Can We Talk About This??

Don’t read this if you haven’t watched last night’s episode of Walking Dead.

WTF was that last night!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean really???? How did that happen??? And who will be Rick’s foil now?? I just can’t believe this mess.

And zombie disease? Is this airborne now? Is that what the CDC doctor whispered to him?

Was Shane’s mind being ravaged by the zombie disease? Does Rick have it too?  What is going on here?? And where did the millions of walkers come from?? Next week is going to be a cluster.


Please discuss your theories and thoughts.


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59 Responses to Can We Talk About This??

  1. Sarah

    THANK YOU! No one at my office watches this show and I don’t want to sound like the freak girl going on about zombies.

    I am terrible at connecting dots, figuring stuff out, or thinking critically about things in general. So don’t expect anything insightful from me. Instead, I want to say that I really do not like Carl. He could die and I would not shed a tear. Who names their kid Carl anyway?!?

    Yes, this makes me a horrible human being. Maybe I have zombie disease?

  2. Megan

    Omg I know!! I was so confused! I wonder if its airborn now and anyone who dies turns in to a zombie no matter how they die. Wtf?! Next week is going to leave us hanging big time, I’m sure. Blast! At least we have Mad Men to look forward to.

    Oh yeah, I’m going to watch the Talking Dead now and see what Maggie has to say.

  3. Next week is the season finale, right? So it’ll be a cliff-hanger to keep us interested til they start back up…

  4. I know right! But my boy sat me down and explained that this story line follows with the comic (where as others havent really but are falling into place)… stupid boys knowing whats going on ahead of time because of the comic. But yes, they just become zombies if they die, I suspect things will only get super cray cray.

  5. Lauren

    I thought the EXACT same things!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one questioning the ability of this zombie plague to go airborne. WTF was that?!

  6. Annie

    Oh em geeeeeeeeee. Seriously. I never thought Rick would have the balls to off Shane…and since WHEN do people turn into walkers within two minutes?! He (Shane) was losing it earlier in the episode, though, with his weird twitching and hallucinating and whatnot right before he kidnapped Randall. I really wish Carl would’ve been disembowled by that walker last week instead of Dale. He’s been such a little shithead the past few episodes and totally deserved to die. (This makes me a horrible person. I know.)

    On another note…WHY did Glen not take advantage of Maggie asking him to shack up? He already has Hershel’s approval! This show is a glorified soap opera with zombies, I swear.


    I’m telling you, it’s all explained in there.

    Now go. GO READ.

  8. Samantha

    1.) So happy to see Shane die. Couldn’t happen fast enough.

    2.) Yes, Carl can eat it (see what I did there?).

    3.) They’re definitely getting off the farm next episode. Can’t.wait.

    Bring on the ‘bies!

  9. Leslie

    oh man, they are so screwed. I am so sad that the seasons are so short. And The Bachelor is ending. And it’s still months until True Blood. :(

  10. Love it!!! But now who’s gonna play crazy to replace Shane’s shenanigans?

  11. Mostly I was left with questions of practicality. These zombies are slow(ish) and before Rick and Carl even make it back to the farm they are within eyesight? Does that mean that anytime they were in the woods they could see walkers? Also, why does one or two shots attract about 100 walkers but Shane’s rampage at the barn attracts none? Yes, what the doctor at the CDC told Rick is that everyone was infected with the walker virus. People have been talking about that for about a month on various websites and it was really believed to be true after Rick went out of his way to kill the bar idiots in the head even after the overweight one was clearly already dead. Last night seemed to confirm that theory and that is what happens in the comic (so I am told, I don’t read them).

    What to do without Shane? I don’t know. Probably live really happy, normal, functional lives. I know a lot of people blamed Lori and Carl for problems but I think a lot of the instability was Shane and how Shane reacted to Lori and Carl (I believe blaming a 9 year old boy for the world’s problems seems strained). Cely, have you noticed how last week’s episode felt was like Lord of the Flies? I never really thought of Dale as a Simon/Christ-like figure before that episode but the way he ironically died really felt like Golding’s work. I could talk about the text and subtext of this show for.ever.

