WTF Wednesday

Dear Donald, the people who bombed a concert filled with children and teenagers are far more than “losers.” For reference, Donald has also called Mark Cuban and Rosie O’Donnell losers. This is our president, y’all!

Additionally, Israel is in the Middle East you STUPID IDIOT. I wonder if the people of the Wharton School of Business die a little inside every time he speaks. He is an insult to the education he received there.

The Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Program continues to have an uncertain future. Obviously, this is terrifying for me personally, but over 400,000 people are enrolled in this program. Again, I understand that I took out the loans and I am responsible for repaying them, but a lot of people have made significant career decisions based on the promises of this program. It is unconscionable that the government is planning on cutting it. It is also upsetting to see such deep cuts to federal work-study programs because guess where those kids will have to make up the difference? LOANS YOU ASSHOLES.

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There is a LOT going on right now, so stay informed and don’t lose track of all of this bullshit. Massive cuts to social programs. Russian interference in the election. David Clarke. The health care bill. Comey. The FAKE NEWS at Fox News regarding the conspiracy surrounding the murder of Seth Rich. And Richard Collins III, a student at Bowie State University, who was murdered by a member of the racist Facebook group “Alt-Reich: Nation.”

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Don’t ever forget that white nationalism is alive and well (and thriving – thanks, Trump!) in America today.

Also, Mayor Landrieu of New Orleans recently gave an important speech regarding the removal of the Confederate monuments and statues in New Orleans. I’ve already spent far too much time arguing with people about why the existence of statues for a losing side is completely absurd (without even getting into the nightmarish legacy and history that they represent), but he makes some excellent points that you can use in your arguments for their removal.

The historic record is clear: the Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and P.G.T. Beauregard statues were not erected just to honor these men, but as part of the movement which became known as The Cult of the Lost Cause. This ‘cult’ had one goal — through monuments and through other means — to rewrite history to hide the truth, which is that the Confederacy was on the wrong side of humanity.

Script Gate

The past five days have been crazy. TOO MUCH.

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When I adopted Alan I made an appointment for him with my vet for a general checkup at the end of the month. He had been given flea and tick meds before I adopted him and was in good health, so I waited to get an appointment until this week when things would be slower. Last week, I came home and he was scratching like crazy and had scabs all over his body. I immediately called my vet and got him in first thing Thursday morning. Within five minutes the vet established that Alan is allergic to flea saliva and had a single flea on him that was giving him hell. She also estimated that Alan is around ten years old (instead of four). Oh, and he has a significant heart murmur and arrhythmia.
Image result for why god why gifI guess my path in life is keeper of the old janky pets. When I adopted Alan I was really concerned as to why someone would give up such a nice and friendly cat. I was deeply worried that he had a medical issue I wasn’t aware of, and therefore was neglecting to care for. I have an appointment with a kitty cardiologist in a few weeks, but my vet said he seems to be in very good health otherwise and he might just need a medication for it. It’s a good thing my wallet is used to high maintenance furry friends, but I feel sad because I have been robbed of YEARS of Alan. First, I thought he was only four and now a heart issue may take him from me sooner. I’m going to take extra good care of him so we have as many healthy and happy years ahead of us as possible.

He hasn’t been himself the past few days since he’s still quite itchy, but the medicine they gave him seems to finally be helping and he has less scabs. Poor fella.

After the vet, we loaded up and I discovered that I had a low tire light. Since we were close to America’s Tire (cousin of Discount Tire), I decided to just stop in and let them check the tire pressure. Much to my absolute delight, I had another screw in my tire!
Image result for oh good gifIt was the same dude who fixed my tire a few weeks ago, so when he noted that I had just been in for the same problem he also helpfully added that I needed to stop driving over nails and screws. No problem! Alan and I waited inside and thankfully it only took them 30 minutes to fix it (for free which is why I LOVE them).

