French Bulldogs vs. Boston Terriers

I’ve had a ton of questions about Bardot and what kind of dog she is and if she is a good apartment dog. So here you go:

I adopted her from the French Bulldog Rescue Network  and they were amazing to work with. It is a very competitive adoption agency and they put a lot of effort into making sure the dogs go into good homes with people who will take good care of them. The best thing to do is go through and read about all the dogs you are willing to drive to (they don’t fly them) and find a fit for you. If they say no kids and you have them, you won’t get picked for that dog. Bardot is a Frenchie, but she may have some Boston in her because her face isn’t as droopy and her eyes are higher. Here is a side by side difference:

They are actually very similar dogs. The main difference is the Frenchie is shaped more like a tank (short and broad with stubby legs) while the Boston is taller with a leaner chest. Bardot is like a little bowling ball, short and heavy. The Boston has more pointed ears while the french has broad “bat like” ears. Which means, don’t be telling all your gossip around them because they will hear it all. Bulldogs also tend to have lower-set droopier eyes and neck.

In terms of how they behave as a pet, they are both companion animals who are great for apartment dwellers or people in cities. Frenchies love to be with their people and get very lonely and needy when you are away. Frenchies require almost no exercise as they prefer to spend their time sleeping. Bardot plays for about 3 minutes then naps. Boston’s are slightly more active, but still do not require much exercise. You should probably know what kind of person you are terms of the time you are willing to spend exercising and playing with a pet. I’m too lazy for a wild woman like this lady, so a lazy dog is perfect for me. I just want to sleep and she just wants to sleep. Make sure if you get a dog that requires a lot of work that you are willing to do that, otherwise it’s really unfair to them and they’ll probably chew your house up out of boredom.

Neither breed barks frequently. Bardot just barks if someone is at the door or if a person with a dog walks by. Otherwise, she is very quiet. Frenchies are very loyal dogs and perfect if you want a companion who is stuck to you like velcro. She’s very sweet and snuggly and wants to be right next to me all the time. She dosen’t get easily stressed and shad adapted more quickly to our move than my roommate’s Schnauzer who is still darting around fretting about everything.

She doesn’t shed much. I brush her once a week and I used to wash her once or twice a month. One of the downsides to Frenchies is that they have hellacious allergies (well if you live in South Texas they do, they don’t have that problem in other places). Now I wash her one to two times a week in Allermyl shampoo and I give her half a 10mg dose of Zyrtec each day. When it cools down she won’t have to deal with this. I do wipe her face and eye folds each day because her eyes water a lot right now because of allergies. Otherwise, I only wipe her eyes once a week or so. Her hair is soft, but not like golden retriever soft. It’s course, but not overly so. It’s also short and close the the body, you can’t really run your fingers through it.

Frenchies are stubborn and matriarchal. She won’t play if she doesn’t want to, she won’t walk if she doesn’t feel like it, and she has no problem just staing me down. I often have to pick her up to get her places because I will pull on her leash or tell her something and she just looks away. RUDE.

She will bow-up on another lady dog if they don’t accept her as queen. My friend Jenifer’s dog Emma and Bardot hate each other. Of course, Emma is from the streets and will cut a bitch.

They can’t even make eye contact or it’s over. Otherwise, she gets along fine with most other dogs, but I can’t bring out toys or food because she gets overly territorial. They are good dogs for a single dog household or a house where everyone just bows down and does as told.

Frenchies also have major major gas. Because they can’t breathe throw their nose very well, they get a lot of air in their stomachs which causes gas. They also sound like little fat dragons. They breath hard, gurgle, and snore. At least you can’t lose them! Frenchies also can’t stand heat or direct sunlight. I would not recommend having one for an outdoor dog if you live in a warm climate. Bardot gets so hot after about 10 minutes she has to lay down and pant and starts shaking. Not good. Anyway, I know both of these breeds come highly recommended for apartment dogs or people who want a companion dog.

And regarding the attack. I have no idea what kind of dog it was. It was large like a rottweiller, but was brown with kind of mustard stripes. Just a real big dog. And Bardot runs to “greet” other dogs because she is pretty blind and likes to see them. When I saw her she was crouched down cowering and by the time I ran to her (about 30 feet) the other dog was slinging her. The man was trying to get his dog off, but this dog was massive and he was on the ground pulling, but dogs are fast and his was big. French bulldogs will fight and are aggressive if they are threatened. But she craps her pants (literally) when big dogs are around. She likes to boss the little bitches around. Either way, my dog wasn’t on a leash (sneaky little bitch) and if someone’s dog ran up to mine and it started a fight I would be pissed to.


