12 Thing Friday

1. So I’m still in a bad mother effin’ mood this week. I’m sure it has NOTHING to do with the collision of my apathetic mood about life and the lady week from hell. I just need to go Karen Walker at it this weekend.

Thank God for W&G reruns on Lifetime.

2. Speaking of things concerning lady hell week, Pfizer has recalled 1 million birth control packs because the pills may have gotten mixed up in the packet. Sooooo that’s terrifying. I take one of the brands in the recall and thankfully I’ve not been at risk of impregnation for several months…  sorry for the overshare… moving on… Regardless, that is a damn scary problem.

Poor Ethel was born half a century too early to get her fun times on safely. High-five for household population control methods.

3. It makes me cringe to high heavens when the women on The Bachelor talk about giving everything up (aka their career) to be on the show. That would be a giant red flag to me.  I understand that you have to take risks and chances in life, but doing so to go on a television show to compete against 25 other women for one dude with horrific hair just seems like a bad life decision. And oh Elyse, how can you be 24 and have accomplished all the things you wanted? That makes me so sad for her. Get some dreams sister.


4.  This video really made me laugh. I could use these girls.


5.  I finally got to see the trailer for the new Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom. I feel like I’ve been waiting for years for this movie to finally come out. I still have to wait until May, but at least we finally got a peak!

6.  I have a long and tragic history with cooking chicken. I can fry it and that is about the only way it doesn’t come out tasting like dried rubber. But, last week Smitten Kitchen posted this Buttermilk Roast Chicken recipe. I have made it every single night since then. I have jugs of buttermilk in my fridge. I always use buttermilk when frying chicken, but I would have never thought about baking chicken that has been soaked in it. Simply brilliant.  It is so moist and has such a rich flavor, I cannot quit eating it. So if chicken if your thing, give it a try because it is so delicious.


7.  Viola Davis knocked it out of the ballpark again at the SAG Awards. She is so gorgeous. I want to wear her skin. She obviously puts the lotion on it.

8. My sister and I both cried during Pandora’s wedding. Ken and Lisa just looked so proud and happy. It was so sweet.

9. Brand new Hunger Games trailer!!


10.  It’s been really steamy and foggy for the past couple of weeks. I never realized how much fog creeps me out. That stupid Steven King movie did long term damage.  This is the bay out my back door. Gross. It’s like constantly being covered with a wet wash rag. And if I wanted to live in Fog I would move to San Francisco where it would be chilly, I could walk around stuffing my face with fresh sourdough bread, ride trolleys while singing and  pretending to be Esther Smith, and then go roll around in the grass with my golden retrievers in front of the Full House house. Sadly, I don’t live in SF, so I’m going to be pissy about it.

11. Dear billionaires of America. I am available for adoption.

12. The Gloss has a great article on the idea that going without make-up does not make someone brave. A-mother effing-men. Firefighters are brave, defenders of human rights are brave, soldiers are brave, going into dangerous and hostile areas to provide medical care to people is brave.  Skipping lip gloss and mascara is not brave. Yes, it’s going against a social norm and it may be hard to give up something to which you are accustomed, but your life and human rights are not in danger.



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96 Responses to 12 Thing Friday

  1. OH MY GOSH I am so psyched about Hunger Games. The casting just seems perfect to me… I have such high expectations for this movie. I am also going to have to bring about 3 boxes of tissues because the book made me cry in multiple places (I am such a wimp).

    That thing about birth control is really freaky. I bet people who had little bundles of accidents are going to sue the pants off Pfizer.

    • Reese's Runner

      I am so excited too!!! If the movie is anything less than amazing I will be devastated.

      And yeah, it’s not like they screwed up and people got diarrhea or something. Babies are FOREVER.

  2. jen mathers

    So excited! I LOVE edward norton… as in I cleared him as my get out of jail free card with my husband before we got married… its important to set clear expectations before you get married, ya know? Love your 15 thing friday posts! Also just a random share.. I got a second opinion on my RA… new rheum is saying fibromyalgia…and the saga continues….

    • Reese's Runner

      ew, fibromyalgia??? That is crap. It took months and months before I was diagnosed. And, hell, it could be wrong. It’s so frustrating. And hell yessssss to Ed Norton. He is so sexy. He is a top 5 freebie for me.

