am DYING to see The Hunger Games, Team Peeta. I didn’t realize how tiny that actor is…or maybe he just looks tiny against them? IDK, still, Team Peeta.

    Your number 15 is ridiculous.

  34. Did you know, I read once that the main thing that dictates whether a face is attractive or not is symmetry, and Denzel has a nearly symmetrical face (more so than most, apparently), and that is why 99% of everyone in the dang world things he is beautiful.

  35. Those are totally the shoes I want. I just showed them to Kevin as a strong hint! :) I love Kate. And Pippa.

  36. Briana

    1. YES JT needs to make new music. It hurts my soul every time a FutureSex/LoveSound song shuffles on and I remember that it was a million years ago when that came out. Come on Timba..get it together. Look at JLo – making movies, Idol AND music. You can do it, Timba.

    2. Did you see This Means War? If you didn’t, stop reading. But Tom Hardy is British. And in my book, you always go with the Brit because you want that accent by your side until the day you die. She didn’t pick the Brit! The eff?! And with THOSE LIPS?! Just wrong, Reese.

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