On Friday and Saturday we had graduation. It was our first time holding it at the brand new Golden 1 Center and IT WAS AWESOME. It’s such a beautiful arena and the jumbotron is super jumbo. You could see people’s pores on it!
Since it was the first time at this venue, we had to make some major changes to our ceremonies. In the past  each college has had their own “boutique” graduation and they’ve basically done whatever they want because there weren’t strict time constraints. Because the Golden 1 Center is located downtown (where there is a lot of traffic and limited parking), we had to adhere to strict timing in order to ensure that one group could leave before the next group arrived. So, there were three hours guaranteed between the end of one ceremony and the time the doors opened for the next. As you can imagine, getting three ceremonies crammed into a day where you already had to promise six hours of egress time meant that we had to tighten things up. And, as you can further imagine, a brand new venue and a brand new ceremony schedule caused some issues. Throw in some rogue faculty and deans and you have a real PARTY.

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Anyway, because we were having to totally change the ceremonies, we had to completely redo the scripts. I typically insert the President’s remarks, then spend a few days reading the scripts in their entirety to make sure everything works. Since I was still working on his remarks late Wednesday, I had to just throw them in the script last minute on Thursday to give time for printing. I didn’t read the full scripts and oh boy that was a mistake.

Somehow, through all of the revisions, some sections got lost (like the actual statement conferring of the degrees). Since I hadn’t read through them multiple times (I usually read them out loud to a student who has a checklist of items), it was a hot mess. So, before every ceremony I had the joy of discovering the errors, so I was in a constant panic to get the script fixed and reprinted. ‘Twas my worst nightmare come to life and I spent the entire weekend running around like a fool.

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I spent Sunday sleeping because I was wiped from all of the events this past month. I’m having a Mayover (Mayngover?). During the few hours that I managed to stay awake I did get most of the way through The Keepers. WHAT A NIGHTMARE. Let’s chat on that tomorrow because I’m planning to finish tonight, but I was not prepared for what a horrifying turn that took in the second episode. I also got through the first two episodes of Twin Peaks and I cannot imagine someone watching that who has never seen the original. It’s so perfectly weird and completely bizarre.

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Magnificent Men of Monday

Special Agent Dale Cooper IS BACK IN ACTION. I was Agent Cooper for Halloween my sophomore year of high school and again in college. Both times it did not go over as planned because no one got it, no one thought it was funny at all (I even brought coffee and donuts!), and the more I tried to explain it the more it uncool it became. I guess walking around giving people a thumbs up didn’t really help my case. I eventually took my donuts and went home. As Confucius once said, “Always take a tasty prop in case your party plans fall apart.” (I’m sure he at least thought that at some point even if he never actually said it. It’s just wise advice.)

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The greatest bromance of our time:

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My work and life motto:

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10 Thing Friday

1. Our wonderful security guard for our building became an American citizen yesterday after seven years of applying (and half of his life spent in this country). He is one of the kindest and most outstanding people I’ve ever worked with, and America is so lucky to have him.

2. “Why We Should Stop Grading Students on Curve.” I hate curves for the same reason the article notes: it arbitrarily limits the number of students who can excel.

3.  I watched King Charles III on PBS this week and I had some feelings about it. Although they were generous with Will’s hairline, that actor was pretty spot on. WTF happened to Harry? Just, no. No charm at all. I WISH Kate was that scheming, but at least it made an interesting storyline for her. There needed to be more to the Harry love arc because I never even realized they were a couple for the longest time. I was caught off guard at times by the slip into Shakespearean-eque dialoge (I don’t know the technical name for for it, but their phrases and cadence of speech would randomly change and sound Shakespeare Old Timey).

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Spoiler: I also don’t believe the queen is next to the king when he’s crowned and Kate wouldn’t be wearing that tiara during the coronation. All of that was NO. Also, Charles is way more qualified than Workshy Will or Too Keen Kate. PUHLEASE. Also, was Kate called Catherine II?? That would be a HUGE BLUNDER. Consorts don’t get a numeral AND there has never been a Queen Catherine I. There was Queen Katherine (of Aragon) who was married to Henry VIII, but she wasn’t queen in her own right so there is no numeral. But, really, I couldn’t tell for sure (even after rewinding), but UGH that oversight best not have happened.