    • Reese's Runner

      I agree about Carl. That poor kid is a mess. How could he not be though? And I don’t think he is really acting any differently than any boy in the country. Wandering around and messing with crap he shouldn’t.

      And yes to Lord of the Flies!!!! My co-worker and I were just talking about that last week. I really thought Shane would go Jack Merridew on the situation and try to get the others to help him kill Ralph/Rick. So I was surprised with the way things went. Originally I kind of thought Andrea was the Sam/Eric twins because she falls under the spell of Shane/Jack. Or maybe Glen. And I refuse to heap Daryl in as Roger. Maybe Carl is Roger? So many ways to go. And I thought of Dale as the Piggy type (smart and civilized) until the end. Then I too went towards Simon. This could go on for days.

      I love anything that is civilization vs. savagery.

  12. I couldn’t agree more. WTF was that episode. Does anyone feel like they give us just a little zombie action at the beginning of an episode, talk at us for 40 minutes and then cool stuff happens for the last 5-10 minutes so that we make sure to tune in the next week? Why can’t I quit you, Walking Dead?
    I knew Shane was going to die, but I thought they’d save that for the season finale. That seems like a typical move. I didn’t think that Rick would be the one to end things for Shane – but was glad that it was. How did Carl just show up in this random clearing in the woods and learn to shoot zombies in the head? I’ve had just about enough Lori and Carl – they could both go at any time and I would not be sad.
    So without Shane, do we have a villan other than zombies? Do we think that gang of 30 people that Randall was with will end up showing up? Or, is that too much plot?

  13. Wuuut? (after reading the comments above). I thought maybe he’d been scratched by a zombie during their failed attempt at releasing their hostage, and that his killing rampage was the beginning of his zombie fever!
    2) Carl is horrible, I also can’t stand him.
    3) Daryl is weirdly hot.
    I love this show so much!

    • Reese's Runner

      We thought zombie scratch too. Or that he kid wasn’t quite dead and zombie got him so that is why he turned into one. But then when Shane rose up, I was like WTF!!!

      I too find myself oddly attracted to Daryl. It’s confusing. I can’t understand it.

      • Michelle M.

        He just gets more hot each espisode. It is so strange to me. And is it just me or were Shane & Randell super creepy as Zombies? Like more so than the reg. walkers? I am soooooo confused and I need ANSWER PEOPLE. Just tell us what Jenner said and lets move forward. Geeezee my blood pressue is acting up. I get a headache just typing this. Whew.

  14. My husband read the comic book so I just keep asking him “What’s going on?” or “Where did they come from?” (aka the swarm of walkers)… This is getting so weird and he said that this is not really like the comic books very much any more.

    I mean, they spent like 3 episodes drawing out the “looking for Sophia” and “Carl might die” sagas with lots of close-ups of Shane and Rick talking or just breathing. Now they’re cramming all this stuff into a few episodes? What are you doing to me AMC?!

    • leroy

      Yes they did this because they slashed the budget to be able to pay for Mad Men, or whatever it is called. AMC has tried to strangle the life out of Walking Dead and Breaking Bad to pay for a show that has not seen the screen in almost 2 years and hopefully everyone has forgotten about.

  15. Sarah W.

    I was thinking that maybe Rick killed Shane with a knife that had been used to kill a zombie previously which would explain the quick zombification of Shane……..

    I’m still really confused about how Randall turned into a zombie – esp since Daryl & Glenn didn’t see any “bite marks”…..

    My friend told me I need to start watching The Talking Dead after the show to help analyze things LOL.

    Shits about to go down. So psyched! (Still really confused that this huge field of zombies reacts, (fairly quickly) to gun shots, and that they are gaining speed on Rick & Carl as they approach the farm – what happened to slow zombies???

