WTF Wednesday

I have a hard time typing “Wednesday” in the title every single week. I specifically remember the first time I was taught how to spell “Wednesday” in second grade and I have been having trouble with it for almost 20 years now. WTF is that?? Willie Eats Dumb Noodles Every Single DAY. Chant it with me.

You’ve got me there Heidi. Well played.

They had these Lululemon bags at the 5K finish that had “Who is John Galt?” emblazoned on the side. I don’t shop at Lululemon because I like to keep my money, so I don’t really understand the correlation between Atlas Shrugged and a yoga clothing store. Are $80 yoga pants supposed to show us how ignorant we are and how dependent we are upon the products and creations of the 1%? If our highest purpose is our own happiness, how is that achieved through workout gear that most of society cannot actually afford (even though they may buy it)? Will I too be happy if I too can obtain a pair of Groove shorts? Please explain.


I did my taxes last night (online the free way from HR Block because I have no assets, investments, or value to society). I’m so glad that I’ve finally reached the point in my life where I’m successful enough to owe the government money. Gosh it feels so good. Here are my student loan payments, here is most of my paycheck, and here is some more money that I somehow still owe you. I need to get Mitt Romney’s tax guy so that I too can pay less than 14%. Apparently, I’m doing something really wrong here.

Or just re-enroll in school so I can get some education tax breaks.

I’m really freaked out by this new Facebook Timeline stuff. I don’t really know how to work it. I’m afraid to click on anything because I don’t want to accidentally “like” something because I only look at the pictures/profile of people I strongly dislike. Or want to fail at life.  Therefore I can’t risk accidentally hitting something that then notify them of my being a creepy hater.

I just hired a student worker a few weeks ago who came to me yesterday with the crappiest problem I’ve heard in a while. Before we hired her she cleaned rooms at Motel 6 for 20 hours a week. She wanted this job because it paid more, had better hours, and didn’t require cleaning toilets (although dealing with my crazy ass may be worse). Due to restrictions on the grant she receives that funds a portion of her tuition, she can only work for 19.5 hours a week. So she went to the social welfare office and found out she was denied food stamps because she is not working exactly 20 hours or more. So I took all of the legal information down there and explained to them that she cannot legally work 20. Still denied. I cannot fathom how so many people I know who do not work at all, are not disabled, do not have children, and do nothing can get money and a person who is working cannot. WTF kind of system is that???


Don’t those welfare people know WHO I AM?!?!!?!

Mars is making all of their candy bars under 250 calories as part of their commitment to nutrition. OMG WTF SLD:KFJPSODGNIS:DLHQW(:*RY+#%Q#RH*/. All the bad words.  And I realize that by eating 30 or 40 calories less here and there if you are a frequent purveyor of Mars treats might make a difference in your weight and health. BUT. Why the hell do we have to get rid of the King Sized bars???? There is nothing that makes my heart happy like an eating frenzy with a big ‘ol Snickers. Ugh, now I guess I’ll have to buy them two at a time. So inconvenient.

I fear the day that Hershey hops on this band wagon. That would be the end of my two-pack of Big Cups. A dark day indeed.

Speaking of chocolate…it’s Ash Wednesday. That means it’s time for all you Christian ladies to give up chocolate, carbs, sugar, booze, or whatever you think is making you fat for 40 days. I just know that the time you are spending not eating chocolate is spent in prayer and in penance for your sins. Not hoping for smaller thighs. Not you, skipping croissants will make you closer to Jesus.

Seriously WTF?? This makes me so ragey every year I can barely stand it. Give up something real like the TV or internet and actually spend that time reflecting on your religion.


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  1. Amen, Sister! On all counts!!!

  2. I completely agree with that last point. I’m not religious, but I see people giving up things every year for vain reason, which makes no sense to me. I have a friend who doesn’t even believe in the religion, but gives up something every year to appease her mother and it’s always related to weight loss and there’s always a huge blowout of whatever-it-is right before and after Lent. Someone please explain the usefulness/religious aspect to me.

  3. Kat

    I never really got Lent either (raised Catholic), but this year I kind of like it. It’s just far enough away from New Years that it’s sort of like a mulligan for resolutions. I’m going to have my class write down a fitness goal with quantifiable success metrics (nerd) and have them focus on using the next 40 days to achieve that…preferably it’d be something like “come to Kat’s class twice a week”, but even something like “try a new weight machine every week, minimum of 2 sets of 10″ would suffice.