4. Speaking of Will and Kate, Pippa’s wedding is tomorrow! I cannot wait to see what Megan Markle wears!!!!

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5. Golden Girls Clue. I MUST HAVE THIS.

6. Speaking of Catelyn, I am not loving The White Princess nearly as much as The White Queen. I actually think Michelle Fairley is great in it, but the York ladies are lacking serious pizzazz and spunk. Bring back Rebecca Ferguson! I totally believed that she was ready to wreck anyone who crossed her. This new little queen not so much.

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7. This is a good time to brush up on what impeachment is and isn’t. Impeachment does not mean that the President is automatically kicked out of office. Bill Clinton was impeached but remained President and Richard Nixon resigned before the vote for impeachment.

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8. I watched Mommy Dead and Dearest on HBO this week and GOOD GOD it was even messier than I knew from reading about it (you can read about it here). I cannot imagine what a nightmare that child’s life was, and while I don’t think murdering someone is the right decision, I don’t see how else she could have escaped. I’m sure there is some degree of manipulation by Gypsy herself in this whole thing (she literally knows no other way to behave), but the entire thing is so horrifying. Her mother was truly her captor. I don’t know what to think about the boyfriend, but those two seem like a tornado of mental health issues and instability. I also felt so terrible for the father and stepmom. They seem like good people who were pushed out of and away from Gypsy in order for her mother to keep up the facade. I’m glad they are back in her life and I hope they can rebuild their relationship while she serves time because they really seem to care about her.


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10. Twin Peaks on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven’t seen the original series, then here’s a summary. Please go watch it though, it’s so delightfully strange.

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Spiced Up

Since deciding to not run the Big Sur Marathon and starting my double job duties, I stopped working out and have been more focused on eating a lot of feelings and anxiety. It’s been a bread and beer bonanza.

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The  minute I feel overwhelmed and short on time I completely give up even trying to make healthy choices. And what’s crazy is that it takes more effort to stop and buy crap than it does to just eat what I already have at home. It is craziness I tell you, CRAZINESS! It also doesn’t help that a really nice grocery just opened up right by campus and they have so many wonderful fresh meals in their freezer section. They also have a beautiful salad bar and all kinds of healthy quinoa options, but I’ve been getting the lobster macaroni on the regular. It’s only $6 and tastes like HEAVEN. Someone told me there is no way it’s lobster in there for $6, but do you think I give a crap? It tastes great!

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That mystery ocean meat macaroni is my 8 pm joy. I’ve also been eating lots of bread and cheese and PLENTY of Reese’s. It’s probably a good thing that we are out of holiday candy season because I prefer the eggs, trees, or pumpkins, but I can make do with a traditional cup when I must. Obviously, none of this feeling eating is doing anything to help me mentally or physically. I wake up sluggish, puffy, inflammed, and just generally cranky. I’m hungry all the time (also, shout out to Prednisone for that). Things don’t fit well and I spend all day in a food hangover which only makes me want more food. The usual. So, I’ve been a real peach – tired, stressed out, and cracked out on snacks.

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Are there people who just eat mostly healthy all the time for years on end? I feel like every few months I’m having to get my shit together. WHY IS MACARONI AND CHEESE SO GOOD??? Also, why are my pants to tight suddenly? I don’t understand why I don’t want to eat healthy. It is completely logical. My arthritis does better, and it’s better for your body and well-being. My skin is better, I have less anxiety, and my cltohes fit. But, also, why does a whole lot of cheese taste so good? Riddle me that!! Why can’t I want a salad like I want goat cheese with jam on delightful little crostinis?? WHY.

I’ve also not been working out because it hasn’t been a priority. There’s not a good excuse, I’ve chosen sleep over exercise. I got my act together on Sunday and went to OTF again which was crazy hard, but I am glad I did it. I went again yesterday morning (I was too sore on Monday or Tuesday to do it), and I can barely manage to sit down because everything hurts so much, but I did it! If I can just get through the next few weeks trying to make mostly healthy choices and exercise, then I will be thrilled. Hoping to do another round of Whole30 when I get back from Texas! Only time will tell.

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