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  1. Newlyweds on a Budget

    that's happened to me twice walking my dog. I'll be walking him and then people's little mini dogs who are unleashed come running up to him, and my dog just wants to play, but these little dogs are freakin' yappers so my dog grabs them and flings them around. It's like that scene from Jurassic Park where the T.Rex destroys the car the kids are in. I feel horrible, but at the same time, it's not my fault. Usually the dogs are fine though…
    I'm sure Bardot will be ok. And if anything, you'll just be more careful in the future. That's never a win-win situation. I can't believe the guy got so pissed though…I mean yeah it sucks, but they're DOGS. He should understand we all make mistakes.

  2. Emily @ Sweating Sugar

    Your dog may have been off the leash, but his dot put yours in his mouth. Not cool man, not cool.

  3. Rachel

    My cousins had a Frenchie named Pugsly that was a retired show dog. He was super cute but super snotty and grunty. When we was really old you never saw his face cause his head was too heavy for him to hold up and his tongue hung out and would drag on the ground when he walked.

    How old is Bardot? Is she still pretty spry?

  4. Chelsea

    Boston owner here. I will say that Bostons have a *ton* more energy than Frenchies – at least the ones I've been around. JJ is now 2 1/2 years old and is *finally* starting to calm down. His BFF is Norman (a frenchie), and he's still chewing on Norman long after Norman has collapsed onto the ground, panting. :)

    Bostons are also more jumpy – JJ regularly nails me in the guy while we are playing.

    Still can't believe that big dog got yours. :\ I'm always terrified JJ is going to get off leash and go run up to say 'HI' to the wrong dog.

    And, to self-promote JJ – his moment of fame:

  5. My Blonde Moments

    She is so cute!! I'm just not sure I could deal with the "dragon" like qualities. I have always wanted an American bulldog, but changed my mind when I realized how loud they are when they sleep! I guess I need to find a quiet dog breed.

  6. runmommyrun

    Aww. I want to snuggle her! My son is allergic to dogs though, so we are kind of out of luck unless he grows out of it. She is so cute!

  7. Beachgirlrunning

    Frenchies rule!! You described my Sashay to a "t" – especially the gas – whew! I've experimented with different dog foods and found the organic kind has helped a lot. Plus eliminating human food has minimized the odors. And boy is she stubborn too. I thought it was just her own little personality quirk;). Hope B is back to normal soon – poor baby!!

  8. Amy

    She looks so much like our Boston. I bet she is a frenchton though.

  9. Lia

    so glad you posted this ! i was showing my boyfriend your blog last night to show him a picture of your dogs and we had a debate about the differences !

  10. Heather

    Love her! I have a Boston and a Pug. So, I deal with all the issues your mentioned. My Boston has MAJOR allergies, so I'll have to check out that shampoo! And the gas, oof, the gas is terrible.

    This is the both of them and they're puppy BFF, Lily, who happens to be a Frenchy. She's still a bitty pup in this pic, so she's too stinkin' cute.

  11. Reese's Runner


    Bardot is 8 and she is quite spry. She has the body of a 4 year old.

    A. I LOVE Amazon.
    B. JJ I so cute!!

  12. Madeline @ Dog Tags and Pearls

    My sister has a Frenchie – she is SUPER territorial but is awesome with the kids!

    She is kind of like a circus dog though and has pretty amazing hops for a little thing.

  13. Stefanie D.

    YAY! Loved this. :) I've always liked frenchies. We've had a boston and my FIL has one as well. Very fun dogs. I think Boston's are more "high energy". AND they have INSANE allergies. My FIL's dog has to be on allergy medication have special shampoo as well. And they live on a farm…so I'm sure that is working out well for the allergies. :)

    • I breed bostons and have owned three frenchie. I found the frenchie way more stubborn pushy and lazy, but we had one that was more hyper then all our boston. I like the bostons better as they have more energy to interact with the kids and are not as stubborn and pushy. Our bostons are not the crazy hyper ones, and are more like a frenchie and boston combined. I have seen the crazy hyper bostons before, our show boston has the most energy out of all our dogs. The very hyper bostons are like jack russels on speed.
      I find you can’t do much with frenchies as they over heat and can’t breath very well.
      I like a dog that can play ball jump on the bed with the kids and does not push there way through all the kids friends.
      Our bostons have no allergies, I think the allergies is just poor breeding.