    The religious side of Lent never appealed to me, but the self-improvement side does. I vote focus the annoyance and use this 40 days to make yourself better in some small way – everyone else is sacrificing, so go against the herd and improve!

    • AL

      I think your focus on health improvement for 40 days is fantastic. However, don’t correlate it with lent. It’s offensive to those actually sacrificing something and reflecting on why they’re sacrificing it. Lent is not really for quantifiable self-improvement.

      • Kat

        Really? I guess I was raised with a different concept of it…the idea I was taught was that Lent is a time to change something in your life, usually through sacrifice, with the idea of coming closer to God. If the purpose is to come closer to God, why can’t you then sacrifice 30 minutes a day to a run where you pray while you’re running? Seems like a valid thing to me.

        But to each his own. My remarks weren’t meant to be offensive, so please try not to assume they’re out to insult you.

        • Katie

          Yeah, I’m with Kat. I don’t understand why it has to be offensive that someone else is sacrificing in their own way. If this is their relationship to God, or way to better themselves, good for them. I don’t see a need to judge how each other practices their religion and ‘celebrates’ a holiday.

  4. Liz

    Delurking to say that this post rocks! Re: lululemon–I can’t STAND lululemon! The company has a weird, cult-like vibe (they require their managers to attend the landmark forum; google it) and $80 yoga pants? Fine, they make your ass look good, but I really think that people buy the pants for the strategically-placed logo so as to convey the message that they are “real” yogis when really–to me–it just screams “I have a lot of disposable income and I’m a sucker.” This, of course, is a huge generalization, but hey, it’s just my perception on the subject.

  5. It is pretty bad when a student who is working hard to get through school is denied food stamps, but the guy down the street that hasn’t worked a day in his life and doesn’t plan to is receiving a full ride for life, courtesy of the government (and we are funding it with our taxes). Something really needs to be done about our welfare system.

    And Lent is silly. I will continue life as usual for 40 days. I can’t eat gluten, so I have decided that covers all of the Lents in my life.

  6. arc

    omg yes to the lent thing! Every year it drives me crazy when some chick says she’s giving up bread or cupcakes for lent. You’re supposed to give something up to make yourself a better person like give up tv to spend time volunteering or praying. NOT skipping treats to get thin before bikini season. Doesn’t count.

  7. I will automatically skip any posts over the next week that begin with Lent-related diets. In high school some of my friends gave up LUNCH for Lent. Did they spend that free time not eating reading the bible and praying? Nope. Gossiping and complaining about how hungry they were and how they better at least lose weight after all their sacrifice. Yes, you touched a nerve here Cely. Ragin’.

  8. Amy

    I agree that most people use Lent as a Christian New Year’s Day – fresh start, that kind of thing – instead of what it’s supposed to be – penance and offering stuff up to Jesus as a sacrifice. But I don’t begrudge anyone doing it – if they are giving up stuff that’s bad for them and they have to use Jesus as a crutch, whatever! I’m sure He’ll take it. This year, I am dealing with one son who is Oppositional Defiant and one who just got in talented & gifted but is borderline failing 3rd grade b/c of ADHD issues. And a 3 year old. So, this year’s resolve is to love the crap out of these kids with and through their issues, which just might kill me. Bright side is I should shoot straight to Heaven. So, PLEASE keep the hysterical posts coming, because I’m going to need them to keep from being “ragey” myself!!!!
    (Oh – and my $20 Target running pants make my butt look just as good as Lululemon pants probably would. That extra cash looks good on my butt, too.)

    • Reese's Runner

      Well I think that is a quality effort that will require connection to a higher power. And I can relate to the ADHD issues, it’s a nasty mess. I don’t know how my mom didn’t strangle me.

  9. Yes to the lululemon point. I like to think I do OK financially and I would not spend that much money on yoga pants. I happened to walk past the store in the King of Prussia mall over the weekend. I have seen the stuff online, but wondered if I would “get it” if I saw the stuff in person. Nope. I wandered in, looked at the clothing, and left all rage filled. Ridiculous. I’ll stick to TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

  10. definitely HATE the restriction of foods during Lent! gah! I gave up Twitter and Facebook. Yup. deactivated and everything. Did it yesterday and i got SO much done on my day off! This morning i was to work early as well! I bet I am more productive at work too! my phone is going to feel so unloved!