    Well maybe they can hide in the basement at the farm and then come up in daylight – if you flashback to beginning of season 1, when rick was with the black couple in the house – they showed that the zombies roamed around the house at night time but then in daytime they sort of dissipated……hmmmmmmmmm

    • Reese's Runner

      And yes on the speedy zombies. When did that happen? it also seems like the Randall & Shane zombies were much more agile. Like Randall seemed human almost in his movements. Like there was thought behind it. Much quicker moving than normal. Maybe a new breed of faster zombies? And what is this with how fast they are turning now? I need a flowchart.

  16. RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?! Omgah the drama. I love it sososo much.

    You should really read the graphic novels. There are very few storyline similarities left between the show and the comics at this point, but it’s just sooooooooo good. And I love trying to guess what they’re keeping in the show from the books and what they’re just like “F it” about — most of the characters haven’t died in the same way/at the same time as their comic book counterparts, there are characters that don’t exist in the comic (Daryl, aka THE MAN), etc.

  17. Yes! I was sitting there stunned after last nights episode. I was thinking the same thing about Rick possibly stabbing Shane with a knife he used on a zombie but that doesn’t explain Randall.

    Is anyone else wondering when Daryl’s brother Meryl (??) is going to show up again? I swear they left that VERY open for him to come back and something tells me he will be with Randall’s group.

    • Reese's Runner

      Yes!!! We discussed that last night. He has to return otherwise what was the point?? Maybe he is with that other group? What kind of crazy would that be!!

  18. Leslie

    THANK YOU! I screamed at the TV for about 15 minutes!

  19. Rachel

    This entire season has been a joke since they fired the head writer, and I think they are having significant budget cuts!
    As my sister said, “So they are killing the good characters and leaving the stupid farm people!?!”
    At least Daryl is still around….for now.
    I think shane was a zombie because two episodes ago he killed a zombie then cut himself with the same knife (when he was trapped on the school bus), but his ‘zombie-ness’ came out of no where…where was the fever and illness the other character experienced when he was bitten by a zombie!?!
    I also want to point out that Lori is the worst character on the show…and why does she never watch Carl?

    • Yes! Lori is the worst! I just can not get behind this baby or the fact that she seems to depend on men for everything outside of doing the laundry.

  20. I didn’t watch it yet, but someone ruined it for me on facebook. WTF?! This person ruined another show for me a couple years ago. I am still going to watch it tonight though. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Ananda

    Oh my gosh, I couldn’t get to sleep for about an hour after Walking Dead last night. So CRAZY!

    I was thinking that Shane must have been a carrier who was bit or scratched but didn’t turn or exhibit signs right away. This would explain his increasing rage and irrational behaviors. I guess if he knew he was scratched and then didn’t turn, he could guess that he would be able to turn that Randall kid by breaking his neck and infecting him with some of his own blood.
    Also, Carl is an annoying little shit and I wish he would get a spanking like the bratty little kid he is and grounded to the house for several episodes.

  22. Kiki

    I don’t get all the Carl-hate! I don’t have boys, but aren’t they all a little naughty sometimes?

  23. Hannah

    So I am pretty sure I think about zombies more than any sane person really should. I particularly enjoy when there is a medical back-story, like some crazy virus, even though there is no medical explanation for bodies functioning without a heart pumping blood or oxygen to their brains, but I digress…

    I agree about the airborne virus. They alluded to it when they tried to drop Randall off the first time, when they noticed the guys didn’t have bites (foreshadowing anyone?), then with Randall too. He should have died instantly with the broken neck severing his spinal cord. (On a side note this makes me wonder how he could walk even if zombified, and I would think that would damage the brainstem that theoretically gets triggered with the virus). It could be that the airborne virus isn’t activated until death, or it could be a more inert form of the blood/saliva borne virus and the body is able to combat it until then.