  14. Lynn

    Love this post!! We currently have 2 Boston terriers, and my last dog that I had for 12 years until this past March was a miniature schnauzer, so you've got my faves covered! :)

    Bostons have crazy gas too. It's BAD and I feel like it's constant! PHEWIE.

    I was glad to read that Peggy has allergies (okay, that came out wrong.. I'm not glad that she HAS allergies…) because I think my Lola (8 months) has allergies too, but our 3 year old Boston doesn't, so I wasn't sure how common that was for them.

    I love how you said neither breed barks much.. I thought the same thing until we got Lola. She barks ALL THE TIME at every single little thing and often times at nothing at all. Our other Boston NEVER ever barks. haha!

    Anyway, I love reading about Peggy's adventures, and I'm glad she's okay!

  15. ThePoeLog

    I still think that guy sucked. I agree with the first poster, they're DOGS. That's what they do. No need to freak out on their owners.

    I love Bardot and have seriously been pestering my boyfriend to let me adopt either a frenchie or a terrier. However, we have a very fat bitch cat who already rules our lives and sits where we want to sit, so it probably would not work out.

  16. claire @ Let's Go On A Living Spree

    I love your frenchie! I have one too who always makes appearances on my blog :-) My parents loved my lil nugget so much they got one of their own. And I am seriously thinking about getting another one…I love those lil frogs

  17. Rachaeln

    Thanks for this post! It sounds like if Frenchies didn't have gas or allergies, they'd be the perfect dogs.

  18. sarah

    Confirmed. I love Bardot aka Peggy. Your dog is awesome.

  19. Ashley G

    oh man, Schnauzers and Frenchies are like two of the most stubborn dogs ever. They totally rule you and your roommate don't they?

    (I have a schnauzer. She swears like a sailor and OWNS us.)

    I love Frenchies!!

  20. Heather

    I have a Frenchie and a Boston Terrier/Frenchie mix. I've also had straight up Bostons before. Both breeds are awesome dogs. Hilarious and fun. They seriously make me laugh every damn day. And the snoring the Frenchie does is no joke!

  21. Tabitha

    I realize I’m incredibly late in finding this, but I had to pop in and say how cute Bardot is! We considered rescuing through the French bulldog rescue you got her from, but another Boston (the one I posted) came up for rescue locally and I pounced on her. We love the Boston energy!!

  22. I have a Frenchie and a Boston (both rescues) and your blog had me crackin’ up this morning! Sooo true!
    My Boston (Bender) is pretty happy go lucky but Collette is the Queen and everyone bows down to her and better obey her commands or there will be trouble. She takes on our pitty all the time if anyone should drop food.

    • Reese's Runner

      You puppies are so cute!!! And I love fawn colored Frenchies so much. Bardot will have a little fawn brother one day soon I hope! And aren’t those lady Frenchies such bitches??? Bardot and Collette (love that name by the way) would have a nasty throwdown, so they should never meet.

  23. I have Boston and he is six months, he is so cute and inteligent, yes I thing so Bostons have lo of gas!!!! He is so good with my kids and he plays a lot.
    My girls laugh about his eyes and one of my daughters says that his eyes are big but cute and blah blah blah.
    So that is all about my dog Samy <3

  24. Belinda Weaver

    I have a Boston and through research on the breed I found that the French bulldog was breed into the Bostons in the early life of the breed. I love our Boston named Bully. He isn’t he is a major love. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Dee R

    I loved reading your post!! I get so annoyed with people confusing my dog with a boston terrier!! I even started thinking….hmmm maybe….but hes not! Hes 3 months and is very greedy! One time I just let him eat and he did just that eat and eat! Then dont let me try to sneak out the room or sneak a snack because he is right there behind me! Question?? How easy are they to be trained? So far he just stares at me and my hands waiting for the snack :-(

    • Reese's Runner

      Um, I would say extremely difficult to train. Bardot will sit if I say it extremely firmly or if I am holding a treat. That’s about it. She doesn’t stay, she only rolls over if I manually roll her over, she only fetches when she feels like it, and she rarely comes when I yell for her. The only time she will come is if I have a treat. So if I take her somewhere off leash I always take treats so that I don’t lose her. I’m sure people train them, but I’ve kind of given up at this point. Being potty trained and sitting are good enough for me.