  11. I kinda love how Methodists deal with Lent-we still do it and all but we say that Sunday is a day of rest/celebration so you can have whatever you gave up that day…that is why in the big scheme of things we are considered the big party, heathen denomination.
    PS. I am giving up meat this year…like every year…I thought almost everyone gave up meat?

    • Reese's Runner

      Shout out to the heathens! And same here with the meat. I thought that was the norm. Of course, if you don’t really eat meat then I guess you would choose something more significant.

    • Piper

      Us Episcopalians do that too!! I mean I don’t see anything wrong with giving up an unhealthy habit for Lent. I see your point as some use it to get skinny but if it improves your health more power to ya! I’m giving up candy cause I’m addicted and at least this way I can convince myself to do it. Hats off to you if you have the willpower to do it without some reason like lent. I sure don’t! And I will be enjoying all of my delectable sweets come Sundays!

      • Piper

        I also see giving up something in Lent to improve self discipline. It’s about self improvement as much as it is giving up something for God that you enjoy. But that’s just my view of Lent. Others may have different opinions.

  12. I don’t get why they don’t call it “Wed-Nes-Day” instead of saying “Wensday”, I wouldn’t have a problem with the spelling then.
    A cult around yoga pants is pretty freaky. But I crave enlightenment. I shall find a lululemon wearing friend and feed her dumb noodles. She will then need new lululemons and give me her cast offs :)
    Tax and welfare… ugh. Very messed up system. :(
    We have mummies here who pay to work. It costs them more to work than it does to stay at home with their kids. Crazy.
    I’m not going to even care about the calories if I’m going to eat a mars bar or a snickers bar or whatever. By that time, the calories are irrelevant. Besides, you burn them off with the ‘chocogasm effect’. So they don’t count anyway.
    I’m giving up people who give up stupid stuff for lent. Bye to them :)
    Thanks for another smiley day for me, reading this :)

  13. Lauren

    YES to this entire post!!!

    And Lent stuff kills me–maybe it’s just the bloggers I read but it seems like every year people use it for weight loss…though they go right back to their habits after the forty days is up. Sooo yeah.

    And Wednesday is the dumbest spelling ever, followed closely by February.

  14. Cheryl

    I may have to give up prison food for Lent because if one more person asks me what I’m giving up, I WILL be getting my stabby on in a very big way!
    And the Lululemon thing? Please! Yes, some of the clothes are cute, but if I’m spending that much for cute, I’m sure as hell not going to sweat in it on purpose.
    Really, Mars Corporation? Don’t claim a commitment to nutrition because you’re products are not nutritious. Just keep doin’ what you do best!

  15. I’m giving up sarcasm for lent. Damn, that didn’t last long.

  16. Lisa

    Sorry to hear about your student worker’s problems with welfare. While I have no experience dealing with them directly I will say it seems kind of backwards that a person trying to do better in their life by getting an education can’t qualify for benefits when they need it.
    Lululemon can kiss my ass with their $$$ shit. I don’t care how awesome people say a pair of their pants/shorts will make my ass look I just can not justify spending that much money on a pair of workout pants.
    And about these Lenten dieters. Bitch please! When you make no mention of Jesus ever on your blog and all of a sudden you are going to sacrifice your sweet baked goods or chocolate for him it just makes you look like a poser. And when you justify a cinnamon roll is not a sweet because it is a breakfast food you just look like an ignorant assshole.

  17. Ugh I just gave up eating in front of the TV/Computer and it’s breakfast and I already hate it. It just feels unreasonable!

    • Reese's Runner

      Ahahahah nice. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have to the TV to watch during meals. Stare at the wall? And I love that you have Chocolat as your Lenten reference. I love that movie so much!! Of course, I can’t watch it without stuffing my face!

  18. Misty

    I think I might have a work around for your student worker. I’m not 100% because each state has different rules BUT she might be able to add an hour or so of babysitting, cleaning house, or even voluteering to count towards her her 20 hours. I know that in Louisiana to keep childcare benefits you can volunteer if you’re not able to find work (happens a lot when somebody gets laid off and doesn’t want to go through the whole process again when they find a new job (pretty lengthy process and there’s a waiting list)).

