15 Thing Friday

1. I’m moving right now. I’m stressed out and I’m probably going to be rudely bossing hired help around all morning. I’m sorry gentlemen, I’m sorry. I’m a control freak who can’t handle getting off schedule. And I have too much stuff. Way too much stuff. I think it is because I’m a control freak with a compulsive need for preparedness and it is really really hard for me to not have all kinds of random things just in case.

2. You can view my guest post on getting started running again here at Exercise for Fries. Mmmmmm fries.

I feel that girl.

3. Kate and Pippa are apparently inspiration for anorexics now. That sucks for them. They don’t seem like the kind of people who want to project that image or encourage issues with eating. I realize Kate has lost a lot of weight over the past year, but if I had that kind of stress and schedule I doubt I would have time to eat. I cannot imagine how crazy bananas her life is and how that impacts her appetite. Plus I wouldn’t want to eat with 300 strangers staring at me. And I highly doubt Pippa could run 20 miles if she was starving herself. They are both thin girls, but that doesn’t mean they have a problem. Plus, I think Prince William would do everything he could to keep Kate healthy and happy considering his own mother’s battle with bulemia and the media. Sorry for the rant, I just hate when people are blamed for other people’s decisions and problems.

Her legs are out of control fit. Oh to have muscle definition… And I am SO glad I’m not famous and no one takes pictures of me running. Oh gosh that would be ugggggggly. It’s good to be boring and uncool.

4. Lady Gaga. Ugh.

5. Stephanie D. I found Joey.

Rob, I think someone has picked up on your style

6. Great, just great. Thanks a lot restaurants. Good thing that losing weight is really easy and nutritional values off by 1,000 calories make no impact at all.

7.I hate hate hate this song. I don’t get it. What is is about? Why is it on the radio? People paid him to make this crap? You can’t even hear his stupid voice. Ugh.

It sucks.

8. I would like just once for the response to “Why yes, I am running the Chicago Marathon” not be “You can run?”. Well of course I can run you fools, most people who are capable of walking can run. It may not be far, but most of humanity can run. People without legs can run. I know I don’t look athletic or seem capable of running just from a glance over, but I do in fact run. I would much more appreciate the “I didn’t know you ran!” over the “I totally don’t believe you, there is no way you can run that far.” RUDE. I do not want to have to go Bon Qui Qui on them.

MAD Tv – Bon Qui Qui at King Burger. Watch more top selected videos about: Burger King

But I will.

9. My mom came down to help me move/keep me from killing someone and going to prison. I’m glad she’s hear because she follows orders in a good way. I am a crazy cleaning and organizing control freak who has to have everything unpacked and the exact perfect spot by the end of the weekend. And she just unpacks and puts things on the counter so I can place them in the appropriate place. Thanks mom for understating I’m nuts like dad and just going with the flow.

10. Last night I almost chopped my finger off. I was packing things from my kitchen drawer and I shoved my hand into a peeler. As I lay on the floor bleeding out I realized that I have no idea at what point you get stitches. My parents never took us to get stitches, we just stuck a band-aid on it and moved on. A good chunk of my right ring finger pad is gone, but I guess I’m okay.

11. I have a really hard time understanding the subtleties of Spanish. Probably because I only know English. Thanks mom and dad for letting my language neurons die so lonely. It took me an hour to figure out that what I thought was “Novice” was actually “Narvaez.” And apparently you say “Gonzales” and “Gonzalez” differently. To me it sounds about as different as “Bryan” versus “Brian.” Ugh. I want a new brain.

 12. So I have nothing more to say and I’m really tired. Here you go:


14. Oh yeah! I’m over the almond train. I don’t like almond milk. I don’t like how it makes my smoothies taste. Blech. I tried, I really really did. But last night when I was choking down a protein shake made with almond milk I decided I was done. I’m making it with milk, and frozen milk in ice cubes, and chocolate protein powder and pretending I’m having a malt at Wendy’s. And even though I really really like this almond butter, I can’t have it on Paleo because it is full of wonderful sugar. Instead I’ve been eating raw almond butter which just isn’t cutting it. And I can’t seem to get it stirred up without making a holy mess and breaking or seriously bending spoons. I’m going back to peanut butter and I don’t care. I’m not wasting 200 calories of nut butter on nut butter that isn’t like falling through a rainbow and landing on a cloud of kitten smiles.

Oh Incubus, do you remember the memories we had with that song??

15. Also, Incubus, your new album is sooooooooooooooo mellow. Sooooooo mellow. But kind of upbeat. That doesn’t make sense. Like super stoned Jack Johnson sometimes. Where is the pain, the anguish and the misery!  Like that time in college that guy we really really really liked got a really hot girlfriend that was a cheerleader and we laid on our dorm room floor with mini crullers and listening to this.


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30 Responses to 15 Thing Friday

  1. Rachel McPhillips

    Umm.. wow. Sorry about your finger, but I definitely enjoyed the Bon Qui Qui video. "aww.. whatchu wanna order, boo?"

  2. Tracy

    Just laughed out loud to your comment about your finger, "good chunk of my right ring finger pad is gone, but I guess I'm okay." If it doesn't stop bleeding and starts swelling, you may have a problem!

    You are freakin hilarious. I wish I was a blogger just so I could have the chance to meet you at the bloggy conference in Vegas.

  3. Sarah Fitness

    Good luck with the move! Hope it goes as smoothly as possible, and you're settled and unpacked happily by Sunday night!