    This actually makes me think that there could be a cure if there is some mechanism where the living are infected but not symptomatic, but then again there isn’t a cure to death, so those already dead with the virus would be goners, especially the ones in rough shape with rotting flesh. Which makes me wonder if their muscles are oxygenated, and therefore “alive”, and if their only instinct is to feed, why don’t they eat each other? And if they don’t die from starvation why do they have the drive to feed? I do like the idea of the zombie blood knives, they haven’t been very careful of that ever. Ok, I’ll stop….

    • Reese's Runner

      I have wondered this too. If they have to feed or if they are just driven to do so? Do they starve to death? Are those the rotting ones? And they “breathe” but their bodies are falling apart? Do not understand. And I really wonder about the blood.If zombies can scratch them and spread the virus, then how is their blood not the same? So many questions.

  24. Wow this episode was crazy time. We agree, that maybe everyone has gone airborne and everyone has become infected, so now when they die they become zombies. And I forgot about the CDC guy, maybe that is what he whispered!

    My other theory is blood. Shane did seem to have something going on prior to dying- I thought he just had a psychotic break, but maybe it was zombie infecting his brain. I have always wondered about the zombie blood; it seems like they could be infected from it when it flies in their face, like through their eyes, mouth, open wounds.

    Darryl is my favorite!

  25. Oh my goodness I am a dumbass & did not even realize that when Shane turned into a Zombie he was never even bitten. Or that Randall died on his own. This makes it so much more interesting!! On a side note, I’m at the CDC main campus this week for the first time since seeing the series & it was so exciting this morning to come across the places that were in season 1 & imagine it in the context of the show (even though I am aware how uncool it is to say that). Also, I am going to join the masses & express my contempt for Kyle (…& his mom & Sophia’s mom…) & love for Daryl, partly because he kind of reminds me of Sawyer from Lost. Though my Glenn is by far my favorite.

  26. E

    Do you know about io9? You need to know about io9. They do great recaps. The recaps of the shitshow True Blood are the best. The.Best.

    Here’s the one on last night’s episode:

  27. I was freaking out last night!! I was so confused. I was thinking about the scratch on Shane’s head after the run for supplies with the big guy. Then someone told me at work today that even when people die, they can/will come back as zombies unless they were shot in the head. So if they’d just left Dale to die without the mercy shot, he would have come back. I’m guessing all those zombies at the end are all the people from the cars on the road?! Gah! Can’t wait till next week, then I can’t wait till Mad Men. I’m going to have to start working part-time to keep up with all my shows.

  28. I guess I need to jump on the bandwagon with this show! I’ve heard it’s great and many of my friends watch it. I’ll have to check it out!

  29. First: thank you for the warning to not read this post until after we had seen the episode.

    Main points: I knew from a few boards (and that it’s in the books) that Shane died, I just seriously did not expect it this season – I thought them facing would be the season cliff hanger – so up until the moment it happened, I was sure it wasn’t going to.

    I’m guessing that the illness being airborn and/or everyone already being infected is what the CDC guy told Rick. I could understand not sharing that news. I mean, what a buzz kill. Hey, few remaining survivors. We’re f*cked even if we don’t get bit. Happy travels!

    I was surprised that the zombies were so close at the end given that they didn’t see any in the woods but they also seemed to reach the clearing from the right and the zombies were dead ahead (oh yeah, that pun was intended) so maybe that’s how they missed seeing them? At any rate, I’m just hoping that Daryl and Glen make it back without running into that horde of zombies.

    Also, did anyone else think of the Office Space printer scene when they were all kicking that zombie at the start? Damn, it feels good to be a zombie.

    I’m assuming that next week is just going to be one big WTFWTFWTF while I watch it.

    Finally: Daryl is all kinds of fine and can bunk with me before, during or after the zombie apocalypse. Not a theory, just a fact.