    I work in the social service sector and it makes me really sad that you kind of have to have an inside knowledge of how things work to get any kind of assistance. That means that the people who really need it often get ignored.

    • Reese's Runner

      I think we have figured it out using that method. She is going to work that extra half hour for us as a “volunteer” worker so that she is at an even 20. It just breaks my heart that this is something she deals with as a 19 year old who is completely alone and has a family that does not support her decision to go to school. I want to kidnap her and adopt her.

  19. Ashley

    I work as a Campus Life Manager at a college, and that happened to a few of our Work Study students. We ended up having them work 15 hours a week for the work study position, and then contracted them for 5 hours so they can get the food stamps. I almost started buying them lunch I felt so bad!

  20. I could justify Lululemon costing maybe 50% less. I do love their stuff – but I refuse to pay full price!

    I’m with you on the whole Lent thing. I was raised Greek Orthodox – where food restriction during Lent was based on Biblical events – so there is a place for it – but not when there is an empty meaning behind it.

    • Reese's Runner

      Exactly! And I understand buying work out clothes that work on you. I pay for the North Face shorts because they are the only ones that don’t chafe me. But, it has nothing to do with the brand or status. It’s all about my inner thighs.

  21. Sarah S.

    My typical approach to Lenten fasting has always been two fold (and I’m not Catholic, I’m some sort of Protestant variety that I haven’t entirely figured out yet – but I had Catholic roommates in college that sort of introduced me to the ritual). I give up something physical, usually edible, because it’s straight forward and easily measurable. I also give up something immaterial, in past years its been gossip, but making a conscious effort during lent to put my head/heart in a better place has made that a way smaller problem now (i.e. I feel like I rarely gossip any more, which is good!). This year I am trying to give up criticism, including self-criticism, as I have some eating disordered behavior that finds its roots in body dysmorphia/self-criticism. Additionally, criticizing others, even when you’re ultimately trying to help, isn’t the best option. And since it’s truly a behavior, habit change, I feel like it’s something that God can help me with.

    Most people don’t rally do something like that for Lent, and I’m not trying to say that I am better. I feel that for myself, as an adult, giving up chocolate for a little while isn’t really a test of discipline or sacrifice, or a true attempt to become closer to God. Basically, I totally feel you when it comes to people using Lent as an excuse to lose a few pounds…

    • Jo from Alaska

      I agree with you, Sarah. Lent is not an attention-grabbing ploy to gain sympathy for losing weight. And since people DO grow and mature, hopefully folks who don’t have the most virtuous intentions concerning Lenten sacrifice will see a deeper meaning in their choices.

      I grew up Catholic (now Lutheran) and Lent was a serious exercise of giving up something that prevents you from living up to your Christian best. I like to give up a behavior/habit that is dragging me down, AND do one extra thing in place of that negative activity.
      I had already chosen what my “extra activity” would be, but hadn’t quite figured out what to give up (other than cursing). I like your idea of criticism of others and self.

  22. Megan from Corpus

    Lululemon drives me NUTS!! Maybe I’m just bitter because I cannot afford it, but my nike and/or target capris work juuuust fine. And I can buy more of them. Winning….
    Sooo, I am a practicing Catholic and it also infuriates me to see people who could give a shit about their religion practice “sacrifice” every year just to say they did it. It’s right up there with the folks who show up to mass on Easter and Christmas eve and never again throughout the year. So annoying. Lent is a time of sacrifice and personal reflection because of the sacrifice Jesus made for us and should not be used for vanity or public recognition. Take time to help someone else, do it selflessly and, in turn, you might reap the benefits too.
    That being said, I believe that if there is something in your life that has gotten a little out of control (booze, anyone?) then lent might be a good time to eliminate that thing from your life. You know, to see how your whole life might improve, not just your waistline or thighs….My husband gave up cigarettes for Lent a few years ago and hasn’t picked one up since.

  23. Lent sacrifices make me laugh. It’s like women say, “I will give this up to get closer to God. And by “God” I mean a committed relationship with a good-looking man.”

    I always opt to put extra effort into being kind, patient and gracious each day of Lent instead of forgoing sugar, booze, etc. It just seems to make more sense.

    Happy Wednesday!