  3. I have something for you that might lighten your mood.


    (Yes, it is exactly what the address eludes to.)

    You’re welcome.

    • HMC

      That is the most awesome thing ever!!!

      • Reese's Runner

        Hahahahah that poor dog! Bardot couldn’t stop wiggling long enough to balance food. Binge eating gets her excited.

        • Don’t try it because she WILL get pissed when you don’t let her eat immediately and you WILL experience the havoc she reaks on your possessions. I know that’s what my dog would do….. I tested with a piece of lettuce at lunch today and he bit my finger. Rude dog.

  4. I am really glad you mentioned Viola Davis… I don’t think she is getting the attention she deserves, she has looked absolutely perfect this whole awards season. Aside from her perfect dress selections, her skin looks amazing, I thought your comment about wearing it was funny, and true!

    • Reese's Runner

      Seriously, she has looked incredible. I think it’s even more impressive each time because she looked so homely in The Help. And her skin looks like silk. So perfect.

  5. Michelle

    #15: slow clap. a-freaken-men. You know what I call going without makeup? EVERYDAY. I get that for some people it’s hard and against what they’re used to and I commend anyone who wants to figure out why they feel reliant on it but man, give me a break. It doesn’t need to be a project and you don’t need to publicize it to the world. I would think you were brave if you used your considerable readership to do something that actually changed someone else’s life, rather then just allowed you to navel gaze for a while. Whew. sorry. rant over.

    Hunger Games! Hunger Games! Hunger Games!

  6. Cheryl

    I love Wes Anderson’s movies and one with Ed Norton and Francis McDormand? SCORE!

    I get to the gym between 5:00 and 5:30. In the a.m. So, no, I’m not putting on makeup just because I’m leaving my house. Also, if I were out of cheese, I would leave home sans makeup. If the cheese haters you wrote about the other day are correct, no one would notice my face anyway. They would be focused on my cheese-filled Jabba the Hut body.

    • Reese's Runner

      Hahahaha. I don’t think the cashier at the Walgreens where I buy my candy has ever seen me in makeup. And I certainly don’t wear it to work out because I do not need it dripping down my face in addition to the sweat.

  7. ding ding went the trolly! Also, I heart your LOTR/DA mashups – AWESOME.

    • Reese's Runner

      ding ding ding went the belllllllllllllll, zing zing zing went my heartstringssssssssssssss. Oh that movie is perfection. Judy Garland is so beautiful in that movie.

  8. I have already blocked the afternoon of that Friday off on my work calendar. You know cause I have a Dr’s appointment.
    Totally serious.
    And going w/o make up is one thing, but these 2 girls are not shaving, not using deodorant, NOTHING for 60 days. WRONG. http://www.healthytippingpoint.com/2012/01/the-naked-face-project.html

    • Ann

      Are you saying going without shaving & using deodorant in the winter is brave then? Who is that helping, and what exactly are they accomplishing?

      • Reese's Runner

        I will always shave my legs because they itch like hell when I don’t and I hate when they are prickly when I sleep. I realize I could just let it grow out and get over this, but the grow out period is unbearable. I shave for me. And wearing deodorant is a public service. I work with an international gentleman who does not use it and he smells rank. The odor stays in my office for days and even though I really enjoy working with him, I dread it because of the smell. And I sweat like a swamp monster, so I prefer that my sweat at least smell like powder fresh baby butts as opposed to onions. I also expect men to wear deodorant.

        • I dont even understand WHAT their point is with the not shaving, no deodorant thing? But then again, this is one of the women that also asked people to name their ‘periods’, so who knows. Crazy is what I call it all.

      • Im not saying that AT ALL but apparently those 2 bloggers are.

      • Ann, I wasnt saying ANY of it is brave. What I do call it is kinda dumb and weird.

        • Ann

          Ah, I’m an idiot. Apparently reading comprehension and detecting sarcasm aren’t my things today.