  4. Tara @ texasrunnergirl.com

    Why do people always have to ask like that… "you run?" and they always have their head cocked to the side like a dog that doesn't comprehend what you said. "yes, damn it…i run"

    I knocked off the tip of my finger last Christmas… it'll grow back. Unless it's real bad, then it won't.

  5. Anonymous


    That is only funny, because I live in Washington… Good luck with the move!

  6. Anonymous

    You make me laugh and it feels like Texas here in Boston today.

  7. Lizzy @ runbakerace

    I so miss the Joey Whoa…ha! Blossom had the best hats and when did Joey get those abs? Good luck with the move.

  8. Hollie

    Aww I like the lil Wayne song – and love these shirtless men! Happy Friday

  9. Mrs. JM

    happy moving! i'm going to pretend that ryan gosling is for me. okay?! :) yum

  10. Lynn

    Have you tried vanilla flavored almond milk? I get the Silk brand. Haven't tried regular but I LOVE the vanilla flavored one. It is sweet and creamy and makes my smoothies delicious!!

  11. JunieB

    I love it when people ask "you still running?"

    um. duh.

  12. anna krystine

    ughh when i started training for my first half (after running a handful of smaller races and for a freaking year) everyone would say "really? you run?" yes you asshole. i always want to say something like "do you think i'm not skinny enough to be a runner?" to make them feel uncomfortable but i dont like confrontation so i just pretend to brush it off but secretly stew over it later. SO MATURE!

  13. Stefanie D.

    JOEY!!! And he's still pretty good looking. I am so relieved he is not selling crack out of a whore house.

    I just had to get stitches..This should be a good guide for whether or not you should go to the hospital. http://run-on-riot.blogspot.com/2011/06/i-cant-seem-to-stay-away.html

    My hell. Moving sucks. I am the same way. We moved last summer while I was pregnant, and I had a billion people asking if they could help me unpack. I had to tell them all no, because they just don't know how and where I like my things! Ya know?? That didn't sound crazy at all.

  14. Writer

    I've been reading about Paleo and Atkins and it seems like they have the same basic philosophy, just packaged differently. They both focus on complex carbs and no yummy sugar carbs. At least that is what I understand. So to assist you with your smoothies – here is an alternative that could possibly be Paleo friendly:

  15. giraffy

    wtf is wrong with Lady Gaga? Really?

    I also don't get that tattooed guy. I don't even know his name, but he looks like a fool.

    Andddd, I'm a Gonzalez, but I don't even know the difference. S vs Z. Don't know.

  16. Jaime

    Good luck with your move!!

    re: almond butter

    Do you have Trader Joe's there? (I don't have it but I beg my blog friends to send me stuff). They make the most AMAZING Roasted Almond and Flax Seed Butter. It will change your life!!

  17. Stephanie @ Vegetarian Bakeaholic

    I'm moving next week – completely feel your pain. Last night, I had to open three boxes to find my shampoo. Don't ask how I managed to pack my shampoo, I really don't know.

    Even after all these years, Bon Qui Qui never fails to make me laugh.

    I tried almond milk once and regretted the whole freakin carton. It was DISGUSTING in smoothies, and barely manageable in cereal. Unsweetened soy milk is where it's at.

  18. Bess@Bess Be Fit

    YES you gave me paul walker. If you weren't already my favorite then that would have put you at the head of the pack. But you are, so there you shall remain. Love Bon Qui Qui…spent my entire senior year of college quoting that and "Beautiful Nail"….Juuuuuust one.

  19. Melissa

    So disappointed in the new Incubus, it made me suicidal to listen to it, so I had to sell it. Good luck with your move!

  20. Amy Nestor

    I can't do almond milk either, but I can do soy milk, although sometimes it makes me congested. I prefer cow's milk the best! :)

  21. Miche


    Love that video.

  22. lolamako

    One of the best ideas I ever heard was to pour the oil off the top of the nut buttr and replace it with flax oil! I mean, you still have to mix it, use a fork, but it seems a bit healthier.

    I like Whole Foods regular almond milk. Not all almond milks are created equal.

  23. Sarah for Real

    A fix for your almond/peanut butter mixing/mess-making problems… Store the jar upside down. The oil naturally distributes better and you don't really need to stir anymore! Just set it right-side up for half a minute or so before opening.

  24. sarah

    "I'm not wasting 200 calories of nut butter on nut butter that isn't like falling through a rainbow and landing on a cloud of kitten smiles" OMG! That is priceless!!

  25. Lindsay

    Cely, I will have you know it is my birthday today and I made a point to visit the blog (of course)- this post enhanced it because you are hilarious. Bravo.

  26. Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run

    New Incubus album is a total letdown. It was like, too mellow for me AT WORK. I think I like about 3 songs on it and the rest make me want to slap Brandon Boyd.

    Of course, if I ever saw him in person, I would tell him it was a lyrical masterpiece and then try to trick him into sleeping with me.

  27. Heather

    Thank you for including Ryan Gosling in this post. He should be in every post. My god he is wonderful.

    Oh and don't worry, you're not alone in that whole 'control-freak' thing. ;)

  28. skinnyrunner

    oh bon quiqui i miss you.
    me and my husband try to at least have one serious conversation a day all in bqq-isms.

  29. CT Cupcake

    hahah hysterical. I just moved saturday too, it was hellaciously hot. thank god i had my parents and movers to boss around and do the work for me.

  30. Kristine @ Running on Hungry

    Aside from the fact that I love your posts – YES Avery from Greys Anatomy! Finally someone else sees it!

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