  24. I completely agree with you on the Lululemon, I was in Target one day with a friend and commented on how I love their workout clothes, and she told me she only buys “high quality” workout clothing, like from Lululemon because it makes her workouts better. WTF? How does that work? I’m pretty sure I’m doing just fine in my old navy/Target workout clothes.

    I have to disagree with you on the Lent thing, at least from where I’m sitting. I’m a practicing Christian, and for me, Lent is about giving up something of meaning to you, and making a sacrifice. Do a lot of people use it as an excuse to not eat chocolate or drink soda? Sure, but me giving up Chocolate is a big freaking deal, because I love the stuff, and eat it all the time. For me, giving up TV or something like that would have a whole lot less meaning than giving up something I love, like chocolate or fatty foods. Just my perspective.

    • Reese's Runner

      I think what makes me angry is not what people give up, but their reasons behind it. Most of the people I work with do not give it up as part of the sacrifice of Lent. I would struggle very dearly to give up chocolate. What makes me angry is the people who are openly not religious and give up sweets or whatever because they “eat too much and have gained weight.” When weight or physical appearance is part of the reason it makes me stabby. Giving up chocolate because it is a sacrifice is a different story.

      • Marie, I am with you! For me, Lent is about making a sacrifice in remembrance of the sacrifice that was made for me. I gave up sugar because it IS a big deal for me. Completely addictive and because I am not a dieter in any way, there is no reason weight loss is tied to it for me.
        Even though I disagree on this point with you, Cely (probably the first thing ever!!) I am so glad you tackled this with the personality that makes your blog stand out from others: honesty.

  25. I have decided to give up being lazy for 40 days. I will let you know if that is what is making me fat.

  26. Karla

    I’m at the silently laughing point reading this where my shoulders are just shaking and my face is in my hands and my coworkers are glaring at me since it’s obvious I’m not laughing at a work related issue. This will be an “OMG Cely was so funny today in her post” disussion at dinner tonight.

  27. Since I have never once successfully abstained from anything for more than a couple of days, much less 40 in a row during Lent, I can’t say that my attempted abstainments are sneaky attempts at weight loss. It just happens that the things that I am willing to give up, but that are also a sacrifice, make me quite fat :) Like oatmeal cream pies. By the dozen. I don’t think it “counts” to give up broccoli, since I never eat it, anyway. And giving up healthy foods wouldn’t be a sacrifice at all; it would be a reward :) So I don’t know if people do it for weight-loss purposes, as much as it would simply kill them (and me) to give up the internet or something else more meaningful… It’s the lesser of two evils, and I still get to pretend like I’m kind of a good Catholic ;) Obviously, I forget about Lent every year (since I basically just now do church on holidays when my mom makes me go with her…) until I see that Fillet o’ Fish sandwiches at McDonald’s are on sale or the cafeteria at work suddenly has Fish Fridays :) I love me some Fillet o’ Fishes :)

    • Reese's Runner

      I completely agree with your point. If I had to give up something that would cause a true struggle and sacrifice it would have to be sweets. Everything else is no big deal. It just makes me angry when weight becomes a goal of Lent. Sacrifice to sacrifice, but your physical appearance should not be part of the equation.

    • Reese's Runner

      Oh and hell yes to Fillet ‘o Fish season!!!!

  28. Leslie

    If I gave up soda/coffee/caffine/chocolate it would make me a WORSE person than I already am. True story.

    People who go into great detail about what they are giving up and how HARD IT IS FOR THEM drive me nuts. When my coworkers do it – I just picture Lady “Notice me” Edith in my head with the charlie brown teacher voice.

  29. Elizabeth

    Being that I am the perfect Catholic (quit laughing), I am giving up fast food (has nothing to do with religion), cursing (maybe I guess has to do with religion, but really I just need to lay off before my kid lets loose with an F bomb) and I plan to pray for two people that I am not fond of, but that I feel like I need to let go of some of my anger towards and truly wish good things for them. Here’s hoping this all kicks in.

    I estimate I will have to push the reset button on the cursing several times during this 40 days. Just a prediction.

    • Reese's Runner

      Sounds like you are in for a trying 40 days! And I think with all things Christianity, what really matters is that you get back on the bus after you fall off. Just got to keep on truckin’.