        • Lilly

          wow, you’re judgmental! If you read her blog post you would know they are not trying to make any kind of statement. I don’t see why you need to talk crap about her

          • Reese's Runner

            I think people have right to make their judgements on this issue. It’s a very personal topic for many women. If you read comments regarding this project there are many people who are equally judgmental towards women who choose to wear make-up and perform other daily beauty rituals. So now people get to say I am insecure and have low self-esteem because I think I look better when my hair is cut and not a nasty scraggly mess on the end? I am less of a woman because I put concealer on my blemishes? That’s just as unfair. Just like thin women are not any less of a “real woman” than a woman who is a size 16. Anyway, I think the main issue at hand is our society’s skewed perception of what actually constitutes bravery and important social statements. I don’t really see how choosing to not wear make-up and shave for two months constitutes some epic project. So what. You aren’t making that change long-term. You are doing without for two months. Big deal. Just like if I opted to go bra-less for two months, who the hell cares and what does that do for our society? I respect the concept behind practicing what you preach and showing young girls that you don’t need make-up to be attractive. But for two months? Please.

  9. Oh my God! I finally found another blogger equally as obsessed with Downton as me! Have you seen this? http://downtonabbeyonce.tumblr.com/

    AMEN! on the no makeup thing. Why do people need pat on the heads for every, simple thing they do?

  10. A little Karen Walker goes a long way. Love her! And I never considered myself brave for not wearing makeup either.

  11. Arkansas totally counts! At least we hope it does. Otherwise we have nothing else to show for living here.

    Last night a friend and I looked up round trip plane tickets to London. Basically we can hop on a plane tomorrow and get there and back for $700. It’s taking everything we have to not say, “Eff you work – I’m out!”

  12. - seriously. you could see bachelor ben’s face go from “oh..” to “…. uhhohhh” when elyse said that she had accomplished everything she wanted to in life. set the bar maybe higher than an inch off the ground?

    - I, too, have had my struggles with cooking chicken. the fine line between still pink and possibly barf-inducing, and dry as all hale.. I did not tread it lightly. BUT I’ve discovered that letting the meat rest after it’s cooked for at least 5-10 minutes *before even cutting into it* makes a HUGE difference in how moist it is.

    - driving in fog makes me so severely anxious because I’m always expecting to see someone/thing way off in the distance down the road as I’m driving super slow to avoid crashing into another car and then as I get closer realize it’s a person standing out there all by them friggin selves for no possible right reason HOOMGGGGOMMGGG
    I have to stop thinking about it now. getting the willies

    • Reese's Runner

      I’m terrified of killing a cylist in the fog. TERRIFIED. And I always forget about that resting trick with meat. I’m such a glutinous hog I burn my mouth digging in. Will try that tonight…

  13. Ok, I am choosing to ignore everything else and focus on the chicken. That looks SO AMAZING!!!

  14. Beth

    3.OMG i second everything you just said.
    8. I’ll be trying your chicken recipe this weekend, looks so yummy!
    13. (Im in Shreveport, LA) For the love of god make the fog/humidity/dew/drippiness go AWAY, my hair/skin/attitude would be grateful

  15. Where are you editing photos like this and why don’t I know about it!!!

    She does rub the lotion on the skin…

    And OMGOMGOMG to the new trailer.
    Carry on.

  16. Amanda

    1) Making that chicken this weekend 2) When I don’t wear makeup it’s because I’m lazy not brave.
    3) Agreed. Fog is creepy.

  17. Kat

    #9 made me snort up my diet coke. Thanks for that.

  18. Viola Davis is my mother effin hero. I love her so hard. She looks like she’s in her 20s in that picture. And she definitely puts lotion on it for lotion is non negotiable for the brown girls. Running around looking like you’ve been playing in flour is so not fabulous.

    I’m going to have to check out this Downton Abbey show. You’ve got me all curious now. Sheesh.

    I’m so excited for the Hunger Games. I’m dragging Cristobal out at midnight to watch that movie.

    I hate the Bachelor. It’s so stupid! Why is it a popular show? These women make fools of themselves for a guy who ends up being a tool and then they break up after the show is over anyway.

    I dont understand these no makeup challenges. Woop-de-doo. Wear it if you want, dont wear it if you dont like it. Big effin deal. And any challenge that requires me to not properly groom myself (like not wearing deodorant) is not worth it.

    • Reese's Runner

      And she has the body of a 20 year old. I had no idea, her legs are so fantastic.

      And seriously, do the Downton Abbey. Some major drama going down in that house.

      And I’m interested to see how you dress for Hunger Games? Do you have an outfit planned so you can look like Katniss? I know you love some movie dressing up.

      And yes. Deodorant for EVER.