    • Reese's Runner

      Yes!! Where the hell were all those zombies and why had no one come across them before?? Also, where do the zombies go during the day? Some are active some are not? Do they sleep or something??

    • I totally thought of the Office Space scene! It seemed a little silly for them to be stomping and kicking the zombies when clearly they just needed to be hatcheted/forked/knifed in the head…

  30. Ashley

    All I want to know is when the hell Carol and Daryl are going to have angry sex. The sexual tension that is there drives me crazy. Just have the sex already!

  31. Megan

    Oh I have to add also, that I didn’t think Shane killed Randall. I must have been spacing out, but I thought he just tied him up out there.

  32. Jez

    You need to read the books. They are so complex and awesome. It also obviously provides a lot of background information (notice Daryl and Glen mentioned Randall had no bite marks and he was a zombie? Shane is not the first one to turn this way). Although now that you’ve seen what happens, I guess it doesn’t matter if you read them or not. Yes, if you die, you become a zombie within minutes of your death. This means all human beings are infected with the virus that is triggered upon death.

    Also, did anyone notice Season 1 had a plethora of zombies? Them bitches were EVERYWHERE. Not this season!

    AMC has cut budgets on many of their great shows like TWD and Mad Men. The make up on those zombies 1. cost a ton 2. take FOREVER to apply 3. multiply those 2 by 45678 zombies = huge budget for make up. So it was slashed. Hence less zombies around.

    The problem with doing that…is that this show is about zombies. How do you have a show about zombies without zombies? By eliminating the amount of zombie interaction, all the writers are left with is creating boring inter-group politics that makes you wanna snore.

    Either way, CAN’T WAIT for the season finale. So much more happens in the graphic novels. This is a tiny scratch on the surface.

    • Reese's Runner

      I can’t believe that budget thing. That is heartbreaking. Two best things AMC has. More zombies! More gin!!

  33. Jennifer

    I was waiting for you to comment on this episode! This is my first time commenting on your blog (it’s amazing by the way) but I think the reason the zombies were all of a sudden so close and no one noticed is because it’s SO dark out there. They don’t have any other light source besides the lights on the house so I think it’s so dark they probably can’t really see although I don’t know why they couldn’t hear that large group of zombies. I agree though, where did they come from and where have they been hiding?

    Also, I have been thinking this entire season that the zombies are evolving and becoming smarter and faster than before. Ever since the episode where they were looking for Sophia and heard the bell ringing at that church. When they went into that church the zombies seemed like they were almost anticipating being attacked, it was weird.

    • Reese's Runner

      You are so right about the darkness. I wondered about hearing them as well. I mean it’s a herd of people dragging their feet. But, of course, Rick was dealing with bigger problems at the time. They also sometimes do not seem nearly as observant as they should. And, yes, that church scene was unsettling.

  34. Rachael

    Poor Shane, had to die with his head shaved. He’s so much cuter with hair.

    My question about The Walking Dead is this. Why does NO ONE have a computer or cell phone? I know that they are on the run and all and I’m assuming the net is down, but the people on the farm house have had electricity this whole time, they can’t try to call someone?

    Wouldn’t someone try to log onto the Internet once a week or so just to see? Is this zombie epidemic just going on in the US or all over the world? Soo many questions!

  35. Thanks for the warning about not reading if I hadn’t watched the episode! What an episode!!!! My anxiety goes through the roof, but I keep coming back for more! I think the zombie disease has gone airborne and kicks in when you die, but I don’t think the CDC guy told Rick that because then Rick wouldn’t have been so shocked when Shane turned, which makes me wonder, what DID the CDC guy whisper??

    Also, are we ever going to see/hear about the man and his son from the very beginning of season 1? And how on earth are these people going to survive such a swarm of zombies!?!? And where did they all come from!?!?!

    I’m kind of sad next episode is it for the season, but it coincides quite well with the beginning of Game of Thrones, so my TV needs will still be met!

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