  26. Sally

    I thoroughly researched frenchies and Boston’s before I opted to buy a mix of both. My dog, Hugh Hefner, is French in the front, Boston in the rear. I laughed while I read the description of your dog, because that so accurately describes my dog. At 4 months old he’s a huge gas bag – even on the best diet my committee of pet people can come up with. It’s all organic and veggies and no grain and still….. Granny gas. Its awful. We are in week five of puppy lessons and he is great at things like sitting and looking dapper and sometimes leaving things alone. The leash? Forget it. We look like asses. He only walks if he sees the treat in my hand and will happily go right back to whatever he was doing before the treat. I put him on a leash so he won’t run back inside and will actually pee AND poop in the same outing. When he’s done he’s done and I end up carrying him (he likes to be driven, I say) or dragging him on the leash, which is just sad and pathetic. Personality wise though he is a real diamond in the rough and I can see that one day soon he’s going to buff out to a real top notch show dog (by my house’s standards). I really wanted to acknowledge that I’ve read a lot of blogs and websites and books and yours is pretty darned accurate.

  27. art c

    Ive got a 14 yr old brown Boston that will clear aroom, especially after a bite of eggs or those little wet liver treats. The fix for that was told to me by a 93 yr old vet that graduated that Texas Ag & Mech. In’53 before it was A&M university. And his tip….BUTTERMILK. !! Just a tiny bit on food, and i do mean tiny, will fix that. He called it “a friend in the gut” meaning the live cultures in there. How can something so foul already, fix something even fouler? Dunno…but it works…may take aday or two to start workin… anyways.. theres my two cents on clean air for all….; )

  28. Yvette

    I was dreaming about a French boston mix while cooking at 230am this morning and I said out loud to God “I want a girl mix and I will call her Bardot Bridget B.B.for short “How weird /funny I stunmble upon this site& yours is named Bardot…
    Better come up with new name LOL
    Enjoyed your post ,write more it is very readable…God Bless you and your Baby Bardot .

  29. Anna Kullinger

    I’m the mommy of a three year old FrenchBo (half Frenchie half Boston). My so named him Jango, after the Star Wars character. To me he seems like a perfect mix between the two. Out and about people see different dog, I guess depending on their experience. Some see the Frenchie and some see the Boston. To be he looks like a Boston body and a Frenchie head.
    He’s goofy. Extremely playful (loves tug of war with the child!) has more endurance than a Frenchie and has gone on hikes and walks (lots of water and breaks though).
    Chews on things if left alone, still has “accidents” in the basement once in a while,
    Could care less about strangers for the most part – like at the dog park he just loves running around to different dogs and man if he hears a scuffle he Zooms over like he’s the sherif in town.
    He is awesome with my son (10 years old) and has no aggression around food or toys. He is cuddly and wants to be right next to me at all times. He loves pillows…he’s like a little prince. His farts are insane! And loud! Nose plugs please!
    Jango is my loyal little man. The two times he got out of the back yard, there was a little scratch at the front door and there he was! Jango Bo Jangs ( said in a silly french accent is one nickname for him, among many others) isn’t perfect ( well, who is) …
    Aside from the occasional droppings and chewing (oh it’s usually only his doggy bed or my son’s Legos) and acting like a snob towards people at the dog park he sheds like mad (trust me short hair on everything is annoying), barks at dogs and men when he’s on his leash. He also acts like a pycho is the backyard when people as pass by on the other side of our frence. Ugh!!!!
    The de-furmanator is a miricle! I was
    Taking him to the groomer every 6weeks and now I don’t have to take him as offen!! But still looking for ways to correct Jangs nasty little traits :( help?!?

  30. I used to be recommended this blog by means of my cousin.
    I’m now not certain whether or not this post is written through him as no one else understand such specified approximately my difficulty. You’re wonderful!
    Thank you!

  31. Richard Summerville

    Wonderful read..Tks so much..I’m 72 yo andjust this week got my sweet companion Lola, a 2 yo Boston..It is love at first sight and so fun….She is wonderful…

  32. I’ve absolutely no expertise in coding but I had been hoping to start my own blog soon. Anyways, if you have any recommendations or tips for new blog owners please share. I know this is off subject however I just wanted to ask. Thanks!

  33. Janette (UK)

    My Frenchie puppy is also called Bardot !!

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