  19. HMC

    So friggin amped for Moonrise Kingdom. The Royal Tenebaums was on this weekend and I found myself channeling Margot by sneaking cigarettes in my Lacoste dress and fur coat. (Not really, but I was certainly tempted).

    • Reese's Runner

      Every time I watch that all I can think is how much I need a fur coat, a blonde bob, and a jank pinky to tap on the tub.

  20. I hate cooking. And I suck at it. But I might convince someone else to make that chicken for me, it looks so delicious. Love the Hunger trilogy; psyched for the movie :) Since the author wrote the screenplay, it shouldn’t disappoint :) Also, even when you are crabby (more accurately, ESPECIALLY when you are), you make my day :) You are almost as funny as I am, you are more popular than I could ever hope to be, you are so pretty that I want to punch you, and you provide much entertainment when I don’t feel like working (most of the time). So – thank you :)

    • Reese's Runner

      Sonja, that chicken is not cooking. You leave it in a bag of buttermilk for a few days, plop it in a dish, then shove it in the oven. No skill involved. I don’t think it can be screwed up.

      And I’m so honored you want to punch me. That is the nicest thing you’ve ever said. I guess I can move past some of our previous disagreements…

      • Weeeeelllll… sometimes I find the act of eating cereal for dinner to be “too much work.” I need a bowl and a spoon and milk AND… I give up; it’s too much. Little Cesare’s $5 drive-thru wins (again… weird that I have such a weight struggle… they made it a DRIVE-THRU! I don’t even have to leave my car for a $5 pizza…). And I am glad we are done fighting over our different taste in some men. Really, that’s just less competition, anyway ;)

  21. It was foggy like that at my house last week! It didn’t creep me out, but it was eerie and totally got me thinking about zombie apocalypse scenarios… Or Silent Hill! Haha. I think I play too many video games and watch too much Walking Dead. Whatever, no regrets.

    That project is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Totally fine if you want to step outside your comfort zone, but no need to make it into a project. Ridiculous!

    Hunger Games is my new Harry Potter. Since you don’t know me, let me explain, that’s a BIG DEAL! I’m so excited…

    • Reese's Runner

      I just don’t know what is so big about going against conventional beauty standards. When I go see my parents in Austin most of the women there are very natural, make-up free, and have air dried hair. They look perfectly fine. I work in administration and grooming expectations are high for men and women. We wear suits. Men are clean-shaven with neatly trimmed and combed hair. I wear enough makeup to cover zits and so that I don’t look like a hungover vampire. People respond to and respect people who look professional and looking anything less is not a chance I will take.

  22. I went to the grocery one time without putting on deodorant first. I got a Bronze Star for my bravery. True story.

  23. Samantha

    Um, thank you for the reference to that Stephen King movie. I love scary movies and that movie CREEPED ME OUT beyond repair. Foreverandever I will be afraid of fog. I almost started crying on I-80 last year when the fog rolled off of Lake Erie and enveloped the car and the highway so I couldn’t even see the damn lines or the car in front of me. I kept my eyes peeled for oversize spiders, but managed to survive. SO STRESSFUL.

    • Reese's Runner

      I would have been hysterical. That movie scared me for life as well. And that ending was heartbreaking. It still unsettles me to think of it.

  24. I also cried a bit during Pandora’s wedding and felt like I needed to get myself together. I appreciate that I was not the only one. I shared an elevator with Jack (from W & G) and it made me super excited on the inside. I wish he was in character.

  25. Rebecca

    A post that mentions The Bachelor, The Hunger Games, Meet Me in St. Louis, and Downton Abbey? Totally made my day!

    Now allow me to show you two Downton Abbey-related links that I think you’ll enjoy:

    What the cast looks like in street clothes (Mrs. O’Brien is a fox): http://www.papermag.com/2012/02/downton_abbey_stars_out_of_cos.php

    Another Downton Tumblr, using the “Hey Lady” meme: http://heydowntonlady.tumblr.com/

    • Reese's Runner

      The “Hey Lady” one is incredible. The Branson “drive you wild” one is hysterical.

      And DAMN Ethel. Damn gurl. And Edith and Mrs. Hughes are so much better looking off-screen! That is really incredible. That sneaky Mrs. Hughes. I can’t wait until her and Carson get it on.

  26. Leslie

    Yes, THANK YOU. Welcome to my every day. I roll out of bed with enough time to walk my dog, shower, dry my hair, and cover my adult acne. Oh and put on deodorant. Obviously. I don’t pat myself on the ass for my “bravery”.

  27. I love you blog. I never thought I could love reading some one else lists of bitching would make me so happy, and I mean that as a sincere compliment. And thank you for comment on the whole not wearing make up thing! I think the chicks who do wear make up are brave, cause lord knows I am not brave enough to wake u earlier to look “pretty” every single day.

  28. Kara

    So im pretty positive that I’m addicted to your blog. Ok. Just had to get hat creepy statement out of my system.
    A. Your bay looks fucking scary
    B. I would be pisseddddd if my birth control was messed up. I would probably ask the Company to compensate me for the acne cream and pain killers i would need for my non-birth control face and cramps.
    C. Its pissing me off that noone is talking about how beautiful viola davis has looked at the past two award show! She’s gorgeous!

  29. The Super Bowl is 100% about eating and watching funny commercials. That’s all! I want to go to Europe too. I started tracking flights 2 months ago, they were $900. Now they are $1,600. Yeahhhhh, not sure that’s going to happen. Fun weekend plans?

  30. Kristin

    Love Love your Friday posts!

    So today I was rushing through Kroger grabbing some items for spag and meatballs when I pass this random cart filled, and I mean filled, with Reese cup 6 packs. ON CLEARANCE!!!!! What?! Who puts Reese’s on clearance?! I literally (yes I used that word) stood there in shock. I grabbed one pack and then continued to stand there talking myself out of buying 10 more.

    $1.60 for 6 packs of Reese cups. This might top the birth of my children.

  31. courtney

    Crazy I have that chicken marinating in my fridge for tonight! I can’t wait to try it, it sounds awesome.

  32. Dude, Arkansas totally counts! I mean, it’s not London… LOL

  33. Cecilie


  34. Sarah

    I am the same way about vacations. I went to like 6 places last year (including Spain) and yet this year I am being bratty and daydreaming about going to Europe again. AND I also spent 2011 running way too many races (and still feeling major burnout). Clearly I need to be quiet, save money, and start running regularly…but you know.

  35. Viola looks fab. She definitely will not get the hose again.

  36. RS

    1. I used to lie in bed and watching W&G reruns between classes in college. DAMMIT, why am I NOT IN COLLEGE ANYMORE?

    2. I also was really creeped out by that Bachelor moment.

    3. I ALSO cried during Pandy’s wedding. Goddamn I watch too much reality tv.

  37. Kate

    I love your blog but don’t usually comment so i decided this would be my first: I’VE BEEN A BITCH ALL WEEK TOO. and usually i can apologize and realize my roommates are annoyed, but i haven’t even been sorry! i was in the gym and just wanted to punch anyone around me in the face, and then this boy i know had the NERVE to put his yoga next to mine. i told him to move to the other side of the room and he didn’t and needless to say, i was pissed. i’ve also gained like 5 lbs this week from eating chocolate from being so pissed, so woohoo to this week!

    • Reese's Runner

      What an asshole that guy is!!! How dare he even speak to you. Ugh don’t you hate feeling like that? When someone just making eye contact with you is the most asshole thing ever. Hormones suck. You aren’t alone!

  38. Hi Cely, I am stopping by to say that because of you I am currently in a Downton Abbey marathon and will only take a break for hot yoga and my long run. Other than that, it’s me, my pj’s, my pup, and the most addictive show ever!

  39. Kristi in LV

    Ok, just finished episode 3. Faveorite line so far: “What’s a weekend.” From Ep. 2

  40. Adrianna

    i don’t comment a lot, but I read all the time..huge fan. you’re hilarious, but more importantly, youre real and honest. this post was like reading my week in a nutshell…been in a funky-ass mood, pill effed up but it completely doesn’t matter, and the bravery thing- so true! and I could really use some lotion. and I teared up at pandoras wedding, too.
    happy weekend!

  41. I made the buttermilk chicken last night and it was delicious! (catching up on blogs after 2 weeks away)
    I also am not that confident with chicken and this was SO easy and SO tasty :)

  42. Jen

    I just made the buttermilk chicken, and it was beyond amazing. The amount of chicken I just ate is embarassing. I don’t even care. Yummmmm.

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