  30. Haha! As a Christian (not Catholic) I think the idea of Lent is beautiful, but it’s turned into something kind of wacky and it annoys me too! I don’t really focus on giving something up just for the sake of saying I’m doing it… instead I try to make goals that will better me… so this year I have a physical/health goal (drinking ONLY water), a goal that has to do with others (being kind and positive to people when I am a customer because I feel like I’ve been pretty crabby lately and I don’t like that) and a religious goal (I downloaded a Lent devotion/bible reading plan app on my phone). Maybe not the traditional way to do Lent, but I think better than giving up desserts so I can lose a few pounds. Haha. Plus I would never give up desserts, sorry!

    • Also, after rereading my comment I would like to clarify that I’m didn’t mean by “Christian (not Catholic)” that Catholics are not Christians. I should have said Protestant. My bad!

  31. Looked up the Lululemon bag controversy:

    The company, and its $80 yoga pants, is baffling.

  32. Oh you are too funny! I actually worked the Lululemon warehouse sale they had in Chicago last month and people were dropping $2,000+ on black stretchy athletic pants, boggled my mind. I like their gear and sure it wears well, but who honestly needs 30 pairs of groove crops all in the same color??? Sad that Americans find their worth in luon.

  33. Elle

    Hmm.. We were put on this earth to love, not to judge. The sanctimoniously “noble” Lent sacrifices used to make me “ragey” too, but I’d prefer to respect the choices of others and mind my own ^_^.

  34. Jessica F

    Haha…every time I go to spell Wednesday I say it in my head ‘Wed-nes-day’ and somehow that does the trick. But I also have the habit of reading it that way too…which is a little less useful.

  35. Katie

    I guess I’m on the opposite of quite a few people on this one. I think that a sacrifice is a sacrifice and we can all practice the way we see fit. I don’t go to church all the time because while I believe in God, I don’t see church as necessary for my practice. But there are years I only go once because, for me, that is the day that connects me best. Also? I gave up chocolate this year (among several other things) to better myself. To step away from things I rely on that aren’t good for me. Would weight loss be nice? Sure. Is it my goal? No. But I don’t hate anyone just because it’s theirs. I see it as a time for making myself better and stepping back from the crutches of life, NOT as using Jesus as a crutch for weightloss. To each their own.

    • Reese's Runner

      I think it just really bothers me because their reasons are so disingenuous. I think there is a major difference between giving up something that you have a dependence on that is bad for you versus giving up chocolate to lose 5 pounds. If you want to use Lent as solely 40 towards a better lifestyle or weight, fine. Just leave Jesus out of it. It just makes me uncomfortable to use Lent as an excuse. Either do it as a sacrifice or a way to better yourself or to lose weight.


    don’t hate me for referencing the holy grail that is Pinterest… but you’ll like that graphic. I’m totally guilty.

  37. Justin

    First global warming, national debt, Kardashian divorce, NOW no more king size candy? WTF Wednesday is right! Shit.

  38. I’m well aware that what I’m about to post to your comments has nothing to do with today’s blog:

  39. Annie

    OMG. I just about died in laughter when I read your post today; totally agree with you on all counts!

  40. Betsy

    Hi Cely! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and I absolutely love it! Your photo captions frequently make me LOL, so thanks for that! Anyhoo, if you haven’t seen this yet, it’s a quiz to see which Downton Abbey character fits your personality:

  41. I’m a Lululemon wearing bitch (Kanye Shrug). I buy their running stuff and it’s definitely redank expensive but they’re the only pants/shorts that dont rub the skin around my waist or thighs raw, have enough pockets, and dont give me the weird penis poof (nike tempos, I’m looking at you). So I’d rather pay more for that. I’ve tried other brands and it didnt work out. But I feel like to each their own, no?

    Re: the John Galt thing, they had a lot of backlash against it. A lot of their customers were really offended which led to some weird post about how Lulu meant it to be inspiring and that we should all be pushing to be greater. o_O It was a dumb move on their part.

    WTF to your poor student. I feel so bad for her. The “system” pisses me off!

    I dont do the Lent thing (non-practicing but raised Southern Baptist) and I dont get why it’s basically used as an excuse for food restriction. That is very Jesus-like.


    • I’m with you on the Lululemon thing. I hate the cult-like, holier than thou vibe that they send out, but their Wunder Under crops are amazing. I want to punch myself in the face for dropping that much money on them, but I think they’re worth it.

  42. I agree with you on all parts! So true and funny! My response and rationalization…you can’t fix stupid!!!

  43. Amen to damn near everything you just said! Lululemon is crazy expensive. And the government really chaps my ass when it comes to who they’ll hand out free money to. My mom has muscular dystrophy and receives social security and medicare benefits. She decided to go back to school a few years ago and is about to get her masters. Medicare (or whatever other program) won’t pay for her to get physical therapy because she’s “too active”. And if she gets a job she won’t get any of her benefits anymore and wont get financial aid. Lesson: if you are at all disabled, sit on your ass and rot in your home.

    • Reese's Runner

      Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. It’s a really screwed up system. We had a part time employee who had to leave for the same reason. It’s pathetic.

  44. I had to pay taxes this year as well and was equally pissed about it. Seriously? Where’s the “refund” everyone talks about???

  45. Ah, I miss the days when I used to get a big ass tax refund and go shopping. Now that I have a real job, the government doesn’t care that I have student loans from a private school, still owe money. WTF Wednesday indeed.

  46. Lauren

    Here’s a blog on the relationship between lulu and John Galt: Personally, I’m obsessed with Atlas Shrugged and fascinated by Ayn Rand, so this advertising probably works for me. Or it would work for me if I could afford lulu clothes.

    I’m reveling in my final year of graduate school and the huge, fatty tax return that better come my way. Both of my Masters are in ‘helping fields’ so this may be the largest sum of money I see at one time in a very long time.

    I hail from a region of good ol’ Proestant folks so I don’t know many Catholics or much about lent. However, a little girl, for whom I used to babysit, gave up sitting on a toilet seat for lent and I think that’s about the most creative form of resistance I’ve ever seen out of a seven year old. Girl knew what she did and didn’t believe in, apparently.

  47. Yeah that stupid facebook timeline caused me to accidentally friend request someone without realizing it. Not OK with it. It makes creeping so potentially hazardous!

  48. D

    i guess it makes sense, but not only are you my favorite blogger, but i think your readers are my favorite readers, too…. intelligence, sarcasm.. i feel like i’m home! :)

    also, go make this:

  49. I always have like 60 things to comment on after I read WTF Wednesday (I’m with you on Wednesday, every time I type it I have to say in my head “WedNESday”).

    I’m sure everyone has articulated my comments already though, and probably better than I could, but I still have a couple things.
    Lululemon is a cult. And also, I went in there a while ago to buy a a pair of pants (I had a gift card, I can’t shop there on the reg), and as I was going into the changeroom the sales girl was like “What’s your name?” so she could write it on my door, and then she asked “What kind of activities are you planning on doing in these pants?” so she could also WRITE THAT on my door. WTF? I just want a pair of pants! Do I need to justify buying these $100 pants? I want to do nothing in them, I’m going to sleep in them! I would prefer it doesn’t say “Leisuring” on my door, next to the person who has “Crossfit, just being hardcore” on theirs. Thanks.

    And also, I am happy that I’m Canadian. I don’t think we are as bad tax-wise. Although the big refund days are over. Tax still makes me want to be a gypsy and live in the bush though.

  50. I have huge issues spelling WED-NES-DAY.

    And, I’m giving up booze for Lent. Hopefully, I will end up looking like Kate Middleton come Easter! Or Pippa, I would take that too!

  51. Angela

    Not to mention that they named it “Lululemon” because it’s difficult for Asian tourists to pronounce. So disgusting on so many different levels. I just can’t with that place. I see all these people buying it hook, line and sinker. They don’t even seem to realize it. Crazy.

  52. Lent is like so last year. I’m going to do Ramadan this year. A whole month of not eating? I’m going to be so pretty.

  53. Laura WL

    Excellent WTF post.
    1. You are so incredibly right about Lululemon. Every other blog talks about their stuff so I looked at their site. If Nike, which I KNOW puts a lot more engineering into their garments, only charge $50 for a pair of running tights, why in the heck do they charge $90?!
    2. So totally there with you about OWING taxes. Every.damn.year. It is getting old.
    3. You are a truth speaker about Lent. I’ve practiced Lent for a long time now, (bc I’m, you know, a Christian) and the hubs and I usually give up TV or coffee or something. I think next year we are going to give up driving which could be interesting. We didn’t plan enough to do it this year.

  54. alex

    my heart stopped when i first found out about mars getting rid of king sized snickers. from what i recall – and i have quoted you as an expert before – you ate snickers before your long runs? i am going to start stocking up now but i will need to store them in a safe. WTFFFFFFFF

  55. Tina

    Once upon a time I was dating someone and naturally creeping on his “friend’s” Facebook page to see if she was prettier than me (duh)… the next morning I got a notification that said friend accepted my friend request. I had NO idea I accidentally hit the “add friend” button. So glad FB got rid of their confirmation notice before actually sending the goddamn friend request. Way to screw the creeps. Anyhoo, lesson learned… be careful while creepin!

  56. Yep. Going to buy me 2 Snickers instead of 1. Duh. I said the same thing. Hell, why not 4?!

  57. Megan

    Reading your blog on my phone & I gotta admit… I totally got excited and said (out loud) “it’s wtf Wednesday!” & then your blog wasn’t loading on my phone & I said “but it’s wtf Wednesday.. :(” aka I need a life. And that sounds creepy.

    On another note, I’m a Christian and my faith is the most important thing in my life. I try not to be judgmental, but any time I ever hear someone say they are giving up sweets or junk of any kind, I ALWAYS challenge them. Not to be a jerk or to be annoying, which I probably seem to be to them, but because I don’t think it’s right to have self-serving Lenten sacrifices.

  58. I’m not Catholic, I’m Protestant, but the infectious Catholicism of New Orleans has gotten me to participate in Lent, too. My husband and I try not to just give up, but also do something – so this year we are swapping half an hour of pointless media time (internet, tv, etc) with half an hour of Bible reading and prayer – in addition to regular daily reading, etc. We should be the holiest people on the block shortly.

    • Reese's Runner

      You should totally wear a sash saying that so that everyone knows. No point in being holier than thou if you can’t make sure everyone else knows it.

  59. Cely, today you are awesome and are complaining about the same things I am! WTF with Lent, if God is so important, yeah, seriously, it’s not just about losing weight. And chocolate has calories, DUH. I went to lululemon with a friend over the weekend for the first time and almost had a breakdown afterwards, because a) the store freaked me out and b) the pants looked like crap on me and then I felt like that must be MY problem for being fat and having serious problems rather than the pants just not working (wunder under crops, for the record). GRR.

    • Reese's Runner

      I’m glad I am not the only one. I put on my friends “oh my gosh you ass looks sooooooooooooo amazing in these” crops and I looked exactly the same. Not amazing at all.

  60. that is the weirdest problem I’ve ever heard. How whack is our system? ps. I hate lent. just admit it people, you never ate junk food for god and you’re not giving it up for god. unless your god is fashion week in nyc. Oh, but I really really love Fat Tuesday…

  61. Jenny

    There has been a death in the family. RIP King size Snickers.

    As to Luluwhatever: Oh HELL no. Ayn Rand was a nutcase and I’m so not interested in paying that much for pants I will sweat in. Some of their stuff is cute, so I may have to use my magic diy ninja skills to copy it; perhaps I should develop an anti-Lulunatic logo?

    And, the benefit of barely working last year is going to be a big fatty fat refund from the IRS. Fake poverty rocks. (Please note the “fake”. I’ve been on food stamps before and it was always a horrific experience.)

  62. AMEN on the food stamps issue…it drives me nuts how people that are actually working hard to change their lives are penalized! Working in the healthcare industry I can’t tell you how many times I see this. You need vouchers for food, clothing and whatever else you can get for free but you can afford and Iphone and pimped out car? Seriously!

  63. DAMN IT CELY!!! I was totally giving up wine so I could get skinny and then reward myself for my incredible skinny godliness by shopping at lululemon and now you have ruined it all. ALL OF MY LIFELONG PLANS ARE NOW RUINED!! How will I ever look like Princess Kate if I can’t give up my godless treats during Lent? Okay… I’ll never ever ever look like that. But ANYWAY…. I had to wait until Friday to read WTF Weds. Seriously though I was giving up wine to see if it would help me lose weight and then it turned out it was lent too, so I thought maybe it was a sign that I’ve been praying to wine and not giving my troubles to the Big J and I should maybe take advantage of that and pray when I want to drink wine and maybe I’ll have the good fortune of getting closer to God, solving my problems and getting